Saturday, October 20, 2018

Yolande Duran - The power of silence (2)

“From Silence one becomes evidently aware that the only true master is in this life of ours, unraveling to each one of us in a unique and non-transferable way. By giving way to Silence, we learn how to trust and how to make ourselves available, recognizing in us who we really are“.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Bob Fergeson - The Little Man

From early morning coffee
to late night herbal tea,
We lived for near forever,
the Little Man and me.

When first I came to travel
in this classroom wide and grand,
I knew nothing of the coming
 of this lonely Little Man.

But parents, teachers, doctors,
the whole damn Helping Herd,
Soon created him inside me,
As their ancestors had insured.
He has no real existence,
None that I can see.
But could and should and would!
Screamed the Little Man in me.

Soon I hid myself in pride,
Found that fear blocked every door.
I was now what I despised!
Just as those that'd gone before.

The hypnosis worked it's magic,
No peace had I, no stand.
Just a mis-identification,
I became the Little Man.
I took him for a person,
Hell, I thought that he was me!
He sure could be convincing,
that Little Man in me.

Then one day it happened,
I know not really why,
I looked out there below me
From some Great Eternal Sky.
He didn't even notice,
So busy as a bee,
He just kept right on sleeping, but
that Little Man ain't me!

One day looking in the mirror,
From my bed as I did stand,
I receded back behind him,
that sleeping Little Man.
He didn't even notice,
Just a grain lost in the sand,
He can't look back and see me,
that lonely Little Man.

I watch him and his pattern,
How he blends right in so well,
That his life and his surroundings
are no different from himself.
He has no greater vision,
Desire and fear are all he sees.
An actor in the TV,
that Little Man in me.

It's a sad but true short story,
I cry a tear, and so does he,
He won't survive, he lives to die,
the Little Man in me.


Bob Fergeson - The Mind in Time

We've drifted down a line to time
upon a Ray from That which shines.
It shines within in Now, not then,
in Now we live, not 'if only when.'
We've fallen down to mind in time.

We fell to mind that lives in time
bound to things that live and die.
We tie the knots in our true life-line
and lose the path to That which shines.
Ignorance ties these knots in time
that bind us into finite mind.

What sword, what axe could cut this knot
that Gordon tied to bind our lot?
A little here, a little there,
will never undo this wicked snare.
To cut the knot, this tie that binds,
will take a blade from beyond the mind.

Climb up the line back out of time
To leave our self, our proud dead mind,
To leave the things that thinking brings
For the One Clear Note of Presence's Ring.

Take faith and help from those that find
men are more than plugged-up knots in time.
Silence true gives us a clue
To leave the 'I', the 'me', the 'you.'

Take hope, and leave the mind in time,
To listen again to That which shines.


Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Adyashanti ~ I heard a bird one day

Wind moves through
this hollow reed body
touches the five senses
and becomes a song.

Who is the Master
of this orchestra
and how does Emptiness
become love or a teacup?

I heard a bird one day
and became the
bird hearing.
Then waking from this spiritual dream
of Oneness
the world resolved itself
and nothing at
all happened.
Yet the Ancient One continues to
wink and smile.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Norman Maclean - The river

"I sat there and forgot and forgot
until what remained was the river that went by and I who watched. . .
Eventually the watcher joined the river
and then there was only one of us.
I believe it was the river.”


Monday, October 15, 2018

Sri Yukteswar - Ignorance

"Troubles are born from Avidya, Ignorance.
Ignorance is the perception of the nonexistent,
and the nonperception of the Existent. . .
Through Avidya man believes that this material creation
is the only thing that substantially exists,
there being nothing beyond,
forgetting that this material creation is substantially nothing
and is a mere play of ideas on the Etenal Spirit,
the only Real Substance, beyond the comprehension of the material creation.
This Ignorance is not only a trouble in itself
but is also the source of all the other troubles of man."

~ Swami Sri Yukteswar, "The Holy Science", page 47

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