Friday, October 15, 2021

Nancy Neithercut ~ Love sings me

 art Gun Legler



 How many see the self as the enemy? They feel that something is wrong and hear that there are some who live in apparent bliss, without attachment, and they long to get rid of that as well! They love so many things with an ache that they feel is wrong somehow.
They desire love and feel they cannot find it... yet they are looking at it always.... it is just the idea of love that seems to block this obvious recognition

I see you and I know you are love...
You are the jewel of the universe... through your eyes, love catches a glimpse of its own reflection...
and I weep and I weep and I weep...

in love as love through love
love in love with itself...
through your beautiful beautiful eyes

I wandered to the edge of all and everything...
The known world exploded and every shard pierced my heart and eviscerated me, love burned every secret place I thought I could hide in... found the deepest darkest places I never knew existed... acres of blood soaked meadows and ashes of bones blowing away...
....until there was not even nothing...

But no one fell off that cliff, as there is no where to fall and no one who could...
This unutterable vacancy swept through my brain like a great wind, blowing away all that I thought I knew... all ideas were seen to be false... including all ideas of truth...
and love...

I returned to the known world, knowing I was a flowing thought dream... that all things were mental fabrications...
Yet the infinite beauty of thingness, wondrous beyond compare...
The amazing beauty of all the stories ever written, the heartbeat of humanity... love and love lost, and longing for love... and the pain we get to feel so deeply... all of it feels like love...
the exquisite story of love sings me... sings these words these lines
...these tears

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Sunday, October 10, 2021

Ales Us ~ What all this is


art Akiane Kramarik


 What happens can even after so called shift, as it usually does, appear as a feeling that it is you who are doing what body does, though that is of course also just what appears to be happening. Even deep comprehension that what happens is just a life happening all by itself, an automatic streaming of seeming events, does not prevent the sense of doership to appear. Just the same is with thoughts and the thinker, feelings and the feeler.
  The I am sense, appearing as a by product of social interactions, is as natural for humans as is chirping and posing of birds for attracting the mate, or communicating by chemicals through roots, air, or via insects, for trees, what all displays the sense of individualness in a certain form. A sense of being a separate entity seems to be a prerequisite for the survival and successful functioning of the specie.
  All those mystical experiences, of oneness, of no-self, of being the pure awareness, or being one with everything or with god, are but mental phenomenons and have as such no importance outside of narrow context of personal story.
  As I see, it is the very comprehension of own uniqueness and simultaneous illusoriness of the person together with utter impossibility to ever know and understand what all this is, what makes life feel as unfathomable mystery and wondrous beyond comprehension. And knowing that this too is just a fleeting experience, just a by passing mirage, does not diminish it but rather makes it even more wonderful and precious.




Saturday, October 9, 2021

Adyashanti ~ from "The End of Your World~

 pic by Martin Stranka



 "When we see this moment as it truly is, we see something extraordinary. 'We' don’t feel the need to turn this moment into anything other than what it is, because it is extraordinary as it is. When we perceive this, we have healed the illusory split within ourselves, and we have started to heal the illusory split within the greater consciousness of humanity. Our greatest contribution to humanity is our awakening. It is to literally leave the state of consciousness that the mass of humanity is in and discover the truth of our being, which is the truth of all beings. When we do this, we come back as a gift, a newborn. We are, in a certain sense, reborn.
That force, that energy that moves us, is at the same time the very substance of our own being, our own self. This energy is undivided. It is forever completely transcendent and forever completely right here, right now, this moment. There is never a need for a different, better moment.

The great definition of enlightenment is simply the natural state of being. We have been hypnotized into thinking that the perception of division and fear and conflict is actually the natural state of humanity. But at another point, when we’ve become more conscious, we see that this state of division is not natural. As I’ve said before, it takes a ***tremendous amount of energy to maintain the illusion of division, because it’s not the natural state.
 This fact should be obvious, because division doesn’t feel natural. It may feel common, it may feel like it’s the usual thing, you may see it all around you, but when you feel that same conflict inside yourself, you realize it doesn’t feel natural. It feels divided; it feels conflicted. the natural state.  
So the state of consciousness that a great majority of humanity is in is not natural. It’s altered. We do not need to go looking for altered states of consciousness; humanity is already in an altered state of consciousness. It’s called separation. Separation is the ultimate altered state of consciousness.

 Contrary to a popular misunderstanding, enlightenment has nothing to do with an altered state of consciousness. Enlightenment is an unaltered state of consciousness. It is pure consciousness as it actually is, before it is turned into something, before it is altered in any way. The kingdom of heaven is the natural state of being.

