Sunday, March 19, 2023

In the Garden of the Beloved - "Where Love Abides"



 I wander the Wilderness outside the walled villages of religion,
Not because I hold them in disdain, denying their fruitfulness,
For my Heart embraces within each, that which enriches,
And sets aside that which does not.

Nor do I deny the efficacy possible in each village,
For within the constraints of their dogmas and orthodoxies,
There have been, and will always be, those few souls,
Who transcend the letter of the law, Fulfilling its Spirit.

I often encounter fierce villagers standing guard at the gates,
Declaring I, a heretic, may not enter, much less embrace,
For neither do I adhere to, nor abide by their laws,
For theirs is, they say, the way and the truth.

Time and again I have pushed past those militant legalists,
And turning from the road leading to the edifice of law,
Have found my way to The Tavern of The Beloved,
Where, Intoxicated, I have revelled in Love.

Ibn Arabi so Beautifully distilled my many words:

“I profess the religion of Love.
Wherever its caravan turns along the way,
That is the belief, the faith I keep.”


Saturday, March 18, 2023

Ḥāfeẓ-e Shīrāzī - Listen to My Pen's Avdvice



 O Beloved, why do you treat us this way?
For too long we have been ignored and deprived of Your light.

Pilgrim, listen to my pen's advice,for this pearl of wisdom is worth more than all your suffering or your gold.

O Winebringer, bring wine to those drinkers who are mad for more wine,that is, if You have any of last night's good wine left.

But I want to know how are You going to show us Your face.
With the light of the sun and moon reflecting in our eyes?

O philosopher, be sensible and don't speak out against love,
Have you some sort of bone to pick with God?

Aren't you at all afraid of my burning sigh,
Standing there in that cotton coat so close to the flames?

Hafiz, yours is the most beautiful verse I have ever heard.
You must have the Koran and the Bible in your heart, combined!




from  Drunk on the Wine of the Beloved: Poems of Hafiz





Friday, March 17, 2023

Ḥāfeẓ-e Shīrāzī - The smile of the wineglass



 Hair disheveled, smiling lips, sweating and tipsy,
garment torn, singing a love song, glass in hand,
picking a quarrel, chanting a spell,
yesterday at midnight she came and sat by my bed.

She lowered her head to my ear, and whispered, sad-voiced,
“My old lover, are you asleep?”
The lover for whom such a nightfarer’s drink is poured
is an unbeliever of love if he does not worship wine.

Come on, hermit, do not blame those who drink to the dregs,
there was no other gift when God announced His Mastery.
The smile of the wineglass, a girl’s tangled tresses,
have broken many penances, as they broke the penance of Hafiz.



Monday, March 13, 2023

Darryl Bailey - Let’s Get Real


art Agnes Martin


 If we consider what we mean when we say “I am existing”, we simply mean that it feels like something is happening now.  We don’t have any other experience of life.  There is only the feeling of something happening now.  Even if we don’t call it anything, it still feels like this immediate happening is happening.

If we consider it more closely, we may realise that we don’t have any way of saying what this happening is.  We have many words for it (awareness, existence, being, self, world, trees, cars, people and so on), labels we’ve been taught to think, words that we’ve been taught to speak, but the labels don’t tell us what this happening is.  They simply point to different portions of the event.

When we are one hour old, we don’t know what this feeling of something happening is and we still don’t know what it is.  We’ve been trained to bark many words for it, but a seal, trained to bark on command, is not explaining existence.  And neither is a person barking labels.

We can get a better sense of what this happening is, if we think the question, “What is there when there is no thinking?”  If we think that question, then, at the end of the question, there is no thinking, but it doesn’t feel like nothingness.  It still feels like something is happening.  Let’s just be this immediate feeling of something happening.

No one is making this happen.  If we sit here, resting, making no effort at all, this happening of the moment still happens.  The process that you are still happens.  We don’t create this happening that we are.

Our “existence” is an occurrence, an action, an event, a movement … moving on its own … happening automatically … becoming something new in each moment.

Sitting quietly, doing nothing, thoughts come, urges grow, actions happen.  Action/rest, emotion/calm, clarity/confusion, anxiety/peace … all of this simply happens in whatever way it happens.

Relax.  You will be whatever this moment presents, and you will do whatever you are compelled to do.

We are this unexplainable happening, moving to its unexplainable urges.  There’s no way of saying what this is.  There’s no way of saying why it’s happening the way it’s happening.

It’s an action, a movement, a flowing.  The River of Life.  The Great Spirit.  The Unformed Ocean of Existence.  Call it what you will.

Or perhaps, don’t call it anything.  We don’t have to focus on false names and explanations.  We can simply be this immediate happening.

This is it.  The feeling of what’s happening now.  Just rest …  and flow.  In whatever way you flow.

There’s nothing to be, apart from this immediate occurrence.  Nothing else exists.  There’s nothing to create.  We are created in each moment.  We are this movement, moving spontaneously, automatically.  There is no “self” directing this.  Any urge that arises is not our creation.

