Saturday, January 26, 2019

Where are you going? - Truthlesstruth

Spiritual Junkie

How many retreats do we need to attend, and
How many healing ceremonies does it take, and
How many awakenings do we have to go through,
To understand their message?

So long as trust in the universe is lacking,
we keep dialing God’s number like fools.
And as the medicine becomes our diet,
We won’t dare to hang up the phone.

But has our head ever disappeared,
As we lost sight of it?
Do we need to keep repeating our names,
To know what we are called?

A spiritual junkie lives from rush to rush,
And neglects many everyday concerns.
Not knowing that that way,
He hurries right past most gems of life.

He wants the high’s without the low’s,
But nothing exists independent of its opposite.
By continuously seeking spiritual bliss,
He walks the path of the eternal sucker.

The Truth is never hidden from anybody.
The sacred time and space is right here now.
Seek no further, get on with life.
In the love, in the light, in the glory and in the darkness.


The universe makes most sense by not making much sense.
As its purpose is to have no particular purpose,
It has infinite creative potential.

It moves as it stays and stays as it moves.
As change is its only constant,
It remains forever the same.

It has always been going on without going anywhere.
As it has never started and will never end,
Time does not apply to it.

It gives rise to all pairs of opposites.
And as the source of everything,
Nothing exists apart of it.

You are neither its puppet nor its master.
These ideas are based on self and other,
But such separation never took place.

There is only all-self which is all-other,
Forever re-creating itself out of itself.
We are IT dreaming we are other.

Now, wake up.
But beware.
The juice of life is in the dream.


Friday, January 25, 2019

Rupert Spira - ‘Individual’ means undivided

Advaita, Non-Duality, is not a bland whitewashing of all the individual elements in each of our characters. In fact, it is rather the opposite.

‘Individual’ means undivided. Individuality is the unique expression of the undivided whole, which each body/ mind expresses, and it tends to flourish rather than diminish when we are relieved of the straitjacket of ignorance –that is, when we stop ignoring our Self.

Similarly, Non-Duality is not an immunization against feeling. In fact, it is the opposite. It is complete openness, sensitivity, vulnerability and availability.

Actually, suffering is our resistance to feeling, rather than a feeling itself. So we don’t try to use this Understanding. We allow it to use us. We allow it to shape our life. We don’t put it into another straitjacket and dictate how it should operate. Consciousness is absolute Freedom. We allow this Freedom to express itself as it will, how it will, where it will and when it will. In one body/ mind this might take the shape of a character that is quiet and sensitive, whilst in another it may express itself in a wild and exuberant way.

We should not be misled by appearances. It is the attitude of inner freedom that is the hallmark of Understanding, and this attitude of inner freedom uses all possible means of expression and communication.

Rupert Spira
(From 'The Transparency of Things')

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Brian Browne Walker - Nothing is apart

There is no
difference between your
body and the body of the buddha.
If ignorance exists, seeds
of realization are
sown in it.

yourself in the master and
the master in yourself, you sense
reality. Understanding that all worldly
phenomena and the one reality are
interwoven and inseparable,
you begin to experience
peace and comfort.

Carrying on,
continuing on with concentration,
you illuminate your own buddha nature
from within, and then, seeing that nothing
is apart from it, become free
and peaceful in all
you do.

Wei wu Wei Ching, Chapter 8