This simple and natural state of awakening, this allowing ourselves to literally disappear into absolute simplicity, is not seen as a big deal. It’s just natural. It’s not better than or higher than anything or anybody. It’s simply the natural state of being. It’s totally democratic. It’s the inheritance of 'everybody'."



Saturday, October 2, 2021

Mahmoud Shabestari ~ Free will


 You say,
" I myself have Free-will,
For my body is the horse
and my soul the rider,
The reins of the body
are in the hands of the soul,
The entire direction is given to me."
Oh ! foolish one,
these are falsehoods
and delusions
That come
from an illusory
As your essence
is nothingness,
How can you
have Free-will ?
Seeing that
your being
is one with
Whence comes
this Free-will
of yours ?
As in a play
or a farce,
For when
your actions
were planned,
Before your
You were
created for a
certain purpose,
By the desire
of the Truth.
is man predestined,
before his existence,
To certain
. . . (Oh,
ways of Thine,
without how
or why I)
The honour
of man
of slavery,
In having
no share
of Free-will.
Of himself
man has nothing,
Yet of
good and evil
God asks him,
Man has
no choice,
he is under
Oh !
poor soul,
he seems free,
yet is a slave.
Give yourself
up to the Truth,
For you are
in his grasp ;
from self
you will find
in the All,
And, O Dervish !
in the Truth
you will find


from the secret rose garden






Franklin Merrell-Wolff ~ The Supreme adventure



 At long last the forest lay behind,
Before stretched a desert, bleak and empty,
Beyond, a mountain, dim in the dancing haze,
Reaching upward, defeating all measure.
I sat resting in the shade of the forest-rim,
The last cool stream at my feet.
Deeply I drank refreshment and pondered:
Long had the journey been and weary
In the maze and the dark of the forest,
Oft had I drifted down false lanes,
Oft had courage been shaken,
Yet I never quite failed to try again
And at last the dim trails were finished.
Behind lay desires, vain and incomplete,
Ambitions inadequate, yearnings now stilled;
Before, reaching all but endlessly,
A dreary waste, trail-less and void of sign.
It seemed I beheld the Goal, dim in the distance,
But, again, It seemed not there.
Was uncertain possibility worth the effort?
Could anything be worth the cost
Paid, and yet remaining to be paid?
Oh I for the rest without ending,
If not the rest of Victory,
Then the surcease of defeat,
But in any case rest.
Thus I pondered while a new strength grew
And resolution again was born
Of the ashes of burned desires and yearnings.
Methought: “Better onward continue,
Else all this effort uncompleted
Useless would lie in the void of vain endeavor.
If thought of achievement thrills no longer,
Yet ‘twere better to complete the half-finished.
Behind lie values exhausted and lost,
No longer potent to ‘rouse the soul
That, in vision, a Beyond hath glimpsed.
Onward alone lieth hope
To fill the void.”
At last I arose, resolution firm,
Gathered my staff and compass ̶
Sole possessions of the final hour ̶
And strode me forth beyond visible trail.
Ere long the forest behind me vanished,
Consumed in refracting desert haze;
Then all about the emptiness of burning waste.
On I journeyed in time-expanding void,
Unafraid, but weary with the seeming endlessness;
On I journeyed o’er rock and sand and thorn,
Alone in the stillness that is not Peace;
On I journeyed, thirsting ever more and more
For refreshing waters of the forest past recall;
Yet on I journeyed as thirst grew numb,
The mountain, haze consumed, as the forest.
And time, my tread less resolute became;
The void without became likewise a void within,
All endeavor unavailing.
I sank me down upon a rock,
Caring naught, accepting what might be.
Then spoke the VOICE,
In accents strong, cheering, comforting,
Calling from out the Beyond,
Telling of the Glory There,
Recalling the need of forest wanderers.
Within me a new courage grew, a new determination.
Once more I ‘rose, onward moving,
Feeling more clear, though not yet seeing
The ancient Mount of untellable Majesty.
The desert journey, all but finished,
Now lay behind.
Already the slopes, mounting in steeper gradient,
Promise of final fulfillment offered.
Steeper grew the Way, but easier,
Strange paradox of a World, inverting former values.
Quickly I ascended, filled with strength
Born downward from Beyond.
The haze grew thin and vanished.
Then, before me, immeasurable Largeness,
Buttresses of the ancient Mountain;
Height rising on height, beyond all vision.
Filled anew with cheer and rich assurance,
Fast I climbed, until at last
Above me stretched the awful cliff,
Transcending the final reach of thought.
Here I lingered but briefest hour,
Extracting from thought its inmost core,
Seeking the Power above all powers.
Success crowned effort beyond all hope
And, as it were, in Time’s briefest instant,
Outreaching time and space and cause, I rose
To unthinkable heights beyond unthinkable heights,
Finding at last the ancient Home,
Long forgotten, yet Known so well.
Gone was the forest-world, a new World mine;
Joy untellable, Knowledge all-consuming,
Eternity stretching everywhere;
Not anywhere aught but I
Sustaining all universes,
Their origin and consummation.
Darkness of ineffable LIGHT
Enveloping all.


