Saturday, August 5, 2017

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee - Holy

"The heart’s witness of the Divine—listening, watching, being fully attentive within the heart, becoming receptive in our whole being—is a profound way of attuning ourself to the sacred.

As Rumi writes:

"Make everything in you an ear, each atom of your being, and you will hear at every moment what the Source is whispering to you, just to you and for you, without any need for my words or anyone else’s.
You are—we all are—the beloved of the Beloved, and in every moment, in every event of your life, the Beloved is whispering to you exactly what you need to hear and know. Who can ever explain this miracle? It simply is. Listen and you will discover it every passing moment."

Watching, listening, we develop the ear of the heart, the eye of the heart, the inner receptivity of the soul. And if we can listen to the Beloved within creation, to the miracle of the Earth in all Her forms, we will hear the Beloved speak to us as She spoke to our ancestors. We will find ourself in a world as whole as it is holy."

From his new book: SPIRITUAL ECOLOGY
10 Practices to Reawaken the Sacred in Everyday Life
Chapter 8: Prayer


Friday, August 4, 2017

Robert Adams - Teacher

Q: Could you talk about the importance of a teacher for Self-realization, and how the relationship between teacher and student works?

R: The teacher is really yourself. You have created a teacher to wake you up. The teacher would not be here if you were not dreaming about the teacher. You have created a teacher out of your mind in order to awaken, to see that there is no teacher, no world — nothing. You have done this all by yourself. Congratulations!

This is your dream. You have a teacher in front of you, explaining all these things to you, saying that you have to awaken sooner or later. If you go further, you will see, in truth, that you are already awake. Then all the rest will disappear.

While this is going on, there is a relationship between the student and the teachings. You are playing a game you created yourself. You create a teacher to wake you up, but you are already awake and do not know it. A teacher gives you teachings, gives you grace, and lets you understand that you are already awake and in peace. In return, you take care of the teacher. It is a reciprocal game. It is your game, it is your dream. Therefore, awaken now and be free.

“The Mountain Path” by Robert Adams.


Rod Hemsell - Divine Sight

My heart is now a lotus
of truth and beauty and light
the rising falling waves
of the mountain are my breath
the mirror of the sky
reflects the vastness of divinity
and a vision of delight
shines on every face
every flower grows brighter
with the sunlight from my eyes
and I hear in every heartbeat
the rhythms of infinity.
But now the winds of storm
bring clouds across my brow
and the fire in my blood
fills rivers, lakes and seas
with the power to awaken
from the falsehood and the dream
and rise above the petty human mind
with its aberrant little schemes
break its bonds and spread new wings
like a hawk on heaven's streams
and flame into crystal realms
of freedom, joy and love. 


Thursday, August 3, 2017

Fernando Pessoa - Discontinuous Poems

The frightful reality of things
Is my everyday discovery.
Each thing is what it is.
How can I explain to anyone how much
I rejoice over this, and find it enough?

To be whole, it is enough to exist.

I have written quite a number of poems
And may write many more, of course.
Each poem of mine explains it,
Though all my poems are different,
Because each thing that exists is always proclaiming it.

Sometimes I busy myself with watching a stone,
I don't begin thinking whether it feels.
I don't force myself to call it my sister,

But I enjoy it because of its being a stone,
I enjoy it because it feels nothing,
I enjoy it because it is not at all related to me.

At times I also hear the wind blow by
And find that merely to hear the wind blow makes
          it worth having been born.

I don't know what others will think who read this;
But I find it must be good because I think it
         without effort,
And without the idea of others hearing me think,
Because I think it without thoughts,
Because I say it as my words say it.

Once they called me a materialist poet
And I admired myself because I never thought
That I might be called by any name at all.
I am not even a poet: I see.
If what I write has any value, it is not I who am
The value is there, in my verses.
All this has nothing whatever to do with any will
       of mine.


Arthur Schopenhauer - Clear water

Imagining we have free will is
exactly as if water spoke to itself:

I can make waves
(yes! in the sea during a storm),

I can rush downhill
(yes! in the river bed),

I can plunge down foaming and gushing
(yes! in the waterfall),

I can rise freely as a stream of water into the air
(yes! in the fountain),

I can, finally, boil away and disappear
(yes! at a certain temperature);

but I am doing none of these things now,
and am of my own accord remaining quiet
and clear water in the reflecting pond


Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Wei Wu Wei - Neither bound nor free

In this dream we call life it is nearly taken for granted
that each of us possess the ability to exercise volition as manifested in our actions.
Yet, in truth, our presumed phenomenal identities react rather than act
and our way of life is primarily a series of reflexes conditioned by instinct, fashion, and propaganda.

Search as we may for an entity that exercises volition
and all we can find is a somewhat vague, indefinable impulse.
It would seem unjustifiable to assume that this impulse
is capable affecting the process of manifestation;
it is more likely that the impulse is an element of manifestation.
 As such, it has often been noted by philosophers and endorsed by metaphysicians,
that we are entirely ‘lived’ and the concept of volition is but an illusory inference.

That is why Buddha has repeatedly stated in the Diamond Sutra,
we are not volitional entities.
We are a knowing or in-seeing, devoid of any trace-element of objectivity,
neither bound nor free.


Internal Flight - Estas Tonne


This is what the ongoing monologue is about: it tells about the long-lasting search of answers to our inner questions. Once we hear this voice inside, we start our way to ourselves. Sooner or later, each of us has to step on this path at certain point of life.