Saturday, July 1, 2017

Chief Joseph - Way of the Warrior

The  Way of the Warrior is simple, my dear ones. However, it may be simple but it's not always easy. Today I would like to give you a few of my simple guidelines or "rules of the road", if you will. And that road is the Way of the Warrior.

The Warrior always speaks her truth – no matter what the circumstances.

The Warrior is totally detached from what others think and say about her. [This is absolutely necessary if she's going to observe the first rule above.]

The Warrior always does her best to see the Divinity in all that is. In this way, she shall never have any desire to own, control, manipulate, misuse or abuse any of the Great Spirit's creatures.

The Warrior always follows the highest path as dictated by the highest authority in the universe – herself.

The Warrior totally trusts in – and surrenders to – the flow of her life. She knows all is as it should be. Therefore, she must always completely trust in – and surrender to – her higher Self, her Soul, the Great Spirit.

The Warrior knows all Love, all Wisdom, all Power lie within her – within her mind, her body, her heart, her Soul. There is nothing to seek, nothing to find, nowhere to go – except WITHIN.

The Warrior knows with absolute certainty she has never made a mistake – she can never make a mistake. All of her life is simply a lesson in this classroom called planet Earth. She learns as she goes. 

All is as it should be.

The Warrior never takes life on planet Earth too seriously. It's all a game, after all – a game in the classroom of planet Earth. And games should be fun. Enjoy the game – it won't last forever!

The Warrior's heart is always full – and always grateful. She never knows lack or emptiness – except, that is, when she creates those illusions by getting too infatuated with the Great Illusion – the human experience.

The Warrior knows the Great Illusion creates some highly interesting challenges – for example, the challenge to rise above the Great Illusion.

As she rises above the Great Illusion, the Warrior knows this experience is as it should be – she has chosen it. And in this choosing, she is remembering her way back to the Light – back to her Home. That was the only reason for choosing the Great Illusion in the first place.

The Warrior knows all her brothers and sisters on planet Earth have the same destination she does – HOME. But each may take a different path. And the Warrior knows that's okay! All will get Home – no matter what path they take. It cannot be otherwise – for ALL paths lead Home.

The Warrior knows the way of the wind. She loves the wind, but she knows she cannot capture it – she cannot own it. She can love it, luxuriate in its presence, glory in its energy. But if she tries to capture it, it becomes something other than what it truly is – it becomes still and stagnant air.

She can never possess it completely – unless she refuses to ever own it – unless she refuses to ever have sovereignty over it. She can possess it only by letting it be free – by letting it be what it is.

It cannot be otherwise. The Way of the Warrior is the Way of the Wind.

Mooji - Go your way

Now that you have learned
what cannot be taught,
go your way.

Now that you have seen
what cannot be shown,
go your way.

Now that you have discovered
that which was not hidden,
go your way.

Now that we are united in
what is inseparable,
go your way.

Now that you have returned to
where you have never left,
go your way.

Now that you know
That which has no path,
go your own way.


Friday, June 30, 2017

Georgi Y. Johnson - On stiving for enlightenment

Walking this way, towards that point, ahead

of us in time and space,
wanting to be “there” – a state of grace,
Never good enough, never good,
not yet there, quite, nearly,
Oops, it’s gone again.

Can you hear the wind whisper?
as it touches lips and blows through cells?

If you were Buddha now,
the wind would grieve
the water dull, unflavoured
and the earth would miss
the clumsiness
of your weathered shoes.

If you were “there” now,
All holy and undeterred,
you would not be here –
spectacular and human,
glittering with the bruises
and open wounds
of all that is alive.

How could we lose
this imperfect mother,
this busy mind,
this warm and sacred
moment of all you were,
all you ever will be
and all you are?

Completely pure,
in a grey light of dawn,
a pristine moment
kissing time and still,
it caresses space,
gloriously imperfect
an explosion of beauty,
always here, now,
unceasingly becoming
an endless spiral of love. 


Thursday, June 29, 2017

Grace - Homeward

 "And the mists that dance upon the sea
veil not the shimmering stars
that we may also unveiled be
to who we truly are...
and how we came to be upon this distant shore.

I will sing to you of a world awakening
and how we journeyed through the night
 to bring the dawn...
Ancient sojourners from the stars are we
standing upon the threshold
where earth meets sky and sea
and day meets night,
at a doorway opening Homeward
into passages of Light...."

" Far amidst the shining stars my heart of light
does rest...
in Christed love a form is born
to magnify the One...
Within the heart of the All are vast universes
Within the depths of Human hearts a ceaseless
tender yearning
reaches up to touch the stars,
to touch and melt and merge in light
toward a Radiant Sun, the Eternal One,
shining beyond the night.

Close your eyes in gentleness,
to the stillness once more find your way...
breathe a breath of gentle peace
and let all the world fall away...
The stars are calling you Home
to the starry heavens within,
the angels are calling you Home
to the One you have always been..."

"And if I were to tell you
that the world has no existence
outside of your mind,
could you bear the brilliance of your
own light~
could you look into the face of God
and realize you are That...?"


J. M. Harrison - I am that

 I am that
By the mind of man
For it cannot conceive
This that I am

I am that
Which whispers
From the depths of being
Awakening memory
This that I am

I am that
Which was, is and shall be
Still in the heart of man
This that I am

I am that
Not seen with the eyes
Or grasped by the hand
This that I am

I am that
Which is empty yet full
Wandering the land
‘Fore Abraham
This that I am

I am that
Which is truth and light
Tender and loving
Always becoming
This that I am

I am that
Which is an endless sea
Whose waters run
Beyond time free
This that I am

I am that
Which knows all of you
Yet you know not me
‘Til I am set free
This that I am

I am that
Which is true to all
Yet believed by few
For this that I am
I am that …


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Rumi ♡ Love said

i was dead
i came alive
i was tears
i became laughter

all because of love
when it arrived
my temporal life
from then on
changed to eternal

love said to me
you are not
crazy enough
you don't
fit this house

i went and
became crazy
crazy enough
to be in chains

love said
you are not
intoxicated enough
you don't
fit the group

i went and
got drunk
drunk enough
to overflow
with light-headedness

love said
you are still
too clever
filled with
imagination and skepticism

i went and
became gullible
and in fright
pulled away
from it all

love said
you are a candle
attracting everyone
gathering every one
around you

i am no more
a candle spreading light
i gather no more crowds
and like smoke
i am all scattered now

love said
you are a teacher
you are a head
and for everyone
you are a leader

i am no more
not a teacher
not a leader
just a servant
to your wishes

love said
you already have
your own wings
i will not give you
more feathers

and then my heart
pulled itself apart
and filled to the brim
with a new light
overflowed with fresh life

now when the heavens
are thankful that
because of love
i have become
the giver of light

 Ghazal 1393
Translated by Nader Khalili

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

James Davis - Basilica

I push the stout oak door
And slip in under the oval dome.
Silence summons me in.
Muffled echoes brood over the stone
And under the pews offering
Neither text nor tune nor shaft of light
But mute all until even waiting falls away.
The silence inhales me into itself.
A pilgrim enters from the back;
His footsteps echo inside me.
He prostrates himself on the floor.
The flagstone is cold against my forehead. 

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Huang Po - “I have attained nothing at all”

Even if you progressed through all the stages, one by one, toward Buddhahood, 
when at last in the single flash you attain full realization, 
you will see that Buddha Nature has been with you all the time, 
all the stages have added nothing to it. 
You come to look upon the work and achievement as some unreal action performed in a dream. 
This is why the Buddha said, 

“I have attained nothing at all”