Darkness, Silence, Voidness, utter,
At once, Fullness in every sense;
Deeps beyond seeing, beyond feeling, beyond thought;
At the inmost Core of all I AM,
Sustaining all, not different from all.
Untellable ages, a moment of time,
All time, but one moment there.
From the inmost Core, descending ̶ downward, outward ̶
Distances immeasurable I came,
‘Till finding the Thought unutterable,
Here, lingering, I dwelt for a season,
Thinking what I could not say,
Understanding transcending human conceiving,
Pure Meaning close-packed and overflowing,
Containing of libraries the substance all
and more, ne’er told.
Filled to the brim, I descended, down through the haze,
Which, ever enclosing the world below,
Holds dispart the Mountain Top
From the nether world of outer life.
Gone was the desert and forest-maze,
Scenes of age-old wanderings.
The Way to Heights ineffable a mystery no more,
A new mystery spread below.
Seething multitudes rushing to and fro
O’er far-reaching plane;
Bent over, searching the earth,
Grubbing here and there, ne’er still,
Driven as slaves, joyless and dull,
Seeking the Gold, finding dross.
One here, one there, standing in pause
Looking upward, eyes dim with pain,
Yearning, questioning, searching,
Not Knowing, yet hungering.
These, aliens all in a foreign land;
“Thou would’st of this harvest share,
Of souls drawn Home to Peace and Joy?
Then seek again the way
In yon fields below.
None knows the final secret of human soul,
So ever We try and try again,
In every way, old memory to ‘rouse.
Go forth and try thy way.”
So again I pondered the trails I knew,
The effort wasted, endeavor fruitless,
The final Success, the Key thereto.
“‘Tis needless, the journey so hard should be.
A little turn here, another there,
And many a barrier and morass deep,
Easily surmounted will be.
I shall tell of the Way
Which at last I found,
That others in a clearer Light may See.”
So I drew a chart, the best I knew,
And here it is for all
Who, wandering in forest and desert drear,
Wish that a clearer Way might revealed be.




my awakening 


Thursday, September 30, 2021

Chuck Surface ~ In astounded, lucid confusion

 Jalāl ad-Dīn Mohammad Rūmī ~ Born: September 30, 1207, Balkh, Afghanistan


 When Shams stole Rumi's Heart,
The Wilderness of The Unknowable,
Encroached upon the temple of Rumi's mind,
Entwining, around, within, and through,
Until the knowledge that had accrued there,
Became tinder for The Fire of Experience...

And a Brilliant Scholar became a Brilliant Sufi.

Through the brightening of Love’s ember,
Was the framework of the known,
Made ever more brittle and dry,
And ignited, at last,
Through an encounter,
With The Flame of Love…

Alight in the Heart of The Beloved.

Then roof and walls collapsed,
Words, pages, chapters, books consumed,
Revealing, in the ashes of the known,
The Love in knowledge hidden,
Veiled in words, concealed in concepts,
And Rumi lived thereafter, as he wrote…

“In astounded, lucid confusion."



Monday, September 27, 2021

Yahia Lababid ~ Encounter

I stirred in the small hours of the morning. Sensing a presence, I did not return to sleep, but ventured into the living room, apprehensively. There, by the balcony, sat a familiar figure—cross-legged and reading in the semi-dark, with just the milky moonlight for company.

I do not know how I knew, but I did. I recognized the intruder, at once, with a mixture of dread and affection. “I’m sorry,” were the only words to leave my lips. “I’m sorry, too,” replied my longed-for self, with a sigh of infinite kindness and pity.

He did not rise to greet me and, somehow, spoke without words, transmitting what was needed. Catching his glistening eye, the caring made me cry. “You’ve taken every detour to avoid me,” he gently reproached. “For every step I’ve taken towards you, you’ve taken back two.”

I did not know what to say in my defence (how could I protest against myself?). “I missed you,” he said, “and feared you’d forgotten me.” His admonishment was tender as a kiss. “I visit from time to time, and hope you’ll ask me to stay.” I knew what he said was true, and felt that way, too.

