Monday, January 16, 2023

Paul Brunton ~ Only in deep silence


art Laszlo-dev


 The sovereignty of nature has been allotted to the silent forces.
The moon makes not the faintest echo of a noise, yet it draws millions of tons of tidal waters to and fro at its bidding.
We do not hear the sun rise, nor the planets set. So, too, the dawning of the greatest moment in a man's life comes quietly, with none to herald it to the world.

In that Stillness alone is born the knowledge of the Overself. The gliding of the mind's boat into the lagoon of the spirit is the gentlest thing I know; it is more hushed than the fall of eventide. Only in deep silence may we hear the voice of the soul; argument but beclouds it and too much speech stops its appearance.
When you have caught your fish you may share it, but while you are angling for it talk breaks the spell and frightens the fish away. If we could occupy ourselves less with the activities of the larynx and more with the activities of the deeper mind, we might arrive at something worth saying. Speech is an adjunct, not an obligation. To be is the prime duty of man.