Friday, February 27, 2015

Maury Lee - I never went anywhere

I'm not getting anywhere,
and I'm not going anywhere,
for you see I'm all ready here.

I never went anywhere,
and I never got anywhere,
because I was always right here.

The Self was always here,
and I never noticed,
go figure.

So can I be proud,
of all the fruitless effort,
squandered all over town?

To find myself,
when I wasn't really lost;
such a fool.

So here I am,
having never left,
or gone anywhere but here. 

Mary McGovern - Streaming

The river of experience flows
like a bloodstream
pumped by Being, each
scarlet tendril reaching back
like a finger toward Self.

I am untouched by the rains
that saturate the growing
grounds, and yet,
the sweet taste of berry
I know well.

I am Love loving itself,
constantly, rhythmically,
over stones and rocks,
sand and dirt.
Nothing can mar my
unyielding glory.
Death is a cool pebble
in my stream,
romantic love a colorful,
slippery fish that somersaults
for my amusement.

I rise above all, and descend
deeper than anything.

Beauty is happening,
and it appears without
my interference, yet
only exists as me.

The act of personhood
is my most elaborate
unfolding, precious and
meaningless, reflecting
profound delight
that has no reason.

Life is my spilling over joy,
and needs no one to be.
The deep acceptance that I am
splits cells and pushes them
onward to their destiny
of appearing and disappearing.

I remain, pure,
the cosmic smile,
watching Life move through me,
the fathomless mystery,
basking in the only ever now.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Jiddu Krishnamurti - Can you tell us what God is?

Questioner: You have realized reality. Can you tell us what God is?

Krishnamurti: How do you know, if I may ask, that I have realized? If you are aware that I have realized, then you also must have realized. To know is to be a partaker in knowledge. You also must experience to have an understanding of the experience. Besides, what does it matter if I have or have not realized? Is not what I am saying the truth? Even if I have not realized, as you call it, am I not speaking the truth? A man who worships another, even though he has realized, is worshipping for his gain, and so he will not find reality; he who worships those who have realized is giving himself over to authority, which is ever blinding, and so he will never find reality. It is not at all important, for the purposes of understanding, who has and who has not realized, though tradition says to the contrary. All that you can do is to keep company with good men, which is difficult, for the good are rare. The good are those who are not after some personal gain, who are not seeking advantage, who neither possess nor are possessed. You idealize him who has realized in the hope of gain, which creates a false relationship, and communion is only possible where there is love. In all these talks and discussions, we do not love each other; you are on the defensive and so afraid, you want something from me - knowledge, an experience, and so on - which indicates that there is no love. The desire to gain breeds authority, which is not only blinding but becomes the means of exploitation. Where there is love there is understanding; where there is love it is of little significance who has or who has not realized.
Since your heart has withered, God, the idea, has become all-important. You want to know God as you have lost the song in your heart, and you pursue the singer. Can the singer give you the song of your heart? He may teach you how to sing but he cannot give you the song. You may know the steps of a dance, but if there is no dance in your heart, you move mechanically. You do not know love if you are pursuing a gain, if you are searching out a result, an achievement. A man who loves has no ideal, but the man who has an ideal or the desire to achieve an ideal has no love. Beauty is not an ideal, an achievement; it is the reality of the now, not of tomorrow. Love understands the unknown; then the supreme is. But concerning it there is no word, for no word can measure it.
Love is its own eternity. Without love, there is no happiness; if there were love, you would not seek happiness in things, in family, in ideals, and then these things would have their right value. Because we do not love, you seek happiness in God. It is an investment in God, in the hope of happy returns. You want me to tell you what reality is. Can the immeasurable be measured by words? Can you catch the wind in your fist? If you formulate that which is the real, is that the real? When the unknown is translated into the known, it ceases to be the eternal. Yet you hunger after it. You crave to know for the continuance of yourself. You do not allow yourself to be aware of what is - the turmoil, the strife, the pain, the degradation - but long to escape from what is. Why do you not give your whole attention to what is, be aware of it, without condemnation or identification? In understanding the knowable, there comes tranquillity, not induced or enforced, but that silence which is creative emptiness in which alone reality can come into being. The becoming is incapable of receiving the real. In understanding what is, there is being. Then reality is not in the distance, the unknown is not far off, it is in what is. As the answer is in the problem, the reality is in what is. In the awareness of what is, there is truth, and it is truth that liberates, and not your striving to be free. Reality is not far, but we give it distance as a means of self-continuity. The timeless is the now, and it cannot be understood by him who is caught in the net of time. Meditation is for thought to free itself from time. Complete action, and not continuous action, is meditation. When the mind understands the process of continuity, memory - memory which is not only the factual but the psychological - there comes into being creative freedom. In continuity there is death, and in ending there is renewal.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ameeta - Here and Now

Space is
God's way
of elongating

Time is
God's way
of elongating

In truth
it is all
Here and Now

How jaw-dropping
is the sheer
that just these two

Time and space
dancing together
unfolding Universes
into worlds
of experience

Lifetimes of reality
woven from
the intersections
of time and space

All journeys
from Here and Now
to Here and Now

Only One
timeless, space less

Call it God
or any of
ten thousand names
It matters not a whit

All one
timeless space less

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bahiya sutta - End of suffering

„In the seen, there is only the seen,
in the heard, there is only the heard,
in the sensed, there is only the sensed,
in the cognized, there is only the cognized.
Thus you should see that
indeed there is no thing here;
this, Bahiya, is how you should train yourself.
Since, Bahiya, there is for you
in the seen, only the seen,
in the heard, only the heard,
in the sensed, only the sensed,
in the cognized, only the cognized,
and you see that there is no thing here,
you will therefore see that
indeed there is no thing there.
As you see that there is no thing there,
you will see that
you are therefore located neither in the world of this,
nor in the world of that,
nor in any place
betwixt the two.
This alone is the end of suffering.”