“I worried,” he continued, “if I postponed this visit, we might never meet, in this life … and so I came to sharpen your appetite.” He rose and moved towards me. “There’s no need to speak, return to sleep. But when you rise, try to remember me. And to keep awake.”


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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Sattva Lynn ~ Compassion


I remember one day
I was suffering so much.
Though my body was very ill,
fortunately, I had come to see years prior,

that the real cause of suffering
is only ignorance:
it is only not *feeling* who we are.

I was turning attention inside to Truth,
opening my heart deeply -
when all of a sudden
a great gift was given through grace.

I felt compassion...towards myself!

I saw my own suffering so clearly,
(even though I knew simultaneously
that our true Self cannot suffer,
since it has never been changed).

And I held myself on a
compassionate feeling level,
in a way that I never had before.

So that even what was happening
on the level of the 'human',
felt softer and 'transformed'
in the presence of this Love.

Then, as a continuation of this grace,
I felt this same compassion towards
everyone and everything too.

It was a compassion beyond
emotionalism and fear.

I was able to witness human suffering,
with such deep deep care and love -
that I remember never wanting
the feeling to end.

Not in a clinging way,
but just that it was the most
beautiful, caring, pure Feeling.

Most times,
because of our own fear of suffering,
when we see others suffering too,
we project those self-same
fears and trauma -

and are not able to be
a truly loving, conscious presence.

And this was a love and compassion
that contained no fear.
It showed me true compassion
in that moment.

A true marriage between
compassion for the human
that we take our self to be -
and Love for the Being
that we really are.

It is born of consciousness and grace,
and genuinely wanting to feel
compassion for your self and all -

and in that consciousness,
we are all elevated
beyond emotionalism
to the pure feeling of Love.  

We cannot force this compassion
towards our self or others -
we can only be aware of
all the ways we are not feeling it,

(which is also great compassion
since its root is willingness and care).

And give our selves over and over
to the compassionate Heart
that we truly are. 🌹 

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Nisargadatta Maharaj ~ Nothing exists by itself


Non-distinction speaks in silence.
Words carry distinctions.

The unmanifested has no name; all names refer to the manifested.

It is useless to struggle with words to express what is beyond words.

All division is in the mind; there is none in reality.

Movement and rest are states of mind and cannot be without their opposites. 

By itself nothing moves and nothing rests.

It is a grievous mistake to attribute to mental constructs absolute existence. 

Nothing exists by itself.




Fred LaMotte ~ Free from judgments


art Hege Elisabeth Haugen


No jewel is more radiant and clear than a mind free from judgments. 

Here is the space where we can truly meet.

And no "practice" is more full of grace than simply dropping judgment. Yet this effortless non-doing requires great courage. Because the moment we drop the judge, we are assailed by ten thousand voices from our conditioning, our politics, our education, shouting, "How dare you! This is irresponsible! You must choose sides! You must condemn the opposition! How can the world survive without your judgments?" 

Yes, the moment after you drop judgment, a tidal wave of inner voices judges YOU. Be courageous. Drop them too! When we drop the voices of our judgment, we drop the voices that judge us, and we drop them not one at a time, but all at once. Let an exhalation of surrender sweep these voices away like scattered petals, dry leaves. Then breathe in the breath of emptiness, sparkling with Shakti, vibrating with the pure power of silence. 

Hollow and transparent, blaming no one, we are present, eyes open to a luminous world, created just now. The ocean of the heart overflows through these eyes. Few words are needed. We meet. And we respond to a world that actually IS, instead of responding to our mental judgments about it. This is real response-ability. 

When Jesus said, "judge not, lest ye be judged," he was not warning us, but inviting us into the spaciousness of love, a realm beyond karma. Judge-not is the gateway to the miraculous. Judge-not is immediate spontaneous communion in Christ-Consciousness.


Fred LaMotte:



Monday, September 13, 2021

Franz Wright ~ Parting Word

 photo Keochkerian David


 Parting Word

As for me
I have no mind
to lose anymore, I am through
with all that—
the sky is my mind
today. (And
it always is
and always was
today.) Blue,
                     her color
sorrowing over us . . .
Does it flow out of or into us, seeing?
Unseen ray of perception the face beams
at things, or
face on which things shine!
I am so glad
that I no longer know,
no longer
And one more thing:
the future?
been there.


poetry foundation


Sunday, September 12, 2021

Shabistari ~ Beauty




DESCENDING to the earth,
That strange intoxicating beauty of the unseen world
Lurks in the elements of Nature.

And the soul of man,
Who has attained the rightful balance,
Becoming aware of this hidden joy,
Straightway is enamoured and bewitched.

