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Omid Safi - The Prayer of the Heart

The Prophet Muhammad was once asked what was the one essential quality for prayers to be valid. Many in the community thought they knew the right answer. Some thought the Prophet would say proper recitation of Arabic. Others thought the answer would be lovely memorization of Qur’anic chapters. Yet others expected the answer would be perfect ritual observation of prayer.

Muhammad’s answer was: Presence in the heart.

What is this presence?

It is not so much presence of God.
God is always present.
It is we humans who are absent from our own heart.

Presence means to have the fullness of who we are with us.

What does it mean to pray with this Presence?

So much of our lives are spent in a fractured state of heart.
We are, too often, scattered.

We speak about being scatterbrained. The truth of the matter is that the scatteredness is much more systematic. We are scattered at every level: body, soul, mind, spirit.

We do this to ourselves.
We throw ourselves to the past, often clinging to a past pain and trauma.
Or, we hurl ourselves towards the future, attaching ourselves to a hope for the future, or fear of losing something.
We are in the past, or in the future, everywhere but here.

To pray with the heart, to have presence in the heart, is a remedy.
It is a healing, an un-scattering.
Presence is simply to have our heart be where our feet are.

This starts with a mindfulness, with an awareness of the breath.
When we monitor our breath, simply observe the breath enter into the heart, and emerge from the heart, our breathing slows down.
The heart rate slows down.
Here is where we become whole: our body, our breath, our spirit become One.

When we become one, The One is Here with us.
Here and Now.

In that moment, in this breath, we are healed, and whole.
And what a prayer there is in this breath.
What Presence.
God has always been present, waiting for us.
We ourselves become present, meeting God.
This is the Prayer of the Heart.

This is the Eternal Now (waqt), where Muhammad is to have said:

    “I have an Eternal Now with my Loving Lord.”

This is the reason why mystics are Children of the Moment.
To pray the prayer of the Heart we cannot be anxious about the past, or hopeful/fearful about the future.
We have to be Present to our own heart’s state.

The Prayer of the Heart starts with us where we are: broken, fractured, and dis-united.
It takes us by the breath, and moves us along to unity, wholeness, and healing.

This is ultimately the very promise of Islam, and of every spiritual tradition.
To speak about Oneness is not about God. God is One, and has always been One.
As the Bible says, even the Devil knows that God is one:

    You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that — and shudder.

God is One, and has always been One.
It is we humans who have to become One.

This is when we realize that tawhid (Unity) is not just about God, but about our own hearts becoming One and unified.
We have to become One, become united.

Our inner division, being disconnected from our own bodies, our own breath, our own heart is only one part of our lack of unity.
That inner division is reflected in how we as a human community are divided. When we are not one with our own heart, we cannot see the full humanity of others.

The inner and the outer are reflected in each other.
When we are internally divided, we will be externally divided.
If we wish to be united as a human community, we have to strive for unity and healing at the heart level.

We need the prayer of the heart.
By whatever form we pray, we need to become whole.
May it begin one breath at a time.
May it begin with me.

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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Rupert Spira - The Absolute Certainty Of Awareness


Questioner: The only way awareness ever manifests in my experience is in connection with some object, or thought, or..., 
I know I'm aware only when there is something I'm aware 'of'.
Rupert: No.
Q: No?

Rupert: If I ask you now "Are you aware?" where do you go?, what do you say?
Questioner: Yes

Rupert: Where do you go? In order to find that yes, you have to go somewhere.
If I say to you "Is it a blue sky outside?" You look. You go there, you come back and you say "yes", because it's your experience.
You don't go back to what your parents told you,.
You don't go back to what you read in a book.
You go to your experience. Where do you go?
Where do you go, to come back with this absolute certainty of ‘Yes, I am aware’.

Q: (silence)
Rupert: Did you go to the sensations at the soles of your feet, and say, "They're tingling, I must be aware?"

Q: No, I get your point. I just experience being aware.
Rupert: okay. What is it that experiences it?
Q: (silence)

Rupert: You’re right. You go to the experience of being aware. Who has that experience?
What has that experience?
Q: I can only say Awareness itself.

Rupert: Perfect. Now, what does Awareness have to do to be aware of itself?
Q: (silence)

Rupert: Does it have to go and visit a mind?
Q: No. No, it doesn't do anything. It's always aware of itself, it feels like.

