Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Amoda Maa ~ Invitation to silence



Silence is ever-present in everything. It exists prior to all form. It is the groundless ground of being. You don’t have to go anywhere or do anything to find it, because it’s actually who you are.

Silence is the nature of your innermost being, and when you wake up out of the dream of mistaken identity, you discover that you, too, are in fact inseparable from this silence.

Silence is what is here when you stop giving your attention to the movement of the mind and stop following the thoughts “I need to find time for silence,” “I have to get away from all this business to get some peace,” or “If only I could stop the thoughts in my head.”

In seeing the illusory nature of this kind of thinking and the futility of all running away or running toward, you come to a full stop, and what is revealed in this stopping is the ever-present silence of pure being.

This full stop is not a head-on collision with something hard and finite.

Instead, it is open-ended: silence has no boundary, no landing place, no center, no location, and no reference point for where it begins or ends.

You find yourself in a new dimension of seeing in which awareness is recognized as the only fact of reality.

When this awareness falls back into itself and becomes rooted in itself, an unlimited unconditional silence is revealed at the core of everything experienced, whether it be the whisper of the wind or the thunder of a mega-ton truck on the highway.

(edited from Amoda's book Embodied Enlightenment)



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