Why look for truth in fantasies of name and form, when it is so easily felt in the flowing of this moment?

Everything moves to an inner urge.  Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes, grass grows by itself.  In the same way, we become what we have to be and we do what we have to do.

Like a flower, like a sunrise, like the galaxy itself. We are the wonder of creation, the warm, intimate, unfolding of this moment, always fulfilling its urges.  Not a “world”. Not a “self”, not a “doing”.  Not any of it.



Saturday, March 11, 2023

The Root of Fear | J. Krishnamurti

“So we are enquiring what is the root of fear, not a particular fear but the root of all fear. The root of fear is time: what I will be, what I have been, what I might not be. Time is the past, the present, and the future. The past modifying itself in the present and continuing in the future. 
Fear of something that has happened psychologically, or physically, last week, or last year, and hoping that it will not continue in the future. So time is a factor of fear. 
The poor man, fear of not being able to find the next meal. You don’t know all that. The fear of having no home, no shelter, no food. And the effect of fear, both on the physical organism, and on the psychological, on the psyche, and the very psyche may be made up of fear. Please understand that.
The psyche, what you are, may be the result of fear. And probably is. So it is important to understand the depth and the meaning of fear. And that is time and thought. 
Time as the future, I might die, I might lose, I might be nobody, I am somebody now – which I doubt – but I want to be somebody in the future, the next day, and so on. So time and thought are the root of fear. And therefore one must ask a much more serious question: whether time and thought has a stop.”

J. Krishnamurti
Talk 2, New York, 1983


Christiane Singer - A loving look


When I look at the other with a loving look, I reveal to them their deep nature, reminding them of their true identity. As it is said in Hakuin's song: "You wander among beggars without remembering who you are." "The look of the one who loves me, the look that sees in me what I am in my depth places me in my royalty, puts me back in the original light."

We often say love is blind, it is seeing. He sees what others don't. He sees behind the appearances, behind all the protections I built up to protect my heart. All my life, I am threatened from everywhere, by my educators, and anyone who wants to impose their views on me. Protecting myself for a lifetime. But the look that loves me melts away all the shells I once hid in order to survive.

And in the end, love is there, of course, to reveal to us that "God is nowhere else but everywhere", that in every being that meets me on this earth, in every look that meets me. Love is there to tell us: in every being I meet, I meet You. This experience of love and passion in our existence, Master Eckhart describes when he makes God say, “There is no room for two in you, I can only come in if you come out.” ". This is what we feel in passion when we are struck out like a tree trunk by lightning, when there is nothing left inside us but that bland, vibrating void. The presence of the other. This absolute experience of the sacred. This mystical experience - since the meeting of man and woman is of the same nature as the meeting of soul and God.

Christiane Singer, good use of crises




Friday, March 10, 2023

Amoda Maa - The Presence



Be courageous enough to meet life from the unknown—without a safety net, without hope, without past, and without future.
Without the hope of salvation—without running away from or running toward anything in your mind—you are forced to fall into the open space of being-ness.

And in this openness, you fall out of time and out of imagination, right into the present.
In other words, you become present—you become totally available to the essential being-ness of life.

In presence, you and life have collapsed into each other— there is no longer a “future life,” it’s all happening now.

In this eternal now, you and life are one—and when you are one with what is, how can you possibly fear what is?
It’s like fearing your self, and that’s ridiculous—because your self, the being-ness that you already are, never leaves you.

Being-ness is totally dependable—it is always here.

Now you are in touch with a deeper kind of trust—one that is not based on something.

It is no longer a conceptual trust, but one that is inherent in the nature of presence.
It is inherent in the nature of life, because life is always what is here in the present—it can’t be anywhere else.

This deeper trust has no meaning to the mind, but complete meaningfulness to your natural state.

And even if you fail, even if life leads you to a seeming dead-end, even if you are handed an unwanted circumstance, even if you don’t get to your desired destination of perfect happiness, even if your heart is broken open over and over again—you will still trust the presence that holds it all.






Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Ḥāfeẓ-e Shīrāzī - Dear one, Why wait



 In many parts of this world water is
Scarce and precious.

People sometimes have to walk
A great distance

Then carry heavy jugs upon their

Because of our wisdom, we will travel
Far for love.

All movement is a sign of

Most speaking really says,
"I am hungry to know you."