Rupert: Perfect. It's always aware of itself, by itself, through itself, as itself, in itself.
It doesn't need a puny little human mind to be aware of itself.
It's nature is to be aware.
It is pure knowing, aware Being.
It doesn't need the agency of a mind or a body to know itself.

Q: So, this is where it sounds a little dual(istic) to me. It becomes like there is awareness, and then there is body,mind.

Rupert: You’re right. At this stage, in order to focus our attention on the nature of awareness, we are, slightly artificially, separating awareness out from the body, mind, world. We’re putting the body, mind, world on one side; putting what we are aware OF on one side, in order to just be able to focus on awareness.

So the value of doing this, precisely, is to arrive at the experience we have just arrived at: that it is awareness that is aware of itself, by itself.

Now, having just made this discovery, the second stage is to go back to the objects of the body, mind, world that we have, rather artifically, put over here, out of the way; and to ask the question, ‘Ok, now, what is my relationship ...’ (‘my’ now refers to ever-present, unlimited awareness), ‘What is the relationship of ever-present, unlimited awareness to these apparent objects of the body,mind world?’

Then we see, from the point of view of Awareness, (that) Awareness doesn't experience the objects of the body/mind world as separate from itself.

That was just a petigogical step, which the teaching takes, in order to focus on our essential nature. Having done that, we have to abandon that approach, because it is a limiting..., a dualistic, approach. We then come back to the experience of the body, mind world and see, ‘Actually, I have never EXPERIENCED a world the way thought normally conceives it’. In other words, something made out of dead stuff called matter, that is at a distance from myself.

All I, Awareness knows, is the experience of seeing.
And the experience of seeing is Intimately pervaded by mySelf:
All I know of the world is the experience of seeing, hearing, tasting, touching and smelling.
All these are made out of the knowing of them.
I, Awareness, Am that knowing.

In other words, when I experience the so-called world, I'm just experiencing myself.

I don't experience 'a world', 'an object', 'a self', 'a body'.
Experience, for Awareness, is much more intimate than that.

So, first we separate awareness from it's objects, in order to spend some time exploring the nature of awareness, and then we collapse the distinction. (In fact, we don't collapse the distinction, because it was never really there).

But we see that experience is not inherently divided into these two parts: a subject (awareness) and the objects (the body,mind world).

It is not two: no subject and no object. That is your experience.

Look around you now. What do you know of a room, or a world now?

The experience of seeing? and hearing? and touching? yes?
Q: Yes.

Rupert: Go into the experience of seeing, and hearing and touching.
Do you find anything there other than the knowing of them?
Q: No

Rupert: That knowing is yourSelf.

All you find of a body,mind world are the experience of thinking, sensing, and perceiving.
And all we know of thinking, sensing and perceiving are the knowing of them.

You are that knowing.

You only ever know, or come in contact with, yourself.

~ ~ ~ ~
That's what the experience of beauty, or love, is.
You know when you walk in nature, and feel completely overwhelmed by the beauty of it?
What's happening then?
Of course, we don't rationalize it to ourselves; but what's happening in that moment is that
the separate subject and the separate object are collapsing,
and we feel totally melted in the landscape. You feel totally at one with everything, yes?
That is a collapse of the self that sees, and the object that is seen.

The experience of love is the same.
When you fall in love, do you not feel that you kind of lose yourselves in each other?
I don't just mean falling in love; the experience of love, of friendship?
You feel one, intimate, close.

It's the collapse of the subject / object relationship.

In other words, you, the separate self, is plunging into its true nature.
Drowning in it's true nature.
And tasting life as it really is.

When the mind comes back again, it says, ‘I love You’,
because that's the only language the mind knows.
‘That object is beautiful.’ No, objects are not beautiful. People are not loveable.
Only the Self, Infinite Awareness, is truly beautiful or loveable.

All love is only for the Self.

Q: And I recognize that experience completely; walking in the forest, and there is only happiness.
Rupert: Yes.
Q: and then someone says to me, "Oh, you did it wrong" or "you made a mistake" or "you look stupid" and boom, I'm there. Not the I of Awareness. But Ernest. Then what do I do?

Rupert: Go back to the forest (laughter).

