Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Rumi - There’s a cup in the heart

There’s a cup in the heart
When it’s filled with faith
One should taste it
Without fear
It taste only sweet
A sweetness like no other
And when this sweetness gradually
Gets deeper
It becomes “Divine wine”
You have to drink it to the dregs
But this wine is without dregs
Its flow is endless
It displays the most “Beautiful Names”
When one of them is dropped
On your tongue
You will speak only “Love”
And see Divine
Wherever you look


Monday, September 11, 2017

Mystic Meandering - In Turbulent Times...

In these turbulent times of upheaval
on the surface of life,
dive deep...
into the Stillness of Being within,
where nothing is disturbed, nothing is harmed...

Externally it's all "The Mystery" playing
itself out in the construct of time - the Unmanifest in form.

In the Greater Context in which life takes place,
everything is allowed...
The world will go the way it goes -
life will continue to unfold the way it unfolds -
the light and the dark will continue to dance together -
in time-bound reality.

Do not focus only on the chaos;
mind-created contractions of fear and ignorance.

Instead...  Turn within...

Experience the depths of True Stillness,
the Stillness of the Everlasting Deep,
experience what's beyond the chaos and fear
- what holds the Cosmos together -
the enduring hum of Aliveness within all form...
Held in The Rhythm of Stillness that sustains Existence,
that IS Existence, Rest...
in the Embrace of That which animates all Life...


Mystic Meandering
Meditative Writings
Nov. 2016


Come into Peace...

Even in the midst of chaos there is Peace...
Even in the midst of complexity there is Simplicity...
Even in the midst of confusion there is Stability...

In everything there is Love...

Mystic Meandering


Sunday, September 10, 2017

Gangaji - Revealed

The simplicity of the truth is what keeps it out of the reach of any concept, including whatever concepts might be used in the moment to point to it. It is out of reach because it is too close to be reached. Concepts of the mind are distant compared to the closeness of the truth of who you are.
At a certain point you recognize that you don’t understand a thing, and you experience a moment of surrender. The paradox is that, as soon as you surrender the need to understand, you do understand; and the moment you think you do understand, you don’t understand.
In your willingness right now, in this moment, to relinquish all understanding, all that you ever searched for through understanding is revealed.

Danna Faulds - Let it go

Let go of the ways you thought life would unfold;
the holding of plans or dreams or expectations
Let it all go.  Save your strength to swim with the tide. 
The choice to fight what is here before you now will
only result in struggle, fear, and desperate attempts
to flee from the very energy you long for. 
Let go.
Let it all go and flow with the grace that washes through your days
whether you receive it gently or with all your quills raised to defend against invaders.
Take this on faith; the mind may never find the explanations that it seeks,
but you will move forward nonetheless.
Let go, and the wave’s crest will carry you to unknown shores,
beyond your wildest dreams or destinations. 
Let it all go and find the place of rest and peace,
and certain transformation.

©2002 by Danna Faulds
Published in her book Go In and In: Poems from the Heart of Yoga 

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