Every desire of your body is holy;

Every desire of your body is

Dear one,
Why wait until you are dying

To discover that divine



Sunday, March 5, 2023

David Frawley - Rig Veda



"In the Vedic view we live in a 'conscious universe,' not merely a matter, energy or mind based cosmos. Consciousness is the underlying substance, force and reality that creates, sustains, and dissolves all things in the world, constituting their inner essence. Consciousness, we could say, is God, not in a mere theological or faith-based sense, but as the supreme principle of life and existence. We are all aspects of this supreme consciousness reflecting itself in various forms and manifestations like sparks from a single fire.
This underlying universal consciousness the 'Vedas' call the 'Purusha', meaning the cosmic person, the Supreme Being for whom the entire universe is its expression, which is lauded starting in the Rig Veda.
' The Purusha is everything, what has been and what will be.
And he is the lord of immortality.'
~ Rishi Narayana, Rig Veda X.97.2
The 'Vedas' use the term 'Atman' as a synonym for 'Purusha', meaning the true Self behind every creature or object in the world. The entire universe consists of a single being, and the world of nature is but the body of the greater cosmic spirit. The universe is a single organism energized by a single consciousness that resides at the core of all creatures and behind the inanimate world as well.
What we call Nature is primarily a force of consciousness in manifestation. Nature reflects the unfoldment of an organic intelligence, through which the One Being expresses itself through innumerable forms of becoming. We can observe this natural intelligence in the wonderful order of the universe that transcends the rational mind and its limiting concepts. Who has not confronted the magic, mystery and awe of existence? It is obvious in the mountains, the clouds, the stars, and the ocean. It is also there in the marvelous workings of our own bodies and minds, in the wonderful intricacy of our organs, tissues and brain.
Nature operates according to a natural law or 'Dharma', which has both a material and a spiritual basis, as a law of consciousness. The conscious universe had not only physical laws like gravity that link various material bodies together, it has spiritual laws like 'karma' that link various minds together as well. The 'Vedas' mirror this natural intelligence and teach us the true laws of nature, the universal 'dharmas', which are also the laws of consciousness.
Consciousness is our true nature, our higher Self beyond body and mind. . . the forms that we observe in the outer world do not represent the true essence of reality, but are only intimations of a greater spirit and awareness lighting them up from within. Consciousness is the inner space that informs all aspects of space within and around all things. . . . When we look at the world, we are looking only at the shapes and colors created by the light of consciousness. It is the light of consciousness that we see reflected in objects, filtered through the limited lens of the mind. It is also the light of consciousness that constitutes the true seer or observer within us, and allows us to see. . . True spirituality works with the entire conscious universe and seeks grace and guidance everywhere. It is not time-bound, human-bound or culture bound. This is the basis of the Vedic and yogic heritage that belongs to all beings. The 'Purusha,' which literally means person, does not refer simply to the human person, but to the principle of light and awareness that endows all beings with their sense of self, the conscious being overall. In the Vedic view, the universe is light and light is consciousness. This is the 'Purusha principle'. The goal of classical Yoga as stated by the sage Patanjali, as well as the goal of all other Vedic philosophies, is to return to the state of the Purusha, pure consciousness or the seer, which is to return to the highest light. This echoes the Upanishadic view, 'The Purusha in the Sun Beyond, He am I.' " 

Thanks to Carol

Saturday, March 4, 2023

The Radiance Sutras



 The Radiance Sutras  vijnana bhairava tantra

One day The Goddess sang to her lover Bhairava,

Beloved and radiant Lord of the space before birth,
Revealer of essence,
Slayer of the ignorance that binds us,

You, who in play have created this universe
and permeated all forms in it with never-ending truth.
I have been wondering . . .

I have been listening to the songs of creation,
I have heard the sacred sutras being sung,
and yet still I am curious.

What is this delight-filled universe
into which we find ourselves born?

What is this mysterious awareness shimmering
everywhere within it?

What are these instinctive energies
that undulate through our bodies,
moving us into action?

And this “matter” out of which our forms are made -
What are these dancing particles of condensed radiance,
Are they an illusionist's projection?

What is this power we call Life,
appearing as the play of flesh and breath?
How may I know this mystery and enter it more deeply?

Beloved, my attention is ensnared by a myriad of forms,
the innumerable individual entities everywhere.

Lead me into the wholeness beyond all these parts.

You, who hold the mysteries in your hand -
of will, knowledge and action,
Reveal to me the path of illumined knowing.

Lead me into joyous union
with the life of the universe.

Teach me that I may know it fully,
realize it deeply,
and breathe in the truth of it.

The One Who is Intimate to All Beings said,
Beloved, your questions require the answers that come
through direct living experience.

The way of experience begins with a breath
such as the breath you are breathing now.
Awakening into the luminous reality
may dawn in the momentary throb
between any two breaths.

The breath flows in and just before it turns
to flow out,
there is a flash of pure joy -
life is renewed.
Awaken into that.

As the breath is released and flows out,
there is a pulse as it turns to flow in.
In that turn, you are empty.
Enter that emptiness as the source of all life.

Radiant one,

The life essence carries on its play
through the pulsing rhythm
of outward and inward movement.
This is the ceaseless throb, the rhythm of life -
terrifying in its eternity, exquisite in its constancy.

The inhalation, the return movement of breath,
sustains life.
The outgoing breath
purifies life.
We breathe out the old air, the old thoughts, the old feelings.