Q: Yeah?
Rupert: Yeah. I mean it. Because when you're in the forest, you're having satsang. That's what satsang is. You're having satsang with nature. And this is the power of nature. It's why we love nature, it's why we love animals, it's why we have pets.

When you're in nature, nature is taking you, effortlessly and spontaneously to this place, to this place-less place.
And as you say, you find yourself there naturally. It's not that You feel one with it. I understand why you say that, but there is no You there anymore. It's just one seemless intimate whole.

Then you come back to town, and your friend or a person says to you, "Yeah, you're 3/4 of an hour late."
Q: Very realistic, yeah.

Rupert: And immediately, you seem to contract back into that separate self again.

So just keep going back to satsang; that is, to whatever it is that takes you (not intellectually or theoretically but takes you in your actual experience) to your true nature.
Keep going back there again and again and again... until this habit of being that, knowingly, becomes stronger and stronger and stronger; until a day comes when you walk back into town, you're 1/2 hour late for work, your boss yells at you, and it no longer has the capacity to persuade you that you are a separate self. You hear your boss, you apologize for being late, you tell your excuse about the traffic, you just go to work; but you don't lose the intimacy of your own Being.

And then you can practice this in more and more difficult circumstances.

And life very often presents us with more and more difficult circumstances. You know? Your girlfriend starts flirting with the next door neighbor, and then it gets really, really difficult. That has the capacity to make you feel like a very separate person again. (laughter). Then she starts having an affair with the neighbor; then it gets even more difficult. So, bar gets raised.

At a certain point, you feel that nothing has the capacity to take you away from yourself, to persuade you again that you are a separate, limited self.

It doesn't mean that you don't feel, that you are no longer sensitive. Of course, you are.
But it becomes less and less possible for an event in the body, the mind or the world to persuade you to go back to the old way of thinking and feeling, and therefore reacting and relating, on behalf of a separate, limited self.

And you find, somehow, magically, although the world may give you some tests, the world will, in a magical way, meet you in your new feeling understanding. And your experience in the world will begin to reflect your new experience.

Somehow experience in the outside world will begin to shine..., will begin to dance, with the feeling that you have inside.

That's why I said at the beginning, the world appears as an inevitable counterpart to the way we understand awareness. If we think awareness is temporary and limited, somehow our experience in the world will confirm that. We will always be frustrated, and thwarted, in objects and people. And yet we will always be seeking happiness in objects and people.

But if we understand that what we essentially are is ever-present and unlimited, somehow magically the world will appear in accordance with that understanding.

And you will get little signs from the Universe that you are on the right track.

Q: Thank you. 

transcript thanks to Amaya Aum

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Ellen Davis - The One in the Two

I feel You like my essence desiring more of itself.
It can feel like an anguished longing with just a slight shift.
I give it its Play and remember.

This love knows no bounds.
It seeks to merge with itself and multiply.
It seeks to inundate, penetrate and permeate the world.

You ignite me. I am on fire.
Without Your touch I feel I will burn to ash.
With Your touch I feel I will burn to ash.
As this something gives birth to a greater nothing,
this nothing gives birth to a greater something.
I am
being breathed by this love.

Waxing fullness, Empty me!
Waning emptiness, Fill me!

a dance of desire having its way.
a dance in time
a dance of rythmic pulsing:
a part to come together
to come a part
to come together

a dance where time stops.
a dance where empty and full
are one and the same.
past present and future
dance, dancer and danced
me and you

and yearning again.

She so enjoys the yearning.
It's her greeting as she re-enters time
and re members her forgetting
and forgets her re membering.
It is her as God
feeling Its power through her powerlessness,
through the two.

through this "Take me!"
through this "I want you!"

as the one in the two
seeks for itself
until we find ourselves
as One


Jarett Sabirsh - Love all-Knowing

 Highly Abridged Remix Version
source and full  PDF download HERE
Thoroughly, at age twenty-six my world inverted upside down
while coming to understand things beyond any noun

commonly held beliefs about what life is about
shattered, not leaving a speck of doubt

nearly a whole decade has now passed before these eyes
since to the old me I had abruptly said goodbye

it couldn't be helped—spontaneously it happened
in four fervent days "The Truths of Life" was penned

afterwards distancing myself from many a childhood friend
with no way to explain as a holy writing I would send

unable to elucidate then, but the tide is now high
so let us turn back a few pages to before that fateful July

throughout youthful adolescent days, carrying the conundrum
of having nothing to say, while not knowing why or how come

just sitting there, like I was dumb, while friends chatted away
eduringly, the interest was participatory sport and creative play

still, not minding in the least the conclusion or final score
the joy was in the moment, experiencing life with vigor

the early adult years came round and little had changed
how can a profession be chosen when thought is estranged?

