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Francis Bennet - "Fully Human/Fully Divine"

~A section from my forthcoming book, "Fully Human/Fully Divine", to be published by Non-Duality Press sometime in 2015........

I have run across 2 types of samadhi that are both, not only possible, but ALWAYS present, after a deep, stable and abiding awakening....There may be more types of samadhis or sub-sets of these two, I don't know yet, but these are the basic 2 that I am familiar with in my own experience.......
1) There is a samadhi that a deeply awakened person is abiding in during everyday life that I call, 'the-walking-around-functioning-in-the-world kind of samadhi'. In this samadhi all the various forms still are appearing, but are always perceived as manifestations in form of the formless pure Consciousness, or "God". Everywhere one looks, God is continually 'playing' in all these different forms. It is incredible to behold such a world and gives the distinct perception that, absolutely EVERYTHING is holy now!

2) There is another type of samadhi in which all forms disappear and are not perceived at all and there is remaining only the pure, unconditioned consciousness of presence, awareness aware of itself alone, the divine ground of Being itself.
The first samadhi is what one abides in all the time in ordinary life after a deep and stable awakening is realized. The 2nd type of samadhi is consciously entered into by the awakened person very frequently, in most cases probably daily, but cannot possibly be abided in all the time in ordinary life because, if it were, one could simply not function in the world, which could prove somewhat problematic at times! The two Christian mystic saints,Saint Teresa of Avila and Saint John of the Cross and probably some Sufi and Jewish mystics would call and think of this 2nd type of very absorbed samadhi, as 'contempative prayer' or ecstatic 'rapture' in God.

The first kind of samadhi, 'the walking around functioning" kind, is the type of samadhi that is present in the awakened person during the states of waking and dreaming. The 2nd kind of more absorbed samadhi where all the forms disappear in the light of pure consciousness, is present in the stably awakened person during deep, dreamless sleep and whenever they may wish to intentionally enter into it in what appears to be 'meditation', at least to those who might be observing them at the time. But a person who is in an abiding, stable awakening is in one or the other of these two samadhis at all times, 24/7.....waking, dreaming or sleeping. If someone is not abiding in one or the other of these two samadhis 24/7, they may have had a preliminary awakening, a 'glimpse' of pure awareness at the ground of their being, but they are not in an abiding awakening and still have more practice work to do and are most probably not really ready to share or teach the Path with others yet.
This is not to say that such a 'glimpse' is not a kind of awakening or is not most definitely IS significant..........extremely important! It enables a person to access presence, this consciousness, more or less at will, which actually for the first time, makes it possible for the person to enter deeply enough into meditational practice of Self-Investigation or contemplative prayer so as to likely 'push them over the edge' and into an abiding and stable awakening/enlightenment.
The samadhi in the realm of the formless, pure consciousness that one experiences during deep, dreamless sleep after a deep abiding awakening, is not able to be reflected on actually during deep sleep. The reason for this is because when one is in this type of samadhi the mind is utterly 'turned off' and is really not functioning at all but is effectively 'dead'. So the actual experience and knowing that one is in this samadhi during deep sleep is more like a 'memory' that pops into the mind first thing upon awakening from sleep. One is simply aware that one has been abiding in conscious awareness aware of itself all during the time of deep, dreamless sleep. But one can only reflect on this fact after one has either entered into a dream state or has entered back into the waking state.
The way this 24/7 samadhi expresses itself or is experienced in the dream state is in what is called 'lucid dreaming'.....After a deep and abiding awakening, one's dreams are ALWAYS lucid....In other words, one is consciously aware that one is dreaming while one is dreaming.

Even since my more comprehensive and stable awakening in 2010, I still 'practice meditation', in the sense of consciously entering into the 2nd type of samadhi, for several hours each day, usually in the early morning hours of the day, unless I happen to be sick. It is clearly reported that the Buddha, Ramana Maharsi, Anandamayima, Paramahansa Ramakrishna, Saint John of the Cross, Saint Teresa of Avila, and many other great saints and sages from all the spiritual Traditions, very regularly, probably in most cases daily, entered into this deep 2nd type of samadhi where the world and all forms, including body consciousness and consciousness of a personal self or 'others' disappear in the light of pure consciousness/awareness. This deep state of samadhi is most definitely the most pleasant state of consciousness possible for a human being, at least in my own experience so far! All these realized people who take time to abide in this deep state of samadhi or 'meditation', do not do so because they still wish or think to 'attain something'........Seeking has ended for them. They do so simply because they can, and because the state of deep samadhi in the realm of the formless is so pleasant and restful and even rejuvenating to the body and the mind. It is so wonderfully pleasant, fun and beneficial! Why wouldn't they rest in this samadhi every chance they have?
My sense intuitively is also that this resting in deep formless consciousness of samadhi actually raises the collective energetic vibration of the whole planet and even universe...... That it is a good thing to do for the world somehow.
It has a hidden and wonderful effect and benefit on the entire cosmos and every being appearing in it!