And from this mystic marriage are born
The poets' songs, inner knowledge,
The language of the heart, virtuous living,
And the fair child Beauty.

And the Great Soul gives to man as dowry
The hidden glory of the world.


FROM the unseen world descends
Heavenly beauty,
And plants its flag in the city
Of earthly fairness,
Throwing the world's array into confusion;
Now riding the steed of comeliness,
Now flourishing the sword of eloquence,
And all alike bow down,
Saints and kings, dervishes and prophets,
Swayed by the charm of Beauty's fascination.


WHENCE the charm of a fair face?
Not earthly beauty only
Can so allure us with its loveliness.
Perchance we see in this, as in a cloudy mirror,
The far faint reflect of the Perfect Face.
And these deep feelings of delight and wonder
Can only issue from the One True Beauty,
For in Divine Perfection there is no other partner.
Nor is it all desire and lust that tempts men's hearts with longing.
. . . Evil appears but as the other side of Truth.

from "The secret rose garden" of  Sa'd Ud Din Mahmud Shabistari

The Secret Rose Garden of Sa'd Ud Din Mahmud Shabistari - Kindle edition by Mahmud  Shabistari, Florence Lederer. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @






Monday, September 6, 2021

Sattva Lynn ~ Already That


art Catrin Welz-stein


 Right here and now we are perfect Being. There is absolutely nothing we need to do to be enlightened. We are already what the term enlightenment points to. We are already That.

The more that we understand our true nature as inherently and causelessly free, peaceful, purely loving, and complete – the less we will feel a need to do anything, and rather relax more and more into simply being.

Not being this or that, just simply 'living'. Knowing there is nothing we need do because we are pure Aliveness, pure Wakefulness Itself.

So as you continue to 'live', and breathe, and walk, and do all the things you need to do; even if conditioning and attachment and all manner of egoic tendencies are there -- underneath this is the knowledge, there is the awareness of the Aliveness Itself that you are, that is not born or created...that is at the root of all 'living'.

Living is not personal to you - it carries on by itself.  The feeling of bodily reality or anything born of the dream that you are only a solid, separate physical entity, is not what you are.

You are the unchanging Awareness behind that which is uncreated and uncaused.  So go on being, just being.  Knowing there is nothing you need to do to be enlightened, because you are already pure enlightenment or wakefulness itself.

There is nothing you need to do because here and now underneath all appearances, habits and beliefs - you are inherently free, loving, joyous, and complete...and one with all that Is.





Friday, September 3, 2021

Monica Dayakar ~ "Payload..."... Driver... Cargo et al.

art Josephine Wall



 Standing in the balcony...
Looking at the cool waters of the lake below...
Clouds floating in the sky...
Monsoon showers...
Pitter patter of raindrops

A couple of pelicans sail past elegantly...
Leisurely gliding past in the lake below...
Right under my nose

They look kinda very swan like!!

I find myself floating gently along with them

On a laid back Saturday afternoon

Am pretty flitty floaty myself these days

Just breezing around
Moseying along...
On cruise mode...

Soaked in stunningness


So beautiful this named place of separate thingyness!!

Never thought I'd ever find myself saying that!!

And yet here we are 😍

You and me
And love

I see my little grand children, spin such beautiful yarns, out of nothing...

And so convincingly, too...

In their minds, the difference, just doesn't exist...

Real... unreal... simply learned words...

And then somewhere along the road...
I can't put my finger on when it happens...
But the world of these separate things
Started to weigh heavy...

The payload literally broke my back...
Or so I thought

I just looked up "payload"
After penning the line above...
The word just popped up in my head!

I come from a family of pilots
That's probably where the word might have woven itself into the lexicon here 😀

"A payload is stated on the door sticker and includes everything your vehicle left the factory with... and a full tank of fuel...

Anything beyond that... including the driver and accessories must be deducted from payload...

'Occupants and cargo' ... as stated on the sticker includes the driver so the weight of the driver must be deducted from the payload"

Oh jeez
Oh jeez...
"Anything beyond that... including the driver..." !!!

My quest for "The Truth", had revealed my split mind...

It's the very nature of the mind...

This and that...

Truth, untruth, good, bad, right, wrong, black, white, birth, death...

You... me...
I, the other...

When seen through, the bottom falls out...
It collapses on itself...
Like the overlay of two circles...

Cancelling each other out...

Excruciating this separation
Of separate things
When believed in...

It collapses under its own weight
When seen through

Empty of even emptiness

And then the fullness comes rushing back in

So beautiful this named place of separate thingyness!!
Never thought I'd ever find myself saying that!!
And here we are 😍

And here I am
Payload... driver... al.