ripe and ready—an unwitting empty vessel
lost and purposeless, Spirit would soon come to quell

loving to serve but having no clue what to do with my life
most chase after a high paying job and a wife

schooling and careers at no time distinctly intriguing me
it's vividly clear now that they were never my destiny

presently it's overt that who I am in this life is a continuation
of my previous life that elapsed while rapt in meditation

karmically, into my life a couple of spiritual books appeared
towards higher consciousness I was being steered

books containing things I'd never in this life heard before
of Oneness, Allness and Awareness evermore

wondering, "where has this information always been?"
it's no wonder when we're engrossed in society's machine

ideas of what to pray for were intuited first
sat mutely repeating them—I was immersed

meditative prayer for the first time ever
the prayers came to fruition and changed me forever

"please use me for the highest good of All"
one of the wishes to the Lord did I call

days go by and synchronicities start happening
they keep building and building due to consenting

the revealed prayers were first, followed by further insights
the occurrences gaining in rapidity as I surrendered to the Light

bombarded with innumerable revelations and epiphanies
so very many raining down like confetti

jotting with pencil as fast as possible
out of Silence they came, not from a brain cell

full-blown understandings as fireworks exploding
the whole process was nothing short of mind-blowing

intense meditative surrender to a higher Will
an inadvertent piercing of the mystical veil

as the separation between the knower and known faded
everything became clear what was formerly shaded

the mind wholly turned in on itself as Self-Awareness
stripped of all conceptual thought in total bareness

untainted, spotless, Eternal Radiant Mind
exhaustively beyond words, it can't be defined

the futility of descriptions not lending a grain of justice
what appears is but a vain attempt to be clear and concise

for less than a minute "I am the Christ" was the experience
blasphemy, no—don't you sense its ever-presence?

'twas the Biblical phrase of John 14:20 come true
"…know that I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you"

did he or did he not proclaim while mincing no words
you'll do greater than he and "you are the light of the world"?

when we were taught "God is within," it was no joke
people reject it—the ordinary thought-mind acts as a cloak

be still and know that you are God, no?
no mere hollow phrase committed to scripture long ago

God is not a concept that can be thought of in a mental way
It is experienced in-depth when thought is cast away

Buddha eschewed the word "God" for a very simple reason
people conjure up false images that should not be believed in

laboring in a retail shop while undergoing religious ecstasy
physical faculties all but ceased in this Divine Intimacy

taking in physical phenomena by means of the ears
was nearly impossible even though face-to-face with a cashier

the material world eclipsed by a formless intangible Beatitude
behind the gross visible universe the Silent Mind preludes

exquisite rock-solid Infinite Love as my true nature
far surpassing human sensory experience while ineffably pure

absolute completion and utter finality just as Lao Tzu
overcome yourself and there's nothing left to do

inner permission arose to leave the body and world
either surrendered also, or turned down—away it whirled

if the option had been chosen it would have wrought
a body lying dead in a grocery store parking lot

the autopsy would've revealed nothing despite picking apart
with the exception of perhaps an overworked heart

at the core of my being "I'm going to die!" sprung up too
this edge of Enlightenment I failed to follow through

this wasn't bodily death, but the crux of my soul
a final loss of separateness merging into the Whole

my very essence being extinguished caused some distress
felt as though a drop into a void of complete nothingness