~Francis Bennett, from the book, "Fully Human/Fully Divine, Copy-righted material 

Zhuangzi - "Being Boundless"

excerpt from  Chapter 6 ~ Teachings from those who were Great who are no longer alive
Translation by Nina Correa

Zi Sang Hu (Great Silkworm Cultivator), Meng Zi Fan (Elder Great Mercenary) and Zi Qin Zhang (Great Lute Stringer) were three friends who got along well with each other.
One of them said:
"Who can join with others while not joining with others; act with others while not acting with others? Who can ascend to the heavens, travel on the mist, stirring up things without any end in sight, all the while forgetting about life without getting exhausted?"
The three of them all looked at each other and laughed. Feeling a profound intimacy with each other in their hearts, they knew they'd formed a deep friendship with each other.
Not long after that Zi Sang Hu died. When he had not yet been buried, Kong Zi (Confucius) heard about it and sent Zi Gong (a disciple of Confucius) to go see what was going on. One of the friends was composing a tune while the other was playing music.
They sang together:
"Oh, Sang Hu has arrived!
"Oh, Sang Hu has arrived!
"And already returned to his original being,
"While we're still serving as humans!"
Zi Gong rushed into the room and asked:
"How in the world could you both be singing over a dead body - is that proper conduct?"
The two friends looked at each other and laughed, then said:
"How could that guy know what proper conduct is?"
Zi Gong returned to tell Kong Zi what had happened:
"What kind of people are those guys? They can't even control their behavior and have no respect for their friend's physical body. They sit right next to the dead body singing without showing any signs of adapting their demeanor to the situation, in complete disorder. What kind of people are they?"
Kong Zi said:
"They both wander around outside the set boundaries, whereas I wander within the limits set by society. Those outside and those inside don't mingle with each other, and it was stupid of me to send you there to console them. The only boundaries those two adhere to are those set on people by Nature, and they wander among the singular essence of the universe. They consider life to be an insignificant attachment hanging there like a wart, and death to be the final removal of the ulcerated growth. Being that way, how would they have any conception of life and death or past and future! They avail themselves of the strange anatomy of their bodies, rely on the harmony of their vessel, forget about their internal organs, don't pay much attention to their ears and eyes, and repeatedly experience endings and beginnings without having a clue what's going on. In that way they pace back and forth through the dust and dirt while not being affected by it - free and unfettered without acting like they have something to gain. How could they be troubled or anxious about society's rules and mandates, or be troubled about being observed by everybody else's eyes and ears!"
Zi Gong said:
"That being so, Master, why do you rely on the boundaries?"
"I'm the heaven's sacrificial lamb. That's something I could share with you."
Zi Gong said:
"Then I'd appreciate hearing more about boundaries."
Kong Zi said:
"Fish were established together in water. People were established together in Dao. Those who are established together in water penetrate to the depths of a pond and find nourishment. Those who are established together in Dao don't cater to others and their lives are easier. Therefore it's been said: 'Fish forget about each other when in rivers and streams. People forget about each other when on the path of Dao.' "
Zi Gong said:
"May I ask about the non-conformist?"
"As for the nonconformist, he seems odd to other people, but is tuned in to the heavens. Therefore it's been said: 'Someone who has little to do with Nature would be looked up to by people. Someone who is looked up to by people would have little to do with Nature.' "

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Nirmala - Surrendering

the tired wanderer
loses the strength to go on
and in surrendering to hopelessness
is surprised to finally feel at home

the hurried creek
pauses in a cold, stony pool
and in sudden stillness
at the distant ocean

the frightened warrior decides
"I am ready to die"
and in willing abandon
becomes immortal

the fitful breeze
fades to calm in the afternoon heat
and in catching its breath
is reborn
as undying tradewinds

the troubled philosopher
finds nothing to believe in
and in unexpected silence
just smiles
at the still unanswered questions

the restless sea
becomes smooth and mirrors the clouds
and in ceasing all motion
its own depths

the saddened lover
faces the loss of illusion once again
and in dying to passion
falls in love
with love itself

the weary sun
sinks into the embrace of the horizon
and in resting at last
welcomes other shores
to a new day

Gifts with No Giver: A Love Affair with the Truth

Free Spiritual Poetry Ebook

A free collection of nondual spiritual poetry written from the Heart by Nirmala, who is a spiritual teacher in the Advaita tradition. These poems attempt to capture the undying presence of love in all of its forms. Let your soul be deeply touched by the Rumi - like words of a lover drunk with passion for the truth. Here is a sample poem from the book (scroll down for more free poetry):

Your hand is always in mine
your whispered endearments are my constant companion
you have never turned your face from me
no matter how many times I have turned from you

now I vow undying love
I meet you in the secret places I used to hide from you in
I hold you with tenderness I used to reserve for my pain
I would give you my life and my breath in an instant

for you are my true love
the one with no form
the one who has never been anywhere, but right here
in the singing of my heart


