Wednesday, December 11, 2019

John Prendergast - The Deep Heart

In the room of lovers
I can see with closed eyes
the beauty that dances.

 THERE IS A LIGHT in the core of our being that calls us home
— one that can only be seen with closed eyes.
We can feel it as a radiance in the center of our chest.
This light of loving awareness is always here,
regardless of our conditioning.
It does not matter how many dark paths we have traveled
or how many wounds we have inflicted or sustained
as we have unknowingly stumbled toward this inner radiance.
It does not matter how long we have sleepwalked,
seduced by our desires and fears.
This call persists until it is answered,
until we surrender to who we really are.
When we do, we feel ourselves at home wherever we are.
A hidden beauty reveals itself in our ordinary life.
As the true nature of our Deep Heart is unveiled,
we feel increasingly grateful for no reason
— grateful to simply be.
Rumi discovered this truth eight hundred years ago,
as have ordinary people like you and me.
It is the call from the depths of every human heart.
It is the call from your heart as you read these words and
something within you stirs in recognition.
Rightly understood, everything that happens invites us to
recognize this heart-oriented way of being, knowing, and feeling.