In love with the world all over again





Rumi ~ The loss of now



What veils us from God is time.
Burn up the past and future,
for there is no greater obstacle
than the loss of Now. 



Thursday, September 2, 2021

Kim McCluskey ~ Thoughts walking down country road.....


Thoughts walking down country road.....
There has never been anything to hold on to, it's more life free fall without movement.
This experiencing has no landing points, nowhere to hang a label, free of all concepts.
It simultaneously dances in all directions, yet there is no dancer to be found.
Words easily slide off it, it evades all description, and still the urge to paint its beauty never wavers.
A palette, thousands of vibrant colors will never be enough to capture this nothingness.
There is no it, and it is everything.
Gently, peace reaches for the brush.
Feelings of gratitude arise to all the painters of mystery and their amazing self portraits.





Thursday, August 26, 2021

Fred LaMotte ~ The shaking

 We now enter the times of the shaking.
What can be shaken will be removed,
so that what cannot be shaken may remain.
We begin to see that our personality can be shaken,
our emotions, our minds, our bodies can be shaken.
Thrown back into that which is never shaken,
we taste the eternal radiance of the Self.
Find that in you which cannot be shaken.
This is the crisis, and the opportunity, of our time.
The crisis is not race, or gender, or disease, or economic woe.
The crisis is an invitation.
An invitation to distinguish the changing from the unchanging.
In the silent core of your heart, discover the unshakeable.  
Discover the pure consciousness of the Self, in whom we are One.
One human family. One divine sun with eight billion human rays.
Touch the imperishable blue sky beyond the passing clouds.
You are That.
This is not a belief, but a direct experience,
attained not by philosophy, or science, or politics,
but by tapping the original seed, in the stillness of meditation.
This is not "spiritual by-passing." It is touching the ground.
The real. The eternal.
We don't have to rise to the occasion, but fall. Fall inward.
Collapse. Touch Being.
The most fruitful work we can do, is to Be.
I am afraid. I am uncertain. I am weak.
But I Am.
For just a moment, let me place no noun, no adjective after the verb.
Here is what the stars are singing about.
Here is what the silence of boundless night is breathing. I Am.
Here is courage.
Here is the heart.  







Saturday, August 21, 2021

Éric Baret ~ Total madness of dissatisfaction


As long as one carries within oneself
the capacity to be appeased by a car,
a house, a woman, a dog, a profession,
a future, a past, a knowledge, a spirituality, a teaching,
there is not yet this ardour indispensable
to the bursting of what must burst.
This total madness of dissatisfaction
is the energy necessary for
the explosion of what is superficial in us.  

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Old man Tcheng ~ Sayings...


I, old Tcheng, do not do anything to maintain, modify, or change the course of things by following the desires of the individual mind. Let there be neither distrust nor revolt but only the necessary act. If I behave in a different way with you, it is so that you might, at last, by yourselves, directly see original spirit instead of always seeking it through the mediation of dead fellows or by running after scatterbrains like me.

My own manner, indeed, is to shake you like saplings in the mountain wind. Thus, I break up all your struts and props, leaving you all undone, with nothing more to hold onto to. But since I break up all that you rely upon, filling you with fear, you say, to reassure yourselves, that I sin against the law and convention, and am but a vile blasphemer. So you go on desperately clinging to appearances and accessories instead of letting them depart from you by themselves, without striving to hold on to them.

My words find no echo in you, so I play a trick on you and tell you they come from a great and famous fellow who has been dead for centuries. But you still do not understand that they are your direct and immediate concern. On the contrary, you seize on them as something precious, good for keeping and to cultivate. Baldheads, by holding on to futilities, you simply waste your life away and the evidence of original spirit slips through your fingers. What a shipwreck for you!


Nitwits, original spirit does not appear when sleep leaves you and does not disappear when sleep comes to you. Original spirit is nothing and is totally independent of that which changes and dies.

If original spirit were truly your sole occupation, you would see all that alters and dies in the same way that you perceive the movements that dancers give to their streamers, and would resolve to constantly seek that which in you neither varies nor dies and, once you find it, then not one of the thousand worlds could divert you in your thoughts for an instant of a flash or in the slightest degree make you stray from it in your actions.

You believe you aspire to original spirit but you only actually seek the satisfaction of a condition, of learning, and of merit. Because of this, nincompoops, you are entirely under the fascination of all that in you and outside of you is not steadfast and just dies.

That is why the sayings of old Tcheng simply go through you without making an impression, like the birds which leave no trace in the sky.

