Saturday, December 1, 2018

Rabindranath Tagore - Gratification

 The moment when tears flooded mine eyes in a monsoon of sorrow,
Before the threshold of my heart stopped the chariot of my friend.
By handing over to Him the chalice of union that was brimming 
With separation and pain, I have no more regrets, regrets none.
Gathering secretly in my mind, a hope, neglected for years...
That thirst for a touch was quenched in a twinkling of eye.
I knew at last for whom I shed all my tears :
Blessed be this awakening, blessed these tears, blessed all. 


Friday, November 30, 2018

John McIntosh - Love is always there

 When we are deeply immersed in the dream of life, the stories we navigate between become ‘very real’ and when love [in any form] shows up then leaves … in no matter what way, we often feel we cannot go on living, at least in the same way. You witness this in the songs, the books and the movies over and over how one person’s life is so tied to another’s so powerfully that forever their life is changed and usually the feeling of ‘loss’ pervades these stories.

The essence of ‘victim’ and ‘martyr’ swirls around these scenarios like merit badges often heralding the one who has lost as a hero.

When seen from a loftier view these same ‘relationships’ repeat themselves lifetime after lifetime with the roles reversed or entangled in different versions of the same story, always with heart-ache touching one or both characters. But these are just stories in the grand play of LIFE and as wonderful and terrible as they often seem the LOVE is ‘always’ there. The perpetrator or the so-called victim and in some cases both victims have never NOT been ONE in LOVE with and ‘as’ each other since LOVE is ONE-ness and is never NOT present.

In the energy of time and space the love was at most a ‘reflection’ of True Love since time and space is the definition of ‘separation’ and separation always carries with it - ‘neediness’, due to the false sense of ‘lack’. In the energy of NOW the sense of ‘need’ dissolves and Love is expressed freely without attachments or expectations as one’s life is NOT defined by another person. There is a Free-Flow of Love between people and all of creation. This is the way LOVE exists beyond the veil of temporary manifestations of people, worlds and universes where ‘the Love is always there’.


Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Robert Adams - The highest teaching in the world is silence.

The highest teaching in the world is silence. 
There is nothing higher than this. 
A devotee who sits with a sage purifies his mind 
just by being with the sage. 
The mind automatically becomes purified. 
No words exchanged, no words said. 
Silence is the ultimate reality. 
Everything exists in this world through silence. 
True silence really means going deep within yourself 
to that place where nothing is happening, 
where you transcend time and space. 
You go into a brand new dimension of nothingness. 
That’s where all the power is. 
That’s your real home. 
That’s where you really belong, 
in deep silence where there is no good and bad, 
no one trying to achieve anything. 
Just being, pure being.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Brian Taylor - There Is No Other

artist unknown

I was born
just like you …

I came from
I knew not where
on my way to
I knew not where
just like you …

I had the good times
and the bad;
was by turns
unhappy and glad
(just like you) …

Till I determined

Be happy all the time!

from I didn’t want
and making
as I wanted.

This I achieved
(just like you?)
making as I wanted.

But then I saw
that where to led
to the end
of making as I wanted;
to a losing hold of
and a forgetting
beyond all power
of holding and remembering.

So I chose to let go of
before I lost,
and I chose to forget
before I forgot to choose
(and not remember the cost).

And with my now
quite clearly
where to,
I turned around

to see if I could see
where from.

And I found
that where from
is here and now
where I have always been.

And where to
is here also.

(And you?) 


Monday, November 26, 2018

Miriam Louisa Simons - How is it possible?

Sitting this morning at summer’s window
what quirk of destiny’s unfolding
to the conviction of separation in
a human mind

How is it possible to so thoroughly
in something (a solid independent ‘me’)
that has never been able to be proven
to exist?

How is it possible to turn this
into a seeker who desperately
to be free of itself and its stories? (huh?)

How is it possible to
the in-your-face obvious and
that the present presents with
every nano-second of aliveness?

How could anything so
and unavoidable
turn into a mystery, a concept
that would fuel galaxies of
religious and philosophical

It’s totally beyond me…

(literally and figuratively)

But it’s bloody marvelous all the same.