Saturday, April 25, 2020

"There is a huge silence inside each of us 
that beckons us into itself, and the recovery 
of our own silence can begin to teach us 
the language of heaven." 
 Meister Eckhart

Annamalai Swami - Continuous Attentiveness

"You can only stop the flow of thoughts by refusing to have any interest in it.

 If you remain in the source, the Self, you can easily catch each thought as it rises. If you don't catch the thoughts as they rise, they sprout, become plants and, if you still neglect them, they grow into great trees. Usually, the inattentive sadhaka only catches his thoughts at the tree stage.

 If you can be continuously aware of each thought as it rises, and if you can be so indifferent to it that it doesn't sprout or flourish, you are well on the way to escaping from the entanglements of the mind.

 Question: It is relatively easy to do this for some time. 
But then inattentiveness takes over and the trees flourish again.

 Answer: Continuous attentiveness will only come with long practice. If you are truly watchful, each thought will dissolve at the moment that it appears. But to reach this level of disassociation you must have no attachments at all.If you have the slightest interest in any particular thought, it will evade your attentiveness, connect with other thoughts, and take over your mind for a few seconds.

 This will happen more easily if you are accustomed to reacting emotionally to a particular thought. If a particular thought causes emotions like worry, anger, love, hate, or jealousy to appear in you, these reactions will attach themselves to the rising thoughts and make them stronger. These reactions often cause you to lose your attention for a second or two. That kind of lapse gives the thought more than enough time to grow and flourish.

 You must be completely impassive and detached when thoughts of this kind appear. Your desires and your attachments are simply reactions to thoughts that appear in consciousness. You can conquer them both by not reacting to new thoughts that arise.

 You can transcend the mind completely by not paying any attention to its contents. And once you have gone beyond the mind you never need be troubled by it again.

 After his realization, King Janaka said, "Now I have found the thief who has been stealing my happiness. I will not allow him to do this anymore".

 The thief who had been stealing his happiness was his mind.

 If you are always watching with open eyes thieves cannot enter. They can only break in while you are asleep and snoring. Similarly, if you are continuously alert, the mind cannot delude you. It will only take over if you fail to keep your attention on rising thoughts."

Monday, April 20, 2020

Jeff Foster - Let us bow to the ordinary

"I sense that the old spirituality is crumbling,
the sad patriarchal spirituality
that suppressed the feminine,
shamed the body and its sensitivity
and its sexuality and its deep feeling.
Something new is emerging.
Or rather, some timeless truth
is being rediscovered now.
We are perfectly divine
in our imperfect humanity.
Enlightenment does not eradicate
our weirdness, our humour, our vulnerability,
it only makes it all so f**king holy.

Let the shaming of our human longings,
needs, physicality and sensuality end!
Let spirituality be nothing less
than a celebration of the wholeness
in our utter brokenness.
Let us play with the paradoxes!
Let our fragility be our power!
Let the dogmas collapse
under their own weight.
Let the moment be the teacher.
Let the guru be the birdsong,
the morning traffic, the touch of a friend,
the tingling in the belly.
The dawn and the sunrise.
The ocean and the light.
Life, life, life.

Let the holy books dissolve
into a fresh new moment.
Let us bow to the ordinary,
prostrate ourselves before it.

There are no experts,
here in the heart.

I give to you, a new world."