Saturday, November 23, 2019

David Carse - No one here at all

The message of the sutras and the shamans is the same:
the person of understanding is the one who dies before she dies,
who leaves no footprints, who travels no path,
because she knows that as a person, as an entity, she is not.
But who can do this, what self can cease to be?

None, as Wei Wu Wei would say, because none is: it can only happen.
Then there is no one to know but only the knowing,
and all this world is as in a dream or a vision;
only Brilliance beyond light, Love beyond love,
clear knowing pure beauty streaming through these transparent forms
and no one here at all.

You can listen selected passages from the audio book "Perfect brillant stillness"
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Friday, November 22, 2019

Rabindranath Tagore - It is ever He

"He it is, the innermost one,
who awakens my being with His deep hidden touches.
He it is who puts His enchantment upon these eyes
and joyfully plays on the chords of my heart in varied cadence of pleasure and pain.
He it is who weaves the web of this maya
in evanescent hues of gold and silver, blue and green,
and lets peep out through folds His feet,
at whose touch I forget myself.
Days come and ages pass,
and it is ever He who moves my heart in many a name,
in many a guise, in many a rapture of joy and of sorrow."

 Thanks to Carol


Tuesday, November 19, 2019

The Silence of Ramana Maharshi

 On a Shivaratri day, after dinner, 
Bhagavan was reclining on the sofa surrounded by many devotees. 

A Sadhu suggested that, since this was a most auspicious night, 
the meaning of the verse in praise of Dakshinamurti should be made clear. 

Bhagavan gave his approval and all were eagerly waiting for him to say something. 

He simply sat, gazing at us. 

We were gradually absorbed in ever deepening silence, 
which was not disturbed by the clock striking the hour, every hour, until 4 a.m. 

None moved or talked. 

Time and space ceased to exist. 

Bhagavan’s grace kept us at peace and silence for seven hours.
In this silence, Bhagavan taught us the Ultimate, like Dakshinamurti. 

At the stroke of four Bhagavan asked us whether we had understood 
the meaning of the silent teaching. 

Like waves on the infinite ocean of bliss, we fell at Bhagavan’s feet.

  ~ T. K. Sundaresa Iyer, Ramana Smrti Souvenir

T. K. Sundaresa Iyer at the center