Saturday, February 13, 2021

Joan Tollifson - The Simplicity of What Is


Ultimate Reality is right here in plain view. It is never hidden, it requires no belief, and it is utterly beyond all doubt. It is showing up as breakfast dishes, laundry, sunlight on leaves, the barking of a dog, sound of traffic or rain, the humming of the computer, the taste of tea, the shapes of these words, and the awareness being and beholding it all. And only when we describe all of this in words does it seem as if "awareness" is one thing and "the taste of tea" is something else. The non-conceptual actuality of this breathing-hearing-seeing-awaring-being is undivided, without center or periphery. No inside, no outside. No subject, no object. Simply this, just as it is…

Thought seemingly divides this immediacy up. It imposes a grid on top of the seamlessness of reality and conceptually sorts it into little squares. Then it imagines that Square A causes Square B, or that Square B is the result of Square A, or that Square A has free will to choose between Square B and Square C, or that Square A comes before Square B in time and space. This is all imagination, a way of conceptualizing. The squares aren't really separate; the boundaries don't actually exist; they're only conceptual, as are the imagined relationships between the squares, including time and space. The squares are actually not related at all because they're not two. And this thinking process that imposes conceptual grids on wholeness is itself an aspect of the same wholeness, as is the awareness that sees through the imaginary grids. Everything is included in the Absolute. We could say that the Absolute includes the relative (the world of apparent grids), but isn't bound by it. Awakening doesn't mean ignoring, discounting or denying relative reality, but awakening sees through it. It recognizes the emptiness of everything. But in relative reality, the show goes on, and you (as an apparent character) play your part, apparently making choices and taking actions.

--from “The Simplicity of What Is” on the “Outpourings” page of my website:



Thursday, February 11, 2021

Tony Parsons - Beautiful mystery


"There is no me or you, no seeker, no enlightenment, no disciple and no guru.
There is no better or worse, no path, and nothing that has to be achieved.
All appearance is source.
All that apparently manifests—the world, the life story, the hypnotic dream of separation,
the search for home, is the one appearing as two, the nothing appearing as everything,
the absolute appearing as the particular.
There is no separate intelligence weaving a destiny, and no choice functioning at any level.
Nothing is happening, but this, as it is, invites the apparent seeker to rediscover that which already is . .
the abiding uncaused, unchanging, impersonal silence
from which unconditional love overflows and celebrates.
It is the wonderful mystery. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Miranda Warren - Not even not knowing


All definitions of this that appear to give you a solid explanation are only placeholders for nothing at all. Thoughts appear and concepts appear,  yet thoughts and concepts are only thoughts and concepts, as if that explains what is going on. No one can do anything for there is no one to do anything. The character is simply a description of what can never be known or described.

Right now, how are you aware? How are you seeming to read these words? How do you seem to feel emotion? No one ever has answered those questions. Nor are you nothing or emptiness or the absolute, for those are more stories written with wind upon pages made of air. This is unknowable, and even the concept of knowing and unknowing is a lie. Trying to understand this logically is like trying to light a match in the midst of a forest fire.

I am not saying anyone should stop trying, for no one is doing or not doing. If all is unreal or all is true it would be indistinguishable, because those are concepts that only mean something if we believe they do. Look outside right now and find a true thing and a false thing, a real thing and an unreal thing. You will never find any actual thing at all, or the one looking. So, all we have is what is, this, what appears... and concepts such as true or false are irrelevant. So how can concepts and opinions and interpretations about this ever be true? And if they can’t, then even the idea of “this” becomes unintelligible.

I have listened and read and talked endlessly about this, and am no closer to any understanding or even knowing what is meant by not knowing. Somehow along the wayless way, I discovered that it never was answers I was looking for, but the words that stop the mind by opening the heart to awe and wonder and ineffable beauty. Words that seem to reflect what is seen here, like looking into someone’s eyes and seeing an endless expanse of mirrors reflecting my dreams in every apparent form I perceive. This aliveness I call love lingers long after all the theories and concepts and ideas have burned to ash in the library of the mind.