Tuesday, February 1, 2022

John Zerzan: Silence


“The deepest passions are nurtured in silent ways and depths.”

AMERICAN ECOPHILOSOPHER, speaker and author John Zerzan (born 10th August 1943), graduate of Stanford University, is an eminent commentator on critiques of civilization and technology. Author of numerous books and scholarly articles, his most renowned work, Future Primitive, was published in 1994; his latest book, When We Are Human, written as an antidote to the darkness of the pandemic, was released in 2021.

Considering the spiritual as a vitally important aspect of the green anarchy/anarcho-primitivist milieu in this time of deepening crisis, John has given motivational talks all over the world and continues to deliver his weekly broadcasts, courtesy of Anarchy Radio, which are all archived at johnzerzan.net.

In this month’s guest post for The Culturium, John draws upon his extensive research of Western philosophy, psychology and literature, investigating the most elusive subject matter of all—silence.



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Monday, January 31, 2022

Jeff Foster ~ Walk me home, my brother


The first photo was taken whilst I was undergoing intensive treatment for Neurological Lyme Disease in July last year. I was absolutely terrified and beyond exhausted but managed this smile for the camera.

The second photo was taken a few months later as I - miraculously - started to recover and regain my strength after over a year of fighting  for my life.

And I feel to say this:

Just because someone manages a smile today, or seems to hold a positive outlook, or cracks a little joke, or convinces you that they’re okay, doesn’t mean they’re okay. I was on the verge of suicide the moment that first photo was taken. My brain was under attack and my neurotransmitters were going wild. It was like living in a horror movie 24/7 with no way out. I now understand more deeply than ever why some people take their own lives, as a way to end suffering and rest forever. I’m glad I survived. I’m so very grateful.

This experience of being on the inside of chronic illness has completely cracked me open to a deeper compassion for all my brothers and sisters.

I have no idea what anyone is going through, under their facade, their mask, their personality, their brilliant defences, the “positive” or “spiritual” outfit they wear to survive.

They are trying to survive in the only way they know how.

Spiritual teachers and their students, therapists and their clients, priests, philosophers, life coaches, world authorities, saints and sinners - they are all in pain.

We are ALL trying to survive in the only way we know how.

Let’s be a little kinder to each other. Forgive each other for our masks, our awkwardness, our closed hearts, our weirdness. Go beyond surfaces.

Sometimes we are not okay,
and that’s okay.

And as Ram Dass said, we are all walking each other home, anyway.