These are the two poles
between which respiration goes on unceasingly.
Between them is every quality you could ever desire.

As the breath turns from in to out,
and again as the breath
curves from out to in -
through both these turns, absorb intensity.

Enter these turning points
In the play of respiration and expiration,
Where the rhythms of life transform
Into each other.

Breath flows in, then surrenders to flow out again.
In this moment, drink eternity.

Breath flows out, emptying, emptying,
Offering itself to infinity.

Cherishing these moments,
Mind dissolves into heart,
Heart dissolves into space,
Body becomes a shimmering field
Pulsating between emptiness and fullness..

In any quiet moment when you are breathing,
the breath may flow out and pause of itself,
or flow in and pause of itself.
There experience opens into an exquisite vastness
with no beginning and no end.

Embrace that infinity without reservation.
Dive into it, drink deeply of it and emerge renewed.

Follow the path of the radiant life force
as she flashes upward like lightning
through your body.

Attend simultaneously
to the perineum, that bright place between the legs,
to the crown of the skull,
and to that shining star-place above the head.

Notice how this living electricity becomes ever more subtle
as she rises, radiant as the morning sun
until she streams outward from
the top of the head into all-embracing gratitude.

Thus become intimate with the life of all beings.

Or trace the river of life that flows through you,
the luxuriously rising energies,
Gradually kissing each of the centers along the spine,
Savor each particle of color along the way.

Enter each area tenderly, loving as you go
and then finally, gently
dissolving in the crown of the head.

Let your attention glide
Through the centers of awareness along the spine
with adoring intent.

There is a song to each area of the body.
Listen to these sounds resonating in sweet vortexes,
long rhythmic vowels.

Ah . . . .
and Eee . . . .
Hummmm . . .

resonating on and on.

Listen to these as sounds,
then more subtly as an underlying hum,
eventually as most subtle feeling.

Then diving more deeply,
expand into freedom.

Rest the attention easily in the forehead,
in the eye that is made of light.
Follow the flow of breath outward from there
into the spaciousness before you.
Tenderly permeate that spaciousness.

Awakening attention notices it is on a bridge,
outside the little house of the skull.
Extending not only outward, but upward,
into the radiant space above . . .

Set free to travel the bridge, the small self
enters a radiant omnipresence.
This it remembers, and knows as its truth.

Gradually the luminosity of that truth
fills the body to overflowing
as it rises through the crown of the head
into a shower of light.

Embrace each of your senses in turn,

Seeing as being touched by light.
Hearing as immersion in an ocean of sound.
Tasting as enlightening.
Smelling as knowing.
Touching as electrifying.

Then leave all these behind,
and be intimate with the unknowable.

Whenever the attention rests on anything -
on the emptiness of space,
looking at a vast blue sky,
when looking on a wall
or some wonderful person,
let that attention gradually be absorbed into itself,
so that the one who is paying attention be known.

Inside the skull there is a place
where the essences of creation play and mingle -
the ecstatic light of awareness
and the awareness of that light.
The divine feminine and masculine
sport with one another in that place.
The light of their love-play illumines all space.

Rest in that light
ever present,
and gradually awaken into the steady joy of
that which is always everywhere.

There is a current of love-energy that flows
between Earth below and the Sun above.

The central channel of the spine is the riverbed.
The streaming is as delicate and powerful
as the tingling touch of lovers.

Entering there,
radiance arches between the above and the below.

The whole attention resting in the nerve,
tingling delicately in the center of the spinal column,
tracing that current between earth and sun,
become magnetism relating all the worlds.

Lift your hands, and with a thought, let the hands become
magical weapons, divine shields
that turn aside all the energies of the outer world.

Spread the fingers over the eyes,
covering the ears
the nostrils, the mouth,
and abandon yourself to the space inside you.
Enter the vital energies thus contained within.
As the charge builds,
lovingly and fiercely
plunge into the inner centers.

As the surge of light-substance rises
follow it up into the space between the eyebrows
where it breaks out as an orgasm of light.

The light that sparks into being when the eyes blink
is witnessed by the single eye between the brows.
That eye is the place where the elements merge -
all the elements of your being.

Consider how lightly the eyelids touch the eyes
with each blink.
That lightly, place the fingers over the eyelids,
and become aware of the space between these two exquisite centers of seeing.
There is the singular eye, which sees into a different world.

With this eye, you can see very well
by the light of the inner fire.
The fire that is always flowing up the channel,
the medial channel of the spine.
Enter the core of any spark of that fire.

Be rooted in your heart, connect even to the tips of your hairs,
and attend the birthing of the light within you.

Bathe deeply in that ocean of sound
which is even now vibrating within you,
resonating softly,
permeating the space of the heart.

The ear that is tuned by rapt listening
learns to hear the song of creation.

First like a hand bell,
then subtler like a flute,
then subtler still as a stringed instrument,
eventually as the buzz of a bee.
Entering this current of sound, the Listening One
forgets the external world, and becomes
absorbed into internal sound,
and then absorbed in vastness
like the song of the stars as they shine.