"can't now, I'm at work, I'll do it later"
the option thus refused—the ego is a traitor

new on the spiritual path, I wasn't aware of the occurrence
a scarce teaching in great need of repeated reappearance

death of the individual ego self so extremely rare
brought on by a "please make me exactly as you are" prayer

also invocating, "spread to All your Love through me"
the various prayers listed here are prayers of nonduality

with a friend later that evening, walking down the mall
experiencing indescribable bliss and oneness with all

everyone and everything a fluid living sea
Universal Consciousness as both you and me

being in rapturous love with all life and every person
but this wasn't maintained and things were about to worsen

ego crept back in believing it was Enlightened
it turns out consciousness only temporarily heightened

a momentary samadhi can sometimes deceive
if untold by a Master because our mind is naïve

ask enlightenment teachers today about their ego death
don't even need to for their answer we can already guess

are they right this moment experiencing Allness?
the spiritual ego is crafty and teaches regardless

their words proceeding from the intellect, Power is lacking
a Divine Transference is required to send the ego packing

if inspiration hits by all means share
but state your current un-State or others you'll ensnare

True Teachings are on a whole different level
a powerful quieting effect, they silence the mental

despite the path all are led Home in time
following an alternative pathway is certainly no crime

Krishna, Buddha, Allah or Zohar Kabbalah
devoted nonviolently, one is led to Nirvana

pathway of the mind or pathway of the heart
they lead to the same Place so long as you start

being attached to any one philosophy or religion
dwelling on moot differences and wanting to fit in

Hindu Sages, Zen Masters or Christian Mystics
many tongues, but identical truth spoken from their lips

calling themselves admirers of all paths, and yet none
even though they may have begun as a monk or a nun

mentioning Self or no-self or God is Father or Mother
according to their culture emphasizing one method or another

allness vs. nothingness, meditation vs. prayer
devotion in practice is all you should care

when Truth reveals itself you're beyond all conception
then not a single man-made word will hold any traction

Jesus grew up Jewish but transcended the religion
the Truth within lays to waste the scriptures of an eon

verbalization with language is so hard-wired
people rarely question it, though it's spiritually required

what every Sage has taught has always been drastic
highly divergent from the emphasizing of the scholastic

Moses confessed to being a man of poor speech
there are stories of illiterate monks outside the mind's reach

having little to no education and still they surpass
while the worldly learned treat them as third class

contrary to what schools, institutions and the media advise
accumulating knowledge doesn't earn one the ultimate prize

maybe helping one succeed on the physical field
never transcending it though, as Reality stays concealed

make no bones about it—dying to God is involved
if not ready for this step then observe truths lesser evolved

various truths for various levels of understanding
concepts destroy concepts until there's No-Thing

what's truth at one level is obsolete at another
until finally there's nothing at all left to retire

below Absolute, truths are at stages permissible
ultimately, "internal" and "external" are void and null

nothing means anything, words are just words
every last notion, let it go to the birds

in due time when flesh and bone turns to dust
all our worldly learning gone in a gust

no fear of death, we're neither mind nor body
if it lives or dies is the concern of nobody

to be, or to be, there is no question
not possible to die—you're not your mother's son

consciousness goes on, takes a new body
get off the wheel, go read some Patanjali

what goes to "heaven" between bodies is the sense of selfhood
sloughing off selfhood itself takes one beyond being good

there is one thing for certain, let me tell you
once you hear of Enlightenment, nothing else will do

it'll always be there, in the back of your mind stirring
no matter where you go or what you do, awaiting answering

the bug has bitten and the bite will continue to itch
until addressed with love and oneself is ditched

all men are called, yet so few choose to follow
the narrow inward path of the pathless Tao

returning to the Source from whence we came
eventually, along life's course it becomes the singular aim

to each his own, but with time, you'll see it Truth's way
a glimpse of Light reveals the world as a fanciful divine play

Oneness experienced once renders all else in the dust
returning to it again, for good, becomes life's must

one's personal life right then is more or less done
context shifts as love extends to all humanity under the sun

if it's true that God's nature is Love All-Knowing
it only makes sense to rest in the arms of His bestowing

we are Knowledge Itself from here to eternity
all-knowing understanding intuitively and tacitly

all-knowing not regarding trivial worldly matters
but Truth that renders those trivialities in tatters

you are as infinitely wise as your wish to be
how else could a simple grocery clerk bring this poem to be?