Bald pates, all that you think and say concerning original spirit is but the erring and wandering of your own puny little minds. To that which nature spontaneously brings you, you respond only after interpreting it through all the words of those that you have put up on a pedestal above yourselves.

Baldies, this being as artificial as the dragons made for festivals, how can you hope to see original spirit in its spontaneity?

In my youth, I went all around the land spending my time in study and practices. I associated with those who had strayed and, imagining they had found the light, did nothing but cause others to stray. Then, I met him who enabled me to see all the useless mud I bore with me. The way of truth appeared to me and original spirit became my sole occupation. And, one day, everything suddenly collapsed into awareness.

I, old Tcheng, do not imitate so and so, or such and such a one. I hold to no belief, no school of thought do I follow, no one's disciple am I. In my true nature I know nothing, I own nothing, I am nothing... for there is no old Tcheng there! In the ordinary way, the things in which I take part, of themselves, just flow by, pass away on their own. Even original spirit is no longer my concern.

The words I speak to you come not from that which is learnt.


Shaved skulls, I have hidden nothing from you. What profit is there for you? Nothing but stuff and nonsense!

Exit old man Tcheng.



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Sunday, August 8, 2021

Kahlil Gibran ~ Silence


Silence is painful, but in silence things take form,
and we must wait and watch,
In us, in our secret depth, lies the knowing element
which sees and hears that which we do not see nor hear.
All our perceptions, all the things we have done, all that we are today,
dwelt once in that knowing, silent depth, that treasure chamber in the soul.
And we are more than we think, We are more than we know.
That which is more than we think and know is always seeking and adding to itself
while we are doing - or think we are doing nothing.
But to be conscious of what is going in our depth is to help it along.
When subconsciousness becomes consciousness,
the seeds in our winter-clad selves turn to flowers,
and the silent life in us sings with all its might.

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Nancy Neithercut ~ Spontaneously Naturally Present

Salvador Dali - The Temptation of St. Anthony


What is going on is spontaneously naturally present
Without any doing or non-doing it is obviously so
A vast expanse it cannot be contained or captured as it has no edges or center or any place or thing that can be grasped
Limitless it cannot be imagined or thought about ...
Or conceived of in any way
It is pure and unstainable and cannot be added to or subtracted from
We all know this it is deeply intuited
Yet the apparent arising of self and all other things seems to hide this unutterable knowing ness*
This recognition of unicity cannot be contrived or arrived at as it is already the case
As long as there is belief in separation there will be an attempt to reconnect that which has never been separate
One tries to imagine this feeling of oneness and creates a goal that seemingly can be attained
But that idea of oneness is simply that
And all ideas of future attainment merely perpetuate the feeling of going somewhere and the illusion that there is a you that can do somerhing to get there
But there is no future it is an idea
Past is merely memories occuring in the Ungraspable unfindable inseparable moment
There nothing outside of it nor things inside yet it contains and includes all thingness
It simply cannot be grasped or understood as there is no separate grasper or things to be grasped
This is it always
Just as it is
Looking for it is included
As well as the recognition of it
Life simultaneously writing and erasing itself
Of itself so
Knowing this intellectually will not stop the seeking for it
Seeking is a perpetually self sustaining loop
Something else uncaused happens that breaks the circling the spinning in which an imaginary center arises
And if even if the words we use to describe this vast uncpounded limitless expanse are beyond imagining than how could what's going on be within the realm of imagination
As it is like a dream like an illusion like a hologram like a mirage ****an echo a reflection ****
No word concept idea can touch it grasp it kiss it
Yet it includes all words and descriptions
Edgeless seamless infinite centerless indivisible****with no reference points whatsoever
Yet vividly apparent all things seem to arise
Having no independent existence
Like imaginary castles in the air you cannot move in ****like a mirage in the desert you cannot drink from them****like a reflection of your lovers face in the mirror you cannot kiss it***** as space cannot be grasped ***and you can never find harbor on a shoreless ocean****there is nothing to be gained by looking for fullfillment in an empty glass that has no bottom or sides or emptiness and you cannot fill something which has no space to be filled
Even as things seem to arise they are merely made up as pure space cannot be divided
There is no extremes of change nor non change
Freedom versus non freedom.
Here nor there nor place nor non place
No time nor timeless ness
No inside nor outside nor both nor neither
There are no separate things to be lost
And no one to find them
There is no one to put together what was never separate
All dream trying perpetuates the illusion of a tryer and a goal of wholeness
As wholeness cannot be imagimed as it has no edges
It remains an idea a goal to reach in the nonexistent future
The trying is like the prow of a ship pretending to slice up the sea.....