Hum a sound,
such as ahhhhh . . . uuuuuuu . . . mmmmmm,
or hreeeeemmmm, or eemmm,
or even the sound hum itself.
Bathe in the sound with infinite leisure . . .

As the sound fades
into an imperceptible hum,
it will carry you
into the hum of the universe.

Think of any vowel, they are all delicious.
Savor that sound with reverence,
attend to where it comes from within you,
and where it goes to when it fades away.

Discover what gradualness is.

Learn to relish each minute variation.
As you feel the full range of sound, layer upon layer,
the power of sound
will teach you the power of being.

Listen with total attention
to the sounds of stringed instruments.

When performed with grace,
each note appears to rise out of eternity
and disappear back into it.

When the music ends,
stay with the echo of the music
reverberating inside you,
and as the reverberation fades away into silence
go with it.

Lightly begin a sound,
saying it audibly,
and then gradually, less and less audibly.

Continuing thus, it eventually sounds only internally.
Listening to the sound as it goes on resounding within,
let it continue as of itself.

Then it becomes just a thought, a remembered hum.

Then as even the echo of that hum fades away,
be intimate with the silence that is the home of all music.

The emptiness of space permeates the body
and all directions simultaneously.
Space is always there,
already there before your noticing of it.
What we call space is a presence that is a more solid foundation than the firmest granite. Space is permission to exist and worlds within which to express.

Without thinking about it,
without forming mental images of it,
rest in this vast expanse
and become friends with infinity.

Attend simultaneously
to the space below the body
and the space above the body,
as emptiness itself.

If you can tolerate the nothingness,
the ecstatic energy of that emptiness will surge
through you and carry you
into the world beyond all thought.

Consider vast spaciousness as permeating
above your head, below your tailbone,
and within your heart simultaneously.

In this, find complete freedom to exist.

Forget all of your ideas about the body -
it's this way and it's that way.
And just be with any area of it,
this present body
as permeated with limitless space.
Drenched in freedom.

Contemplate the constituents of the body -
muscles and blood and breath and bones
as made out of radiantly dancing emptiness.

Consider the body as permeated with
the essence of the universe, the unendingly generous givingness of space.

Practice this and life will reveal to you
the wonder of becoming steady
in the radiance that is consciousness.

Attend to the skin
as a subtle boundary containing vastness.

Enter that shimmering and pulsing vastness,
discover that you are not separate from anything there,
and there is no other,
no object to meditate upon that is not you.

The One Who is at Play Everywhere said,

There is a place in the heart where everything meets.
Go there if you want to find me.
Mind, senses, soul, eternity, all are there.
Are you there?

Enter the bowl of vastness that is the heart.
Give yourself to it with total abandon.

Quiet ecstasy is there -
and a steady, regal sense of resting in a perfect spot.

Once you know the way
the nature of attention will call you
to return, again and again,
and be saturated with knowing,
“I belong here, I am at home here.”

Answer that call.

Put the attention into the luminous connections
between each of the centers throughout the body.

The base of the spine and the top of the skull,
The genitals and the heart!
The heart and the throat,
the throat and the forehead,
the forehead to the top of the head . . .

Attend to the current of relationship
electrifying, ever-pulsating, richly textured,
between each of these and every other.
Then attend simultaneously to resonance of all with all.

Enter that glowing net of light
with the focus born of awe
and even your bones will know enlightenment.

Return again and again to savoring
the space between breaths.
Learn to delight in each momentary turn.

Rest the attention in your blessed core
as you practice this,
and continually be born into a new and fresh world.

Live continuously for a few days
in the meditation,
“I am immersed in the flame, the flame of Life.
The universal fire flows through me without resistance.”

Step into that fire fully, wholeheartedly,
starting with the toe of the right foot -
and then surrendering everywhere.

Only the not-self, which doesn't exist anyway, is burned.
Your essence will emerge renewed in the flame,
for it already is flame and knows itself as flame
since the dawn of time.

See the entire world as being consumed by flames.
Stay steady and do not waver
as the flames devour everything.

As the objects of the world all dissolve into light,
the subjective world emerges as infinite.

Experience the substance of the body and the world
as made up of vibrating particles,
and these particles made up of
even finer energy particles.

Drifting more deeply,
feel into each particle
as it condenses from infinity
and dissolves back into it

Noticing this, breathe easily
with infinity dancing everywhere.

Lying in bed, with the gentlest of breaths
centered in the forehead,

fall in to the center of the heart
as you fall asleep.
Thus fall into freedom as you dream.



Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Jalāl al-Dīn Rūmī - He is the source


     Seek God in self-abasement and self-extinction,
    for nothing but form is produced by thinking.
    And if you derive no comfort except from form,
    then the form that comes to birth within you involuntarily is best.