understand the ego's fabrications and set yourself free
hold not onto its personal narrative story

you watch the heart and lungs on their own beat and breathe
so too the mind's thinkingness an automaton to perceive

one brief moment of trying meditation
while attempting to hold all notions in suspension

quite quickly it's seen that thoughts happen automatically
therefore, the mind is not, and never has been "me"

an erroneous identification due to our insistence
masking, obstructing and limiting Divine effulgence

tell the mind to be quiet—it doesn't listen
perhaps for a moment, then up it starts again

just look at the mind, flopping and flailing about
trying to get ahold of anything so Silence is forced out

memories, opinions, dreamings and rehashings
blah blah blah regarding worldly stuff and things

just running its installed software
whether it is truth it doesn't care

could be malware, a game or an antivirus program
nevertheless, it'll often be executed with zero qualm

the ego's primary concern is its own survival
the words of the Sage bring about its upheaval

it mistakenly believes Silence is bland and awful
in terms of Infinite Being the ego is stage larval

nothing we've ever done has been our own doing
identification with the body is a false viewing

body's actions a result of mind's movings
"there is no doer" every Enlightened Being sings

he did nothing of himself, Jesus explained
from doing, Hindu and Buddhist Masters also refrained

all things take care of themselves
get out of the way and the Earth still revolves

if and when the body is spurned to action
silently witness while abiding in inaction

we are the still, unmoving Silent Observer
Infinite Pure Awareness all over and forever

be the quiet watcher of it—a field of Awareness
staying aware of the Self-Awareness we must skillfully finesse

you are aware of existing—that is the I
it is that Truth alone that we should rely

not "I" as the body but as the sense of existing
meditated on, it's discovered to not be a physical thing

this practice of self-inquiry reveals the Absolute
discarding all lesser things for the most worthwhile pursuit

what we've done up to this point has led us to where we are
yet feeling as though something is still lacking so far

that deep underlying sense that something is away
an incompleteness calling us Home from which we've strayed

as opposed to searching outwardly to fill that inner void
have a heart of perfect completion, absolute and overjoyed

what's missing is not to be found in the world outside
it's God within as one's own Self, so as it reside

every last philosophy speaks of living morally sound
not just because it's civil—to stay karmically unbound

to what's true we adhere and to the false we abstain
benefits all others and lessens our own pain

adopting truth for truth's sake and to reach the other shore
exiling from oneself all forms of indecent behavior

the law of karma: you reap what you sow
religions of East and West have all said so

chaos, luck, random events and accidents
"no such thing" is a Mystic's two cents

the world needs to be viewed not as being physical
but as interconnected energies interacting at a higher level

everything has an equal and similar reaction
mind, body and tongue leading the direction

an eye for an eye is basically what ends up happening
not that specifically though—it might result in a jailing

cheat on your taxes and your wallet could be stolen
no deception goes unnoticed and we promptly remain owing

one way or another it'll eventually catch up
there is no escaping or dishonestly getting a leg up

even in our own private life, we can't just do as we please
every decision, action and behavior the law of karma sees

a slight slight will later bring to pass a minor after-effect
lower natured negativity engenders the world to so counteract

the unaware bear a lesser fruit by executing the same action
as one who knows fully that they are committing an infraction

levels of consciousness dictate the karmic resultant severity
awareness + action = karma in that general realm of negativity

repeated depravities can accumulate and respond all at once
a colossal undoing of fortunes in place of many an ounce

karma is easy to recognize when we say, think and do less
connecting our prior doings with the results that coalesce

living a life of much fuss and ado
a whole lot of mess will soon be rebounding to you

alter your entire life outlook and various attitudes
then life treats you afresh in accord with your new moods

everything is Consciousness, even the inanimate
our life is fully a manifestation of mindset

the act of observing collapses the wave function
from potential to actual—viewing sets a particle's position

particles blink in and out of existence based on an observer
the famed double-slit experiment will make many a believer

Consciousness is primary while matter is secondary
living our lives as if it were the contrary

physical reality a holographic illusion
science says so—that's its conclusion

the new science is within and is up to you
a simple experiment with loving prayer will do

always experimenting with my own life
tested this teaching and with truth it's rife

look back at your life's recurring patterns and themes
and the façade of the ego will start to crack at the seams

untranscended mindsets follow wherever we go
the common denominator is what your mind has sown

all is just and in automatic karmic balance
in this universe nothing is ever up to chance

that person we killed in our last life
a debt to repay—accept it without strife

much of man's history has been war and atrocity
these deeds revisit and no one goes scot-free

despite horrible violence all is in harmony
all the world's a stage in this divine comedy

