Saturday, January 6, 2018

Nirmala - The mystery

the mystery
of this simple moment
cannot be spoken
yet all of history
occurred to arrive here

the mystery
of the endless terrain of self
cannot be mapped out
countless new frontiers
are born with every breath

the mystery
of awakening
cannot be achieved
all that is needed
is to notice inner eyes that never close

the mystery
of sweet undying love
cannot be understood
the heart already knows
what the mind can only long for

the mysteries
always remain
untouched by worried thought
ready to welcome us home
when we abandon our dreams

from Gifts with no giver


Thursday, January 4, 2018

Jiddu Krishnamurti - The ending of time is the ending of change

The ending of time is the ending of change. The being,
trying to become, invents time. The being, whatever it
be, is without time. The word is of time, and when the word
is associated with the being, the illusion of movement from
this  to  that  takes  place.  But  the  being  undergoes  a  radical 
transformation when the mind is free of time. 
The probing into this is meditation.

To probe is not to achieve. If you probe deliberately, with
full  intention  of  discovery,  then  what  you  discover  will  be 
the projection of your past. But if you probe without
you, the  thinker,  then  probing  is  endless,  inexhaustible.  The 
intention to probe comes with the intention to find, but the
finding becomes trivial when it is an experience. Experience
is recognition, and recognition is association, the past. There
must be the abandonment of what is discovered in probing,
all the time, for this allows freedom, 
and without freedom inquiry is negated.

The  constant  is  of  no-time,  but  it  is  not  stationary. 
Meditation  is  the  freeing  from  that  state  of  mind  that 
possessing  decays.  Innocency  is  this  freedom.  Love  which 
possesses destroys itself. Meditation is the throwing away of
all man’s cunning, and the throwing away of the morality of


Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Echo of the Absolute - Unknowing

The universe makes most sense by not making much sense.
As its purpose is to have no particular purpose,
It has infinite creative potential.

It moves as it stays and stays as it moves.
As change is its only constant,
It remains forever the same.

It has always been going on without going anywhere.
As it has never started and will never end,
Time does not apply to it.

It gives rise to all pairs of opposites.
And as the source of everything,
Nothing exists apart of it.

You are neither its puppet nor its master.
These ideas are based on self and other,
But such separation never took place.

There is only all-self which is all-other,
Forever re-creating itself out of itself.
We are IT dreaming we are other.

Now, wake up.
But beware.

The juice of life is in the dream.


Sunday, December 31, 2017