Saturday, September 28, 2019

Nicholas of Cusa - The End of All Understanding

Next, the aspirants, persisting in more ardent surrender, are taken up into simple awareness itself, and leaping beyond all sensible things, they pass as if from sleep to wakefulness, from hearing to sight. And, there, those things that are seen cannot be revealed because they are beyond all hearing and beyond all instruction by voice. For there, incomprehensibly heard, as the end of all speech, is Love, blessed forever, the end of all understanding, because Love is truth, and the end of all sense, because Love is life, and the end, finally, of all being, because Love is being itself, and the perfection of every creature.

Such things are shown in stages to one who submits to Love by unshakeable trust at the heart. For if the trust is great, it unites the aspirant with Love, so that the aspirant transcends all that is not in union with Love Itself. Without Love, trust is not living but dead, and not trust at all. None of the wise of this world can grasp true happiness if they do not know Love. None can see anyone happy except with you, Love. For everyone of happy spirit subsists in your Spirit, as the vivified in the vivifier. And thus in you the finite is united to the infinite and to that which cannot be united, and the incomprehensible is seized by an eternal fruition, which is a most joyous and inexhaustible happiness.
~ On Learned Ignorance


Into Great Silence


And yet it is the silence that becomes the principal protagonist, representing something far greater than simply the absence of sound or a need to maintain monastic decorum. Silence is witnessed as the substratum of all creation, the ultimate meaning of existence, its infinite embrace sustaining and nourishing all those who imbibe at her sacred fount.

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Monday, September 23, 2019

Mystic Meandering - Stillness

All that is required to realize the Self is to be still.
What can be easier than that?
Nisargadatta Maharaj

 Utter Stillness,
within and without,
comforts, nurtures,
claims me as its own...

Sweet repose in Stillness...
beyond noise,
beyond feeling,
beyond thought,
beyond story.

Utter Stillness does not anticipate,
does not seek.
It just IS...
To reside in Utter Stillness
is pure Being,
pure Awareness of Being,
pure Life...

From the Spaciousness of Utter Stillness
life is just experienced...

no conclusions,
no interpretations,
no judgments,
no reactions,
no labels...

Just Life being lived...

Utter Stillness...

Sweet Refuge...

Mystic Meandering


Sunday, September 22, 2019

Peter Fenner - Natural Silence and Profound Unthinkability

In Java, Indonesia, there are mystical communities who spend time silently together after an evening meal. They do not meditate, nor do they ‘relax’ or snooze. Rather, they sit attentively together in shared silence, just being with each other in the appreciation of existence. They may be smiling, gazing at each other, sitting quietly with their eyes closed, or taking in the vastness of the sky. Regardless of what they do, they are completely at ease with sharing silence. Most of us in the West don’t have a model for collective natural silence. Sitting in a space of alert, intimate silence with others in an informal setting is kind of a radical idea. We’ve never had the opportunity to feel totally at ease and absolutely alert, being no-one, going no-where within a group of people.

Like many teachers of awareness, I use dialogue as a central means for invoking and resting in pure awareness. However, in this contribution, I’d like to talk about the dynamics and flow of the silent dimensions of my work in part because this has become richer and more nuanced in recent years. I’d like to share the flavor of what can happen in these periods of natural silence so that you can enter them more deeply.

As a facilitator of nondual work, I often find myself saying nothing and doing nothing. Everything slows down and there is very little happening. After all, wherever we are, we aren’t going “anywhere.” This recognition allows silence to emerge naturally, and with this silence comes a rich sense of feeling connected to the others who are present, with no overt cognitive processing. A type of transpersonal communing within boundless awareness emerges with no effort. It’s possible to be in silent communion with people, some with their eyes open, others with their eyes closed, for 20 or 30 minutes; just appreciating the space that we are sharing individually and together.

The quality and energy of the silence that can emerge in this space is very different from the silence of most formal meditation. Normally when people “meditate,” they “agree” to be silent, mindful, introspective, or contemplative with a koan for a set period of time. In the space I’m describing, people know they can talk, move, and theoretically do anything at any time. People align to a space where nothing is prohibited, yet within which there is a deep respect for resting in the ultimate state of unconditioned awareness. We aren’t being silent for a predetermined amount of time. This allows the silence to be natural, uncontrived, effortless and potentially very deep. Nothing is being forced. There is no effort to avoid or produce anything. This is natural meditation: deep meditation without meditating.

I may close my eyes, but people know they can still talk to me. They can ask questions, or share their experience, because in the space we create together, nothing can be interrupted or disturbed. People often enter into profound states of the deepest quiescence because there is no pressure to be in any particular way. As this space deepens, thoughts begin to thin out. At an even deeper level, thoughts and feelings dissolve into nothing before they can take the form of a single word or a fleeting sensation. This is what I call the auto-liberation of thoughts and feelings. In this state, it is impossible to produce any interpretation of “what’s happening.” Energy that could take the shape of a thought-form continually dissolves into structureless awareness without any application of effort.

This type of vortex doesn’t necessarily happen for everyone. Regardless, the free-form space that neither encourages nor suppresses verbal communication undeniably supports the emergence of a samadhi-like resting in the state of profound unthinkability. In this state of unthinkability, it’s impossible to think about anything. We have no idea about what it is that we can’t think about, because even that thought can’t happen. This is the unthinkability of nondual wisdom.

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