    Suppose it is the form of a city to which you are going:
    you are drawn there by a formless feeling of pleasure, O dependent one;
    therefore, you are really going to that which has no location,
    for pleasure is something different from time and place.

    Suppose it is the form of a friend to whom you would go:
    you are going for the sake of enjoying his company;
    therefore, in reality you go to the formless world,
    though you are unaware of that being the object of your journey.

    In truth, then, God is worshiped by all, since all wayfaring
    is for the sake of the pleasure of which He is the source.

    Mathnawi VI: 3749-3755
    Camille and Kabir Helminski version



Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Jalāl al-Dīn Rūmī - This realm of the Wise



 To the call of the tavern arise, arise
Fear not separation, be wise, be wise

A kingly feast is your prize, your prize
Intoxicated souls don’t despise, despise

You too drink this wine, see the disguise
Appearance of the Lord is a needed surprise.

You are all drunk, and your watery eyes
Like the shining sun, light up the night skies

This place is all kindness, compassion
Love, beauty, grace, goodness, passion

Fear not, fear not, enter this realm of the Wise
In this tavern for all sins, forgiveness with the Lord lies

For every ailment, divine grace is medication
The Judge of this tavern forgives every transgression.

Praise emancipation
Praise divine revelation

Praise soul’s coronation
Praise joyous elation

Praise the pride of a nation
This symbol of adoration

Who brought poetic inspiration
To this house of intoxication.




Divan-e Shams PDF download 


Monday, February 27, 2023

Jalāl al-Dīn Rūmī - Sweet fragrance of Shams



 I need a lover and a friend
All friendships you transcend
And impotent I remain

You are Noah and the Ark
You are the light and the dark
Behind the veil I remain

You are passion and are rage
You are the bird and the cage
Lost in flight I remain

You are the wine and the cup
You are the ocean and the drop
While afloat I remain

I said, "O Soul of the world
My desperation has taken hold!"
"I am thy essence," without scold,
"Value me much more than gold."

You are the bait and the trap
You are the path and the map
While in search I remain

You are poison and the sweet
You are defeated and defeat
Sword in hand I remain

You are the wood and the saw
You are cooked, and are raw
While in a pot I remain

You are sunshine and the fog
You are water and the jug
While thirsty I remain

Sweet fragrance of Shams is
The joy and pride of Tabriz
Perfume trader I remain.




Divan-e Shams PDF download 




Sunday, February 26, 2023

Hāfez-e Shīrāzī - I Heard God Laughing



 What is laughter? What is laughter?
It is God waking up!  O it is God waking up!
It is the sun poking its sweet head out
From behind a cloud
You have been carrying too long,
Veiling your eyes and heart

It is Light breaking ground for a great Structure
That is your Real body - called Truth.

It is happiness applauding itself and then taking flight
To embrace everyone and everything in this world.

Laughter is the polestar
Held in the sky by our Beloved,
Who eternally says,

"Yes, dear ones, come this way,
Come this way toward Me and Love!

Come with your tender mouths moving
And your beautiful tongues conducting songs
And with your movements - your magic movements
Of hands and feet and glands and cells - Dancing!

Know that to God's Eye,
All movement is a Wondrous Language,
And Music - such exquisite, wild Music!"

O what is laughter, Hafiz?
What is this precious love and laughter
Budding in our hearts?

It is the glorious sound
Of a soul waking up! 



I Heard God Laughing 
Daniel Ladinsky


Saturday, February 25, 2023

Lalleshwari - Searching for the Friend



I wearied myself searching for the friend
With efforts beyond my strength
I came to the door
And saw how powerfully the locks were bolted
And the longing in me became that strong
And then I saw that I was gazing from within the presence
Only after that waiting and giving up all trying
Did Lalla flow out from where I knelt

Gently I weep for my mind,
caught in its illusion of ownership.
Mind,  you're not who you think you are.
You're dancing over a pit.
Soon you'll fall through,
And these things,  you've valued
And collected will be left behind. 




Friday, February 24, 2023

Jalâl al-Dîn Rûmî - Such a day



 On a day
when the wind is perfect,
the sail just needs to open and the world is full of beauty.
Today is such a

My eyes are like the sun that makes promises;
the promise of life
that it always

each morning.

The living heart gives to us as does that luminous sphere,
both caress the earth with great

This is a breeze that can enter the soul.
This love I know plays a drum. Arms move around me;
who can contain their self before my beauty?

Peace is wonderful,
but ecstatic dance is more fun, and less narcissistic;
gregarious He makes our lips.

On a day when the wind is perfect,
the sail just needs to open
and the love starts.

Today is such
a day.

from Love Poems From God: Twelve Sacred Voices from the East and West
translations by Daniel Ladinsky



Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Eric Baret - Sadness

Sadness is one of the deep emotions and it needs to be kept objectively. Sadness or melancholy is one of the essential feelings. A kind of feeling of tranquility Deep down is feeling that what we are looking for is not attainable in objective situations. I feel that no matter what I do, the motivation that drives me, which is unique, which is to be quiet, will not find completion.

