Monday, November 28, 2022

Baisao ~ Life as it comes


Making the busy streets my home
right down in the heart of things
only one friend shares my poverty
this single scrawny wooden staff.
Having learned the ways of silence
within the noise of urban life
I take life as it comes to me
and everywhere I am is true.



Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Sattva Lynn ~ Into the Arms of Intimacy


 artist unknown 


 A beautiful status just poured
through my heart -
however, when I used the
spelling mechanism
that appeared on here
to correct a mistake I had made

something happened,
and Facebook said:  
'Something went wrong...'
and the whole poem was lost.

And instantly, naturally, all on their own,
tears just started to pour from me.
And as I was crying I said to myself:
'It seems the tears mattered more than the status.'

In other words, the tears,
and what they represented inside
mattered more for my growth;
and even the growth of us all,
than the status I was going to share.

And losing that status was the catalyst
for something very Sacred:

*For, since it is happening,
it must be part of Sacredness.*

We cannot know all the reasons
that everything happens
the way that it does.

For, every drop of what happens
to me and everyone and everything,
is somehow perfectly intertwined
to awaken and thus, bless us all -
even if it does not always feel like a blessing.

And, we are going to
encounter personally,
and bear witness to
innumerable thoughts,
feelings, situations and happenings

that are going to seem painful,
to downright cruel or unbearable,
nonsensical, unjust -
to everything in between
or either extreme.

But, if we can...if we can reach inside
beyond all of that -
with great courage, and deep Care
for our own Well Being

to the deeper meaning and purpose
of why we are here:

to rediscover our true Self,
which is beyond suffering and pain,
since it is causeless and free -

then we are using this moment
for its intended purpose,
no matter what appears to be happening.

And nothing, nothing, but wanting to
approach this moment, our self, our Heart -

asking to use it and be able
to use it in the way,
Life, Wisdom, Totality would like us to...
will bless us all more.

Nothing will bring us more deeply
into the Arms of Intimacy, of Love,
than this.  🌿





 (for Christine)




Monday, November 21, 2022

Ed Crowley ~ The Unknown Wanderer


The Unknown Wanderer
             abides in Equanimity 

               by the winds of joy
              or sorrow, the Sage
                   silently follows
                      the Way in
                    the calmness
                    of tranquility 

         fixing his mind steadfast,
       becoming one with change,
          he drops ‘self’ for “Self”

     The Sage observes seasons
     come and go and while others
       adjust to the different times,
       it’s all the same to the Sage,
       who abides as Change Itself 

               The sutras say,
           “To seek is to suffer.
        To seek nothing is bliss."
        When you seek nothing,
            you're on the Path

       The Unknown Wanderer
         is like Dōgen, who stated,
                “Do not ask me
              where I am going,
                  As I travel in
             this limitless world,
              Where every step
              I take is my home.”

              Thus every step
             is the Path for him,
            as he wanders and
           exists, to simply roam

           wherever you choose
             to abide and dwell,
                    will always
                 and forever be,
             my one true home 




Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Amoda Maa ~ Invitation to silence



Silence is ever-present in everything. It exists prior to all form. It is the groundless ground of being. You don’t have to go anywhere or do anything to find it, because it’s actually who you are.

Silence is the nature of your innermost being, and when you wake up out of the dream of mistaken identity, you discover that you, too, are in fact inseparable from this silence.

Silence is what is here when you stop giving your attention to the movement of the mind and stop following the thoughts “I need to find time for silence,” “I have to get away from all this business to get some peace,” or “If only I could stop the thoughts in my head.”

In seeing the illusory nature of this kind of thinking and the futility of all running away or running toward, you come to a full stop, and what is revealed in this stopping is the ever-present silence of pure being.

This full stop is not a head-on collision with something hard and finite.

Instead, it is open-ended: silence has no boundary, no landing place, no center, no location, and no reference point for where it begins or ends.

You find yourself in a new dimension of seeing in which awareness is recognized as the only fact of reality.