Eloratea - Fingerprints of Love

Love was, is and will be. 

What brought us into existence?
What makes all this experiencing possible?
What makes us conscious?
How we get lost and forget our real nature?
Without Love.
What makes us seek the truth and freedom?
How we can discover Love?
With Love.
What helps us?
What awakens us and makes us always go further?
What can untangle all the knots within?
What makes us free from that which holds us back?
What brings back clarity, power and joy?

What unites formless and form?
How become one of two?
With Love.

May this inner astonishing fire of Love guide us on every step according to its intent, toward its supreme goal; So that all which is still dark will be lightfull and filled with joy of Love. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Nisargadatta Maharaj - I was like you

Q: You say that in our real being we are all equal. How is it that your experience is so different from ours.

M: My actual experience is not different. It is my evaluation and attitude that differ. I see the same world as you do, but not the same way. There is nothing mysterious about it.
Everybody sees the world through the idea he has of himself. As you think yourself to be, so you think the world to be. If you imagine yourself as separate from the world, the world will appear as separate from you and you will experience desire and fear. I do not see the world as separate from me and so there is nothing for me to desire, or fear.

Q: You are a point of light in the world. Not everybody is.

M: There is absolutely no difference between me and others, except in my knowing myself as I am. I am all. I know it for certain and you do not.

Q: So we differ all the same.

M: No, we do not. The difference is only in the mind and temporary. 
I was like you, you will be like me.

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Dorothy Hunt - The Invitation

When God comes in your house
it is only by your invitation,
but even your invitation is God’s,
for she has always been landlady and tenant,
windows and walls, the fire in your hearth
and the cold wind blowing at your door.

At first, her visits seem so welcome.
She brings tea and cookies and loves you
so sweetly inside your own heart.
You keep inviting her back
by your prayers and meditations,
imagining you’ve found the one you always wanted
who will hold you on her endless lap
and take away your pain forever.

But pretty soon, she starts arriving unexpectedly,
at odd hours of the day and night,
and every time she comes, she takes something away—
a pretty picture here, a bookcase there,
maybe even some trash you are happy to be rid of
in your basement.

But at some point, it occurs to you
she intends to move in completely.
And now the mind starts backing up:
“Perhaps you could come back another day,
after I’ve worked on my house,
after I’ve bought nicer furniture,
after I’ve finished my fight with evil,
after I’ve planted a peace garden.”

But you must know that if you invite God in,
sooner or later she will set up house,
and when she does, beware;
for she tosses out every single thing
she does not need, which,
in the case of the personality,
is every single thing you thought you were.

Every thought and cherished belief
she just throws out on the garbage heap;
and that might be fine if she replaced them,
but she never replaces those sacred thoughts;
she utterly destroys them. She strips the coverings
off the walls, and peels the paper from the window glass,
opens the door to invite in the wind,
and every creature you wanted kept out.

Sometimes she cleans your house gently,
dismantling it room by room.
But often, she just comes in with a torch,
and you feel in your gut the fire burn
in the center of your separate comfort,
and you watch the contents of your house
melt and turn to ash,and the roof blow off.

And just when you think
there is nothing more that she could take,
she opens the ground beneath
the barely intact shell of your house,
and all the levels of your being fall
into the space that has no name;
and you are left alone in all the world,
without a map, without a path,
without a point of view.

And you know you are creator of your dreams,
your dreams of mountains and rivers,
calm seas and storm clouds,
crashes of lightning and spacecraft,
beautiful babies asleep at the breast,
joyful dancing and puppies at play,
Spring’s new blossoms,
and the threat of Winter’s war.

And at this point,
what you are inside your house
is simply What is looking out.
Nothing’s left but what is looking,
yet everything you see is you.
Now your life turns inside out.
Your body is the world of being
looking out of Just What Is.

And strange as it seems
to the mind of your memory,
you enjoy each dance of yourself,
even the pains you hoped to be rid of,
you experience fully without regret.
For everywhere your eye may look,
all it sees is infinite love
displaying itself in creation.

And just to be completely honest,
there are times you might be tempted
to rebuild your house of concepts,
for the mind just loves to think;
but the fire of Truth resides within you,
where it always lived before you knew,
and it keeps revealing moment to moment
what is false and what is true.

So what can be said about what happens
when God takes over her house?
She laughs and simply sips her tea,
washes her dishes and sleeps when it’s time,
then goes to find another house
where there has been an invitation,
an invitation to come in from the deep,
deep love of Herself.

© Dorothy Hunt, Only This!