Contemplate your Spiritual Heroes for a moment.  

Before any of those so-called ‘great men or women’ appeared in this world, the natural perfection of pure being was ‘already so’.  

Words divide and separate.  Nothing can be added to consciousness.  Nothing can be taken away from consciousness.  The mind divides the oneness and then tries to add the conceptually divided, believing that something profound has been achieved.  All illusion of mind.

Words are pointers.  Words are empty…..just like a wooden signpost is empty of any special meaning other than its pointer.  The value of the pointer is in its accurateness but the goal cannot be found in or around the signpost.   Worshiping the signpost is a very common error.  No matter how glorified the signpost is dressed up with bangles and beads, the only value it has is in its accurate pointing.  

This wakefulness has not come along after some idea registered.  Ideas come and go.  The ‘self-knowledge’ of all the great sages came and went.  One must not confuse the pristine qualities of consciousness-awareness with any formalised being, great or small.  Being is spontaneous and the form that it appears as is secondary.  No separation exists in reality.

As each new individual (being) comes into this world, the nature of pure being is ‘already so’ already present (presence).  As each being leaves this world the ‘already so’ nature of pure being is present (presence) and in the pure reflection of a lifetime, it is obvious that nothing has altered the clarity of awareness.  

All of what you call your ‘experiences’ register in their own immediacy as a mind translation of sensations – a subtle narrative using learned words.  Without those learned words you could not say anything about anything.  The un-interrupted experiencing is naked wakefulness.

You cannot claim any ownership of wakefulness.  Its presence is pre-sense. Before words. Even the word ‘wakefulness’ can only point to its (normally unrecognised) presence.

As soon as you think about it, it is reduced to a series of concepts, which cannot truly re-present this wakefulness.

It is perfect like a shining mirror.

All that you perceive is the content of wakefulness.  Like a mirror, all you see is the content of the mirror.

All things register ‘upon’ this wakefulness and nothing touches it.

It cannot be altered and it cannot be reduced to a personal acquisition.

All sentient beings appear and disappear leaving no trace.

Even though it is your own true nature it is foolish to claim any ownership of this wakefulness.  Since everyone is that, to whom would you make such a claim?

Who would be impressed?

No one can define what wakefulness is.

No one can define what consciousness is. 

No one can define what awareness is.

Words divide and separate.  All of it is nothing more than illusion of mind.

There are no levels to reality and there can only be one reality.

When all beliefs and conceptual limitations are lifted off this wakefulness the silent wordless essential nature of all things is self-evident.