When a form of maturity comes, that sadness is constantly there because no matter what I do, I know I won't find what I pretend to find. Sadness in that sense is a form of maturity. When you know this sadness, you can't fall in love anymore. Falling in love would be pretending, again, that I'll be able to find something somewhere, which is impossible in maturity. In this sadness there is no room left for expectation of any satisfaction in the objective world, in the phenomenal world.

When I see clearly that no phenomenal situation can ever satisfy me, that I live with this realization, this sadness becomes an elongation, a feeling. It's no longer the sadness of something missing, but it's like a perfume that little by little gets the nose. At first, the fragrance is in space, we can't smell it from, then, slowly, we discover its origin.

When we are matured enough to keep sadness in mind, a certain backlash occurs. But people who constantly deny sadness, fall in love, get excited about this or that can never go back to the source. They have this challenge on the moment, then deny its authenticity thinking again that a relationship, a situation, something will fulfill them... There comes a time when we no longer deny this sadness.

Nothing can make us go forward what goes on, is the same thing. There's no more intentional dynamism. There is an organic dynamism, because the nature of life is action, but there is nothing that moves us towards something. At this point this sadness becomes actual sadness. And it turns out to be a path, like smoke we follow, that will lead back to what is felt... This is becoming a nostalgia. But the slightest betrayal of this nostalgia, thinking that this or that will satisfy me, drives me to confusion.

According to the Indian approach, sadness is the ultimate feeling. This is the feeling of separation. All Indian music is based on the sense of separation. In the art of miniature Himalayan foothills, Radha is often seen looking for Krishna.

The basic emotion is sadness. This sadness leaves no room for anyone else, no room for falling in love with anything else. This sadness burns every objective situation. Can no longer wait... At that moment that sadness alchemically transforms into non objective feeling. There is no direction to this feeling that becomes a way of life, which leaves no room anymore for a dynamism to go somewhere, to wait, to hope. This is the true sadness.

But as long as one is sad about something, sad because something isn't there or something happened, we deny that true sadness. So we stick to sadness, which becomes a form of poison for the body, for the psyche, for the thought. It is in this conviction that there is nothing for me in objective situations that this sadness transforms into feeling.

There's nothing you can do about it; it's maturity. I can't mature willingly, but I can realize my immaturity. I can realize that I'm constantly attracted to this, by this, constantly trying to build a relationship, maintain a relationship, hoping for a relationship, wanting to end a relationship, wanting this, wanting that, finding myself like this, like that, thinking that eventually, maybe when i've done this, reach this, it'll be better. It's a pretense, a denial of the deep feeling that there's nothing that can satisfy me. When I deny that feeling while waiting for something that can satisfy me, life is miserable. When I clearly see this mechanism within me, then sadness is no longer sad. She becomes a feeling, a fast of the heart.

The understanding that there is nothing for me in the objective world is a fasting of thought. But the most important is the fast of the heart: sadness. I no longer search for emotion. The only emotion I want is this sadness and this feeling. There is no objective ramification, no direction for me...

To be open to sadness is fidelity to the reality of the moment. Rid of all its intentional attachments, this sadness collapses into our hearing. Loyalty without objection to the core. Tears of joy.


 "The one and only desire. Within the nakedness of tantra"
Eric Baret 


Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Jalāl al-Dīn Rūmī - Say nothing



 I’m the slave of the Moon; talk of nothing but moon.
Or brightness and sweetness.
Other than that, say nothing.

Don’t tell of suffering, talk of nothing but blessings.
If you know nothing about them, no matter.
Say nothing.

Last night I went wild. Love saw me and said:
I’m here. Don’t shout, don’t rip your shirt,
say nothing.

I said: O Love, what I fear is something else.
Love said there’s nothing there.
Say nothing.

I’ll whisper secret words in your ears. Just nod yes.
Except for that nod of your head,
say nothing.

A moon pure as spirit rose on the heart’s pathway.
What a joy, to travel the way of the heart.
Say nothing.

I said: O Heart, what is this moon? Heart beckoned:
For now, it’s not for you to know.
Say nothing.

I said: Is this face angel or human?
Neither angel nor human. It is other,
say nothing.

I said: What’s this? I’ll lose my mind if you don’t tell me.
It said: Then lose your mind, and stay that way.
Say nothing.

You who sit in this house filled with images and illusions,
get up, walk out the door. Go,
and say nothing.

I said: O Heart, tell me kindly: Isn’t this about God?
It said: Yes it is,
but kindly say nothing.


for Fabiola


Monday, February 20, 2023

Djalāl ad-Dīn Rûmî - O Cupbearer



 Who am I that I could listen to advice.

O Cupbearer?

Turn the wine glasses, O Cupbearer.

Pour the wine for our Soul

Which adds Soul to our Soul. O Cupbearer.

