Sunday, November 22, 2020

Chelan Harkin - Oh world!


Oh world,
I’ve been trying to convince you
of my sanity for far too long!
Trying to hold it together,
play the part.
I’m ready for the sacred undoing!
I’m ready to give up the game
I'm delighted to say I've lost!
Here is my raw, naked heart
my soul is ready to strip down
and streak through social conventions!
I am tired of pretending with you
that I’m ok with anything short of the sweetest,
most tender intimacy
I’m un-signing my name
from these social contracts
enabling extreme blandness and terrible distance
from our hearts!
Come close and I will kiss your face,
come closer and I will offer you
every jewel in my soul
come closer still and I’ll delightedly
give you my very life
and then go into my closets to see
what else I have in there for you!
Friend, it doesn't take much
to destroy social norms
all it takes is to crack open
the sacred, wild barrel
of love in your chest
and offer it to whoever
might pass by.



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