Monday, November 1, 2021

Nisargadatta Maharaj ~ Love and silent peace



 "I found myself without desires
  and without knowledge.

 There was nothing left but love,
 the state of witness was left behind;
 there was only love, all pervading,
 all embracing, absolute.

 There were no crucial experiences,
 no soul-shattering visions.
 I just ceased imagining myself to
 be what I never was and there was
 nothing to replace the unreal with.

 There was no need to look for
 replacements - the nothingness
 was the fullness of understanding,
 love and silent peace."



Jean Klein ~ To be



 In true listening, you are nothing,
and in this nothing is everything!
The true conclusion is imposed at the moment
when everything dissolves, fades away in silence.