in a specific place in the world a person is born
karmically inherited parents as you return

it's all karma, all the time
individually and collectively—of his, yours and mine

in totality Divine Justice is unerringly precise
unfolding spontaneously as an automatic device

there is no punitive god doling out reward and punishment
according to our nature, a magnetically attracted fulfilment

all acts are unacted acts of God
involuntary, nonvolitional, uncaused

life is occurring by Divine Providence and Grace
manifesting from the Unmanifested outside time and space

asking "how can God let awful things happen?"
between karma and reincarnation there's no more to pen

the question stems from believing He is a separate entity
as opposed to understanding It is Everything Endlessly

life is perfectly fair, but not according to separative views
unknowingly, destinies are self-created as we choose

this tells of the negative but applies uniformly to the positive
live as selfless peace and we'll earn what we deserve

that which supports life is automatically supported
the get-gain-obtain mentality can be safely aborted

by being love we will always receive what we need
sacrificing oneself isn't even a sacrificial deed

deep reflection reveals the illusion of foes
and oneness of all who are in life's throes

as it's all a mirage and the corporeal we are not
the world is harmless in spite of what we had thought

"bad" things only happen if one's karma calls for it
so what then is left to be feared here on this planet?

matters not what we do, but rather what we are
love radiates in consciousness infinitely far

there is no distance from here to there
all is connected and love touches everywhere

during all the body's doings be Peaceful Love
it changes the world in ways you can't even think of

uplifting all mankind while living in a cave
emanating Divinity in a constant cosmic shockwave

I've prayerfully directed love to many a specific issue
time and time again the results show all this to be true

evolving in love and consciousness is the greatest gift
it contributes to an entire worldwide spiritual shift

aside from work, living the life of a hermit or recluse
views of the people no longer mine since they were cut loose

being in public amongst the common ways of men
their ignorance urges me to surrender "mine" right then

everything that happens is a call to awaken
the point is to cognize it, and to spiritually quicken

contemplation is the process of withdrawing from thoughts
at all times, and not just when our legs are in knots

fast paced physical labor done with a meditative command
full-on focus and concentration towards the task at hand

the athletic speed and skill is probably shocking to some
yet happening effortlessly while into Zen-Mind I blossom

it's no coincidence that this body fell into this job
everyone's in their karmic place—don't be a snooty snob

menial jobs are perfectly honorable and upstanding
there's nothing degrading about serving and providing

there has to be someone to stock shelves and clean the toilet
or else there's no food to buy and you wouldn't care to sit

now, speaking about myself is not to brag or boast
but to reveal what it takes to near the Holy Ghost

there was a desire to keep this verse primarily anonymous
but apparently that was the ego being over-presumptuous

aspects of this personality are being urged to be divulged
in the interest of the All so that our limitations can be culled

the opening sequence, largely expanded from the first draft
things never before talked of now printed unabashed

saying Christhood was experienced, albeit only briefly
was shared quite hesitantly, but it was the Will of He

if I didn't actually experience God, I'm sure gonna go to hell
for saying that I did as my adored readers I tell

in ordinary life I rarely give rise to past inventory
what's there to say when it's all an egoic story?

while people go on chatting about a million and one things
I mostly sit and observe with ascended understandings

as they bring up the topic of death and of a person dying
I listen quietly while often accidentally smiling

at the absurdity of anybody ever believing in death
I don't mean to be insensitive towards a body's last breath

after years, to my co-workers I'm still a mystery
how can this be talked of in a lunchroom and in a hurry?

blurting out "this world is an unreal illusion"
leads people to think you've got a brain contusion

when speaking spiritual truth it must be kept in context
"there is no doer" will only leave them perplexed

and if something profound were mentioned aloud
they'd be struck with fear of not being among their crowd

the paradigm shock has them pretend that nothing was heard
true, truth threatens the ego, but being afraid of love is absurd

so instead we live by example and let Grace sort things out
we'll all return Home after ages or eons, no doubt

it's hoped that a devotional pyre is now blazing within
ashes to ashes, dust to dust, the idea we're made of skin

this rhyme is over and not a moment too soon
synonyms have run dry and the body needs the washroom

Enlightenment is achieved amidst a life mundane
no matter the season of sunshine, snow or rain

all there is to know is that everything is I
Glory to God in the most high!