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Samantabhadra - The wonder of eternity

The music of being is the glory of awareness, the constant hum of change
It is the choirs of heaven and the whirling planets,
leaving trails of mist for others to follow
It is laughing and singing, tears of joy flowing amid the sound of great rivers
It is the opening of the Great Door 

The root of the heart courses onward
To swirl around the chains which bind men to illusion
They sway, they tie, the body dances
Rising in ecstasy, throbbing, thrilled
The energy spills out, bursting forth
Radiant into the world 

Flowers crown the head of the sage
Starlight with rays in all directions
It is the shining light of Truth, and the mind and body
Are but the bulb, or as clouds on a windy day
Blown, scattered, dancing in fragments
Delicate scales of butterflies, or wave-crashed spray
Dancing in the moonlight. 

The music of ecstasy calls forth movement
For the great powers of the universe are pulsating
The infinite chorus is singing praises
Emotions push and pull, like taffy or rubber
And burst, in pieces like stars 

Only listen, listen clearly, and you may hear it
The delicate pulse of pleasure coursing your spine
The sensual thrill of delight
The cry of agony, of too much pleasure, too much sensitivity
Pushed to its utmost, the touch of a song
Upon the delicate center 

Ecstasy calls forth shivers of wonder, vibrations of joy, the sharing of love
It is not for the one
It is union with the many
There is no space or time
There is no separation
There is no stillness, not yet
But there is singing 

It brings forth from each person his deepest desires
Fulfills them, light fills them
Light fills the world, and the bud is full-blown
Open and praising in shining song
The wonder of eternity. 

 The Vows of Bodhisattva. Samantabhadra Sutra. PDF

Longchenpa - Doors of perception

Happiness, hand in hand with suffering,
inexpressibly, is intrinsically present -
or are our minds too dull to notice?
The build-up of samsaric propensities,
primordially, is the pure dimension of being -
pity him who has not noticed!
In the field of sense organ, object and consciousness
every recollection and apperception, every flicker of the mind,
arises as the dimension of perfect enjoyment -
how can we fail to see it!
All goal-oriented conventional activity
and all chatter, gossip and laughter,
is the dimension of magical emanation -
surely we all know that! Or are we so dull?
Every impulse and stirring of the mind,
seamless, like a flowing stream,
our constant mental enchantment,
is effortless, natural meditation -
surely we can’t miss that!
Looking closely at matter and energy,
and at thought, sound and form,
it is all insubstantial projection,
and this view that empties our urban samsara
has always been with us, though unseen -
surely our doors of perception are now open!

download books of Longchenpa  HERE

Monday, September 15, 2014

Thayumanavar - What is it, which is

Art Aumega

What is it, which is
Uncircumscribed Effulgence,
Perfect Bliss,
Divine-Love Filled --

What is it, which willed
To contain the countless universes
In boundless space
And there flourishes as Life of life, --

What is it, which stood
Transcending thought and word,

What is it, which remained
As the ever contentious object
Of countless faiths claiming,
''This, my God,'' ''This, our God''--

What is it, which exists as
and Eternal --

What is it, which knows
No limits of
Night and day --

That indeed is what is agreeable to thought,
That indeed is what fills all space in silentness.

That indeed is what we in meekness worship.

Countless the habitats lived,
Countless the names borne,
Countless the kith and kin possessed,
Countless the bodies by karma caused,
Countless the Karmas daily perfomed,
Countless the thoughts entertained,
Countless the name and fame acquired,
Countless the heaven and hell experienced,
Countless the Gods worshipped,
Countless the faiths followed --

And so, realising through jnana and grace
Our God of turiya form
The Divine Cloud that pours the rains of limitless rapture
Descending through the dome of heaven
And through the love-filled eyes of fervent devotees,

Who chant the names countless
That scriptures countless recount,

The Treasure vast of silentness
That Wisdom Bliss of inexplicable state,
That Immensity

Let us in meekness worship.

That which is Nondual,
That which is the unique Light of Word,
That which the scriptures loud proclaim:

As the Wisdom of Wisdom
As the Bliss that fills
As the Primal One,

As the Ancient One of Tattva
That which faiths contend after,
That which is sought for support,
That which is Permanent,
That which is Fullness,
That which is without support,
That which is our support,
That which is Peace,
That which is the state of Void,
That which is Eternal Pure,
That which is untouched by the materiality of the universe,

That which is unaffected by events,
That which is Changeless,
That which shines as impassive neutrality,
That which is Blemishless,
That which is Formless,
That which is in thought
Without thought cognizing it,
That which is Divine Light Effulgence,
That which is Uncreated,
That which flourishes in the jnana void,
That God Supreme,

Let us in meekness worship.

  English version by Himalayan Academy Original Language Tamil