Saturday, May 29, 2021

Dadaji Gavand ~ An Appeal With Love


Oh seekers,

Walk in the spirit of total humility.
let your own two feet lead you on
Remain aware and attentive within,
Without any dream of destination.

Then who knows
When and from where
A high tide will arrive
A surge from the mysterious unknown

To give you a ride on its celestial wave
And take you beyond  through the mysterious gate,
Across the frontiers of time and space
Where the drop will dissolve in the wave.

Then, mysteriously, the wave will merge
With  the ocean of Supreme Self.
You are that Supreme, you are that Changeless
You are the Eternal ancient One.

let that Eternal Divine in you be yours
May that experience of the Timeless be yours.




Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Rumi ♡ All are welcome here.



 Since the seminary of love
was endowed by eternity,
the difference between lover and Beloved
has become the most difficult subject.
There are other ways besides causality
and deductive reasoning to solve the problem.
But they're inaccessible to jurists, doctors,
and someone who fancies himself a cosmologist.
They all had strong opinions
and kept talking about their differences,
but it led only to a dead end.
Then, they turned toward the mosque,
but here everything became even more confused.
Thoughts are limited,
but the one who gathers them is endless.
Let what is limited disappear into the unlimited.
The fly of the soul has fallen into
this buttermilk forever.
Muslim, Christian, Jew, and Zoroastrian:
All are welcome here.
You keep talking
but your words are like
the fluttering wings of this fly.
Yet once the fly sinks to the bottom
its wings won't flutter anymore.
There is a better way for you to use your wings.
High above the dome of the sky
there is a new and invisible way for you to play.

From The Forbidden Rumi:
The Suppressed Poems of Rumi on Love, Heresy, and Intoxication
Translation by Ergin Nevit O., Johnson Will



Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Mystic Meandering ~ Simply Living...


 I've been revisiting the view that life is a story being lived
by Life ItSelf; That "I" am being lived; that we are the living
story of Life.

Life lives the story of "me" that I've identified with all these
years, and believed, for a while at least, that "I" needed to be
"enlightened" - and have once again returned to the sense
that "I" am simply living.  Just Being.

In this there is an internal "letting go" - or "giving up" - or
some would say "surrender"...  And as a wise friend explained:
"In that, an ancient tension and stress is released.  And in the
deepest instance of 'giving up', even the somatic aspect of our
being feels a tremendous relief, and a Serene Emptiness where
a contraction had formerly been felt; as much in our physical
body as in our subtle energetic nature.  Struggle ceases, no longer
driven by the engine of dissatisfaction with 'what is', with 'how
we are.'  No longer driven by the engine of self-judgment and
self-qualification, by the desire to be better or worthy, or
finally 'understanding', or the desire for


There is only the immediacy of the current experience -
just living that experience, whatever that experience is,
whether it is one of joy, or sorrow and grief, however it
unfolds, without the sense of a "self" striving for something
"better", or to do anything to improve it, or to create
strategies to become "enlightened;"  the struggle of the "self."

Everything is allowed...

"Enlightenment" is just untangling what you believe to be
true - your belief constructs.  Just live life intuitively,
with no strategies for "awakening."  Don't get trapped in
the mind, or try to figure out how to play the game.

"We", the "Beingness" that we are, just experiences
whatever is occurring without a framework of time,
or reference point, or concept...

It's just Life being - life!

It is Existence experiencing ItSelf as "me", or "you" -
as an occurrence within ItSelf...

Simply Living...

We, as waves of the Ocean of Existence, are continually
occurring - unfolding fluidly, seamlessly, reverberating
through the concept of time, and is what the wrinkle of
time happens in - the Timeless Ocean of Existence.

And so the realization seems to be that we simply
recognize Life living ItSelf as us...

...Simply Living

As we are...

Our Natural selves...

Now if I could only remember this...  :)


Mystic Meandering



Monday, May 24, 2021

Jiddu Krishnamurti ~ Simple life


  Simple life does not consist in the mere possession of a few things
 but in the freedom from possession and non-possession,
in the indifference to things that comes with deep understanding.
 Merely to renounce things in order to reach greater happiness,
greater joy that is promised, is to seek reward which limits thought
 and prevents it from flowering and discovering reality.

To control thought-feeling for a greater reward, for a greater result,
 is to make it petty, ignorant and sorrowful. Simplicity of life
 comes with inner richness, with inward freedom from craving,
 with freedom from acquisitiveness, from addiction, from distraction.
 From this simple life there comes that necessary one-pointedness
 which is not the outcome of self-enclosing concentration
but of extensional awareness and meditative understanding.

Simple life is not the result of outward circumstances;
 contentment with little comes with the riches of inward understanding.
If you depend on circumstances to make you satisfied with life
 then you will create misery and chaos, for then you are a plaything
 of environment, and it is only when circumstances are transcended
through understanding that there is order and clarity.

To be constantly aware of the process of acquisitiveness,
 of addiction, of distraction, brings freedom from them
and so there is a true and simple life.


 Thanks to The beauty we love


Sunday, May 23, 2021

Hafiz ~ In a handful of God



 Poetry reveals that there is no empty space.

When your truth forsakes it shyness,
When your fears surrender to your strengths,
You will begin to experience
That all existence
Is a teeming sea of infinite life,
In a handful of ocean water

You could not count all the finely tuned
Musicians who are acting stoned
For very intelligent and sane reasons
And of course are becoming extremely sweet
And wild.

In a handful of the sky and earth,
In a handful of God,
We cannot count
All the ecstatic lovers who are dancing there
Behind the mysterious veil.

True art reveals there is no void
Or darkness.

There is no loneliness to the clear-eyed mystic
In this luminous, brimming
Playful world. 



Hermann Hesse ~ The indivisible


"We must become so alone,
so utterly alone,
that we withdraw into our innermost self.
It is a way of bitter suffering.
But then our solitude is overcome...
We are no longer alone,
for we find that our innermost self is the spirit,
that it is God, the indivisible.
And suddenly we find ourselves in the midst of the world,
yet undisturbed by its multiplicity,
for in our innermost soul we know ourselves
to be one with all being."