0 Cupbearer who holds Lovers by their hands,

The One who helps Lovers,

Give the glass of Soul for my hand.

Keep it away from the stranger's lips.

Offer it to me seeretly.

Give the bread to bread eaters.

Give the loaf of bread

To those greedy. helpless ones.

Bread's lovers

Dont deserve Your treasure. O Cupbearer.

O the One who becomes Soul to the Soul of Soul.

We didn't come here to eat bread.

Jump. Get up. Don't put on a poor face

At the assembly of the Sultan.

Just take this big glass

And offer it to that old man.

Once the old man of the village gets drunk,

Go to the side of the drunks, O Cupbearer

O Cupbearer.

Whose favor and kindness are expected,

Be quick. offer more and more.

Where is bashfulness? Where is the drunk?

If you are shy, pour one glass

Over the head of shyness.

Get up. O Cupbearer.

Come, O One who is the enemy of bashfulness.

Come to us with a smile,

So our fortune will smile. O Cupbearer.



from  Divan-e Shams – Divan Kabir

PDF download





Friday, February 17, 2023

Farid ud-Din Attar on Love



 Love's valley is the next, and here desire
Will plunge the pilgrim into seas of fire,
Until his very being is en-flamed
And those whom fire rejects turn back ashamed.
The lover is a man who flares and burns,
Whose face is fevered, who in frenzy yearns,
Who knows no prudence, who will gladly send
A hundred worlds toward their blazing end,
Who knows of neither faith nor blasphemy,
Who has no time for doubt or certainty,
To whom both good and evil are the same,
And who is neither, but a living flame.
But you! Lukewarm in all you say or do,
Backsliding, weak - oh no, this is not you!
True lovers give up everything they own
To steal one moment with the Friend alone -
They make no vague, procrastinating vow,
But risk their livelihood and risk it now.
Until their hearts are burned, how can they flee
From their desire's incessant misery?
They are the falcon when it flies distressed
In circles, searching for its absent nest -
They are the fish cast up upon the land
That seeks the sea and shudders on the sand.
Love here is fire; its thick smoke clouds the head -
When love has come the intellect has fled;
It cannot tutor love, and all its care
Supplies no remedy for love's despair.
If you could seek the unseen you would find
Love's home, which is not reason or the mind,
And love's intoxication tumbles down
The world's designs for glory and renown -
If you could penetrate their passing show
And see the world's wild atoms, you would know
That reason's eyes will never glimpse one spark
Of shining love to mitigate the dark.
Love leads whoever starts along our Way;
The noblest bow to love and must obey -
But you, unwilling both to love and tread
The pilgrim's path, you might as well be dead!
The lover chafes, impatient to depart,
And longs to sacrifice his life and heart.



Monday, February 13, 2023

Ibn‘Arabi - His Existence



 Know that whenever something permeates another, it is assumed into the other.
That which permeates, the agent, is disguised by that which is permeated, the object.
In this case, the object is the manifest [universe], and the agent is the Unmanifest, the Hidden.

On Him alone we depend for everything; our dependence on other things is in reality dependence on Him, for they are nothing but His appearances.

The eye perceives nothing but Him; only He is to be known.
We are His; by Him we exist, and by
Him we are governed; and we are, at all times and in all states, in His presence.

 There is no existence save His existence...
This means that the existence of the beggar is His existence
and the existence of the sick is His existence.
Now, when this is admitted,
it is acknowledged that all existence is His existence;
and that the existence of all created things,
both accidents and substances, is His existence;
and when the secret of one particle of the atoms is clear, the secret of all created things,
both outward and inward, is clear;
and you do not see in this world or the next, anything except God.



Sunday, February 12, 2023

Hāfez-e Shīrāzī - Dear Moon...




            The moon came to me last night
                With a sweet question.

                She said,
                “The sun has been my faithful lover
                For millions of years.
                Whenever I offer my body to him
                Brilliant light pours from his heart.
                Thousands then notice my happiness
                And delight in pointing
                toward my beauty.

                Is it true that our destiny
                Is to turn into Light

                And I replied,
                "Dear moon,
                Now that your love is maturing,
                We need to sit together
                Close like this more often

                So I might instruct you
                How to become
                Who you



Jiddu Krishnamurti on Silence


"Silence is not to be cultivated, it is not to be deliberately brought about;
it is not to be sought out, thought of, or meditated upon. The deliberate cultivation of silence is as the enjoyment of some longed for pleasure;
the desire to silence the mind is but the pursuit of sensation.
Such silence is only a form of resistance, an isolation which leads to decay.
Silence that is bought is a thing of the market in which there is the noise of activity.
Silence comes with the absence of desire. Desire is swift, cunning and deep.
Remembrance shuts off the sweep of silence, and a mind that is caught in experience cannot be silent.
Time, the movement of yesterday flowing into today and tomorrow, is not silence.
With the cessation of this movement there is silence, and only then can that which is unnameable come into being."