Friday, March 22, 2019

Joan Ruvinsky - Overtaken by Silence

Sometimes we are overtaken by silence. However, it may not feel like that. It may feel like indolence, or it may feel like lack of motivation, or it may feel like a hiatus, a lapse. To a well-meaning friend, it might even look like something is the matter.

But wait. These are privileged moments, moments when stillness breaks through the hubbub of our minds or our activities. Perhaps there is a sudden fear of losing it, of losing the thread, an intrusion of meaninglessness, where nothing refers to anything.

But wait. These are moments when it just is. It may only last for a millisecond, when we are solicited by true nature...not "my true nature" or "the true nature of all things". It belongs neither to us, nor to objects. It is what bespeaks the deepest sense of belonging... not belonging to, but, if you wish, being belonged, where there is no other. It is the incontrovertible experience of timelessness, of living in the gap.

Motivation depends on some sense of future, fear on some finality. But here, beyond ambition or extinction, we are being called.

Wait. Don't rush back into the stream. Just sit on the bank for a while. Let yourself be taken.


Dorothy Walters - The Names They Give It

Some call It Father,
Some call It Mother.
Some speak of the Friend
or even the Beloved.

I think of It as the Mystery:
the unutterable, undefinable,

Love is what you are seeking.
Let every thought and prayer
be drenched in Love.
Love is the substance
of which you are made
and of which the universe is constructed.
Allow your spirit
to be assailed by Love.


Monday, March 18, 2019

Sandy Jones - About the Child.

 Here is another most marvelous thing about the Child.
It’s Joy is endless.
This Child flows easy, it takes nothing personally.
It is right up close to this Living Tao of the universe.
The Tao excludes nothing, but it includes all things.
This wide open heart of childlikeness has an intelligence
that is not subservient to reason and logic.
The Infinite does not conform to humanity's limited views.
The Child of us is our eternal nature.
It lives before time, while understanding the rich beauty and purpose of time.
Somehow, this open hearted way of being in the world allows us
to be fully aware of both the measurable and immeasurable at once.
We know the Ultimate Changeless Light and this limited light are one Light.
And every changing moment is another universe of beauty, each spread one upon the other.
I am only an instant away from another pasture of soft grass interspersed with flowers
- another meadow of fresh, expansive Joy.
There is a grand freedom that happens when we recognize
that the finite and Infinite are two that are one,
while yet knowing the Infinite Changeless is never subservient to change, time or matter.
The heart understands.
This understanding happens like an alchemy within the crucible of the heart,
and it makes all things new and marvelous.
This childlike visionary soul brings a freedom from fear
and an unbound delight in all things, simple things, little things, everything, just the way they are.
When we find the Child we discover the Real Identity that we’ve been all the while.
And oh, how the world glitters and shines again,
filled with the Living Love that is here as my whole world.


Sunday, March 17, 2019

Wei Wu Wei - By whom is this being said?

“Objective existence is phenomenal - appearance only,
Non-objective existence is unaware of existing,
And it is phenomenally incognizable.

Objective existence is figuration in mind,
Non-objective existence only `exists' in such mind,
Cognizing everything except what is cognizing.

Objective mind is self-elaboration in space-time,
Non-objective mind, phenomenally void, knows neither.

By whom is this being said?
By mind attempting to see itself - and not succeeding.
Why? As space-time `it' appears as `void',
Intemporally `it' cannot cognize what is cognizing.”


Mahmud Shabistari - You have heard much of this world

"You have heard much of this world
yet what you seen of this world?
What is its form and substance?...
You are asleep and your vision is a dream;
all you are seeing is a mirage.
When you awake up on the morn of the last day
you will know all this to be fancy and illusion;
When you have ceased to see double,
Heaven and Earth will become transformed;
when the real sun unveils his face to you,
the moon, the stars,and Venus will disappear;
if a ray shines on the hard rock
like wool of many colors, it drops to pieces."