Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Amaya Gayle - Sweet, sweet Heart/ The precious gift

  Sweet, sweet Heart

Oh sweet heart of mine
Your hard shell designed to protect
Sweet, sweet heart
Your dear sacrifice understood.

It is time now
To break open in full praise
To sing the blessings of love
Long held at bay.

It is time now at long last
To let down the walls
To crack over the brittle barrier
To bow in sweet awe
At God’s pleasure
To smile in wonderment
At the mind’s attempt
To hold such grace
At a distance.

Yet, what success?

No further than a heart beat
So close that it defies any concept
Of distance at all.



 The precious gift

What a precious gift this life!

Time to learn
The true meaning
Of Love!

Time to hold
Our lover close
And feel the beating of a heart.

Time to see
All our fears and dreams
In the eyes of the lover.

If we look close
Very close
To see our own face
Shining back at us
Through the lover’s smile!

To experience Oneness
As only multiplicity can.

What a precious gift
To move from God to life
And back home to God again!


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Sunday, October 11, 2020

Antonia Lovejoy - The only place we can ever exist


"The seeker is the belief that this shift in perspective is somehow a gain, that it will be something wonderful that he or she will get.
There is often the belief that there will be a great gain in peace, happiness, wisdom and knowledge about the workings of the universe and or of god, or that you will simply be a better more special you.....nothing could be further from the truth.
Nobody really wants this, as it's the striping down of everything that is thought to be your's an unimaginable loss. It's the loss of anyone who has or wants knowledge or wisdom or even happiness and peace. It's the loss of you, the you who would or could be anything or any non-thing. It's the loss of everything.....your world......your universe....your life.
 What's left? Just the simplicity of whatever is "apparently" knowing of what's happening, yet seeming knowing can be what's happening.
 What's (apparently) happening is seen to be more like a flowing dreamscape that belongs to no one.....empty beyond empty, yet still quite ordinary. No inside, outside or other, just this complete, intimate, timeless immediacy.
 The concepts or conceptual overlay that make up the world of seeming separation, of real and solid things, or non-things, are seen to be just that, completely empty concepts with not even nothing underneath.
 Amazingly though, this conceptual overlay is now seen to be quite a beautiful treasure, as without it there are no stories, no you or I, no beauty, no's the only place we can ever's what we are."


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