Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Robert Adams - Silence (2)

“The highest teaching in the world is Silence.
There is nothing higher than this.
A devotee who sits with a sage purifies his mind just by being with the sage.
No words exchanged, no words said.
Silence is the Ultimate Reality.
Everything exists in this world through Silence.
True silence really means going deep within yourself to that place where nothing is happening, where you transcend time and space.
You go into a brand new dimension of nothingness.
That is where all the power is.
That’s your real home.
That’s where you really belong where there is no good and bad, no one trying to achieve anything. Just being – pure being.
The only freedom you will ever have is when you go deep into the Silence and you transcend, transmute the universe, your body and your affairs.” 


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Georgi Y. Johnson - Free fall into silence

art Franz Sedlacek (1891-1945)

 A free fall into silence:

Falling into silence that is always here.
Here, before, between and behind every word.
Standing here, the demons fly on chariots of fear,
lest it consume them.
Here, before, during and after all dreaming
and all that was ever thought
and all that will ever be spoken.

Here, behind the cries of children and laughter of lovers,
birthing one human and preceding and outliving it all.

Here, into the silence, safely falling,
into the arms of an ancient mother,
the one that never abandons,
the one for whom time and happening, life and death
are ripples on a timeless sea.

And soon, the silence is a rhythm.
Is it the beating of your heart, oh mother?

And between the beats, a deeper quiet,
between, before and behind each mite of light.
Before, through and beyond this creative flow,
Unmoving, yet more alive than the planet itself.

Listening in the silence, we meet the One,
merging for a moment and becoming all.

Emerging again in human form,
before, behind and within
every venture to the silent heart of matter.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Jiddu Krishnamurti - Freedom

In observation one begins to discover
the lack of freedom. Freedom is found
in the choiceless awareness of
our daily existence and activity.
Thought is time.
Thought is born of experience
and knowledge which are inseparable
from time and the past…
Time is the psychological enemy of man.
Our action is based on knowledge and therefore time,
so man is always a slave to the past.
Thought is ever-limited
and so we live in constant conflict and struggle.
There is no psychological evolution…

When man becomes aware of the movement
of his own thoughts he will see the division
between the thinker and thought,
the observer and the observed,
the experiencer and the experience…
He will discover that this division is an illusion.
Then only is there pure observation
which is insight without any shadow
of the past or of time…
This timeless insight brings about
a deep radical mutation in the mind…

Total negation is the essence of the positive.
When there is negation of all those things
that thought has brought about psychologically,
only then is there love, which is compassion
and intelligence…

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Papaji - Simply laugh

If you think that your work is not complete in this lifetime you will be reborn in some suitable circumstances to the parents who will help you to fulfill your work. If you have not finished your business you will have to continue endlessly.

Why not finish right now? Spend one second for your Self. Otherwise, all lives are spent for others. Right from childhood you belong to parents and priests. As a young man you belong to teachers. Then you belong to your wife, children, and employers. As you get old you belong to the doctors. At the end when this sparrow has flown away, when the soul has left you, you belong to the priests and undertakers and and then finally you will belong to the worms. You belong to everybody but never did you belong to your own self!

So now is the time to understand Dedicate just one second to yourself today, this hour, this instant! And your work will be over. Don’t postpone. I don’t want you to postpone because there is nothing to resolve or solve.

This is only to realize that you have always been realized. Know this and nothing will be left for the next life.

Who ever knows if there will be another life at all! Nobody comes and tells us. The dead don’t speak of it. What happens after death is only a problem for the living ones. So finish it up now. Then you will know the secret, which no one ever has known, and you will simply laugh.

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