Monday, August 2, 2021

Wouter van Oord ~ The Shift


 The deep intuitive knowing, also called ' the shift ' or ' the ignorant ', does not happen to ' you '.
It adds no speciality to ′′ your ′′ being that the others don't have.
Where there is no you, there is no other!
This is undoubtedly clear when this shift takes place, without actually happening.
The shift knew the ′′ you ′′ that was never out of time and space that never existed either.
Nothing ever really happens in this mysterious unknowable.
The shift can't be reduced to the DNA.
No microscope can see it.
An encephalogram will show no sign of it, although the brain activity can certainly show an unusual rest.
Brain activity tends to slow down after the shift.
Preoccupation with past and future is almost coming to a standstill.
The flow of energy in the body passes into a subtle sense of deep confidence and wellbeing.
Enlightenment is not a sweet homecoming in a divine realm!
It's not like sitting quietly in God's lap.
It adds not an inch to your wisdom.
It turns you into a fearless, motherless child.
It resets the brain to the default values.
It has no spiritual meaning at all!
The shift relates to a very sober vibrancy.
A zero point perspective.
It doesn't connect you to the divine.
The shift doesn't heal your pains or wash away your tears.
It brings an energetic torrential flood of intensity to every cell in the body.
And yet it brings the most ordinary ease of being.
There is no divinity in what is.
All there is is is what apparently happens.
All there is is life's never ending unknowable dream.
Nothing is ever realized or acknowledged as truth.
There is no truth to discover.
There's nothing behind a mask.
What is seen centerless, is seeing it yourself..
It is the playful love of this magical void called No-Thing.
It is the joy of life for life itself.....





Saturday, July 31, 2021

Eric Baret ~ Dark Ages


 Question : We live in a very dark era, which also has its bright side; but politically and socially it is dark. Do you think we have much hope of getting out of this end of century and of millennium crisis?

Eric Baret : I hope not, because in the end, what is dark is the so-called spiritual quest. What is dark is to see yoga teachers on every corner. What is dark is channelling. What is dark is modern spiritual quest, that kind of running away from the moment. On the other hand, what is auspicious is the approaching war, it is the coming cataclysms, because they deeply question the human being, they make him ask the real questions. Everything else makes him sleep. So, it should be very clear that the state of the world is its chance. If the gods want the world to benefit from these movements, it is the supreme gift. Unfortunately, there are times when a cataclysm is the only way to bring about a questioning. In their generosity, I think the gods will help us more and more in that direction. All this romanticism of yoga, of the East, of spirituality, all these spiritual techniques of progression, of purification, they belong to the dark ages. They really are a waste of money and energy. One day they will completely disappear, and maybe that day we won't need cataclysms to wake up.

Q: With these words, you could create a scandal…

E. B. : The scandal is to make people believe that through some exercises they will be better and their deep questioning will be satisfied. It is to make people believe that by following this therapy, by adopting that concept, by wearing that particular color of clothes, by hanging on their wall or to their neck the picture of a popular guru, it will bring about a profound questioning. That is charlatanry.

Real life is facing the moment. The different possibilities of conflict express themselves in the world: you face them, you look at what is touched in you, you look at what is death, destruction. In this way, you realize what you are. When your house is destroyed, when your body is broken, when your family is wiped out, you realize to what extent you are free or not from yourself. But to sit in a room to do yoga, to chew hundred times a mouthful of brown rice... of course, you feel good, but there is no questioning. It's a real calamity.



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Monday, July 26, 2021

Robert Rabbin ~ meditation

Meditation doesn’t promise anything.
It isn’t a strategy.
It simply is.

When we exist within meditation,
there is no room for strategies of
becoming, achieving, attaining, owning.

Within meditation,
silence is the only strategy,
because everything is

too sudden for planning,
too rich to want,
too hushed for noise.


Friday, July 23, 2021

There's no maya to me

 Some say, "The phenomenal world is real";
Others say, "The world is unreal."
Such arguments as these have no meaning to me;
My nature is Freedom; there's no maya to me.

I have no faults, nor am I faultless.
I have no beginning, nor am I beginningless.
I'm not undivided, nor am I divided.
My nature is Freedom; there's no maya to me.

In me, ignorance and knowledge never arise;
I never allow myself to experience those states.
How, then, could I speak of not knowing or knowing?
My nature is Freedom; there's no maya to me.

I'm not bound to righteousness; I'm not bound to sin.
I'm neither bound to bondage, nor to liberation;
Neither of these affects me at all.
My nature is Freedom; there's no maya to me.

~ Dattatreya's Song of the Avadhut (4.3-6)