When this awareness falls back into itself and becomes rooted in itself, an unlimited unconditional silence is revealed at the core of everything experienced, whether it be the whisper of the wind or the thunder of a mega-ton truck on the highway.

(edited from Amoda's book Embodied Enlightenment)



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Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Jiddu Krishnamurti ~ Passive awareness


Q: Why do we insist on separating the perceiver from the perception, the ‘rememberer’ from the memory? Is this not at the root of our trouble?

J.D.Krishnamurti: We separate it because the rememberer, the experiencer, the thinker, becomes permanent by separation. *Memories are obviously fleeting; so the rememberer, the experiencer, the mind, separates itself because it wants permanency.* *The mind that is making an effort, that is striving, that is choosing, that is disciplined, obviously cannot find the real; because, as we said, through that very effort it projects itself and sustains the thinker.*

Now, how to free the thinker from his thoughts? This is what we are discussing. Because, whatever he thinks must be the result of the past, and therefore he creates god, truth, out of memory, which is obviously not real. In other words, the mind is constantly moving from the known to the known. *When memory functions, the mind can move only in the field of the known; and when it moves within the field of the known, it can never know the unknown.* So, our problem is, how to free the mind from the known. To free ourselves from the known, any effort is detrimental, because *effort is still of the known.* *So, all effort must cease.* Have you ever tried to be without effort? If I understand that all effort is futile, that all effort is a further projection of the mind, of the "I", of the thinker, if I realize the truth of that, what happens? If I see very clearly the label "poison" on a bottle, I leave it alone. There is no effort not to be attracted to it. Similarly - and in this lies the greatest difficulty - , if I realize that any effort on my part is detrimental, if I see the truth of that, then I am free of effort. Any effort on our part is detrimental, but we are not sure, because we want a result, we want an achievement - and that is our difficulty. Therefore, we go on striving, striving, striving. But God, truth, is not a result, a reward, an end. Surely, it must come to us, we cannot go to it. If we make an effort to go to it, we are seeking a result, an achievement. *But for truth to come, a man must be passively aware. Passive awareness is a state in which there is no effort; it is to be aware without judgment, without choice, not in some ultimate sense, but in every way; it is to be aware of your actions, of your thoughts, of your relative responses, without choice, without condemnation, without identifying or denying, so that the mind begins to understand every thought and every action without judgment.*

This evokes the question of whether there can be understanding without thought.”



Friday, November 4, 2022

Guru Rinpoche ~ Awakened mind


Look into the awakened mind of your own awareness!

It has neither form nor color, neither center nor edge. At first, it has no origin but is empty. Next, it has no dwelling place but is empty.
At the end, it has no destination but is empty.

This emptiness is not made of anything and is clear and cognizant. When you see this and recognize it, you know your natural face. You understand the nature of things. You have then seen the nature of mind, resolved the basic state of reality and cut through doubts about topics of knowledge.

This awakened mind of awareness is not made out of any material substance; it is self-existing and inherent in yourself. This is the nature of things that is easy to realize because it is not to be sought for elsewhere.

This is the nature of mind that does not consist of a concrete perceiver and something perceived to fixate on. It defies the limitations of permanence and annihilation. In it there is no thing to awaken; the awakened state of enlightenment is your own awareness that is naturally awake.

In it there is no thing that goes to the hells; awareness is naturally pure. In it there is no practice to carry out; its nature is naturally cognizant. This great view of the natural state is present in yourself: resolve that it is not to be sought for elsewhere.


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Friday, October 28, 2022

Sri Anandamayi Ma ~ Words


"To speak means to float on the surface;
unless the mind remains on the surface, words will not come.
So long as one is immersed in the depths,
there is not even the possibility to talk;
but as soon as one comes up to the surface, speech will issue forth.
This is why language cannot always fully express one's feelings and emotions.
One can often hear people say, 'I am unable to put into words what I feel'.
Does this not show how limited and imperfect human language is?
It cannot even convey the little you understand,
how much less the enormous amount that lies beyond your ken!
Try to learn the science of using and understanding
the hidden language of the heart and you will be able to accomplish
everything without words."


  thanks to Carol