Thursday, September 10, 2015

Rumi ♡ - Power of the Divine One

You are the sky and I am the earth
astonished at what you grow inside my heart.
Dry-lipped and thirsty, only the grace of your rain
can turn the earth into a rose garden.
By you it is pregnant and only you know its burden.
It twists, it turns and sighs until
it gives birth to divine longing.

The Beloved takes care of his lovers
and feeds them generously.
Sometimes he ties them with the cord of reason
and sometimes he sets them free to dance.
Look at the meadow bursting with flowers
unable to contain its joy.
Look at the power of the Divine One
turning senseless dust into a sublime painting!
All we see is a veil of this never setting Sun,
this ancient Sun that will one day silently reveal
everything that has been planted.

       -- Translation by Azima Melita Kolin
          and Maryam Mafi
          Rumi: Hidden Music
          HarperCollins Publishers Ltd, 2001

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Meister Eckhart - Empty Being

In that breaking-through, 
when I come to be free of my own will 
and of God's will and of all His works and of God Himself, 
then I am above all created things, 
and I am neither God nor creature, 
but I am what I was and what I shall remain, 
now and eternally.

... When I stood in my first cause, 
I 'then had no 'God,' and then I was my own cause. 
I wanted nothing, I longed for nothing, 
for I was empty Being and the only truth in which I rejoiced 
was in the knowledge of my Self. 
Then it was my Self I wanted and nothing else. 
What I wanted I was, and what I was I wanted 
and so I stood empty of God and every thing.


Monday, September 7, 2015

Lama Guendune Rinpoche - Happiness

“Happiness is not to be found with
many efforts or will.

It is here, nearby, in
your relaxing and surrendering.

Don’t worry,
there is nothing to be done.

Everything that comes up to your mind
has no importance because it
has no reality.

Don’t conceive
any attachment for it.

Don’t judge yourself.

Let it be.

Let it come up and down
without changing a thing.

It all vanishes and begins again,

Nothing but the quest for happiness
prevents us from seeing it.

It is like a rainbow that
one is always chasing without ever
reaching it.

It is because it has no existence.

It has always been here and
goes with you all the time.

Don’t believe in
the reality of experiences,
good or bad.

They are like rainbows.

Because we want to grasp
what is not to be grasped,
we exhaust our strength in vain.

As soon as we relinquish our hold,
space is here, open, welcoming &

So, do enjoy it.

Everything is yours already.

Stop searching.

Don’t go into the jungle to
look for the elephant that
is quietly waiting for
you at home.

There is nothing to do.

There is nothing to force.

There is nothing to desire.

And all comes by itself.”


Sunday, September 6, 2015

Wu Hsin - Behind the mind (Intro)

Behind the Mind: The Short Discourses of Wu Hsin

The Short Discourses, Part One 

The  Master  entered  the  Great  Hall  and  began  the  season’s  discourses with these words:

Wu Hsin has not visited the abode of truth. Its address is unknown even to him.

Therefore,  the  focus  here  is  neither  on  seeking  nor  finding  the  truth. Rather,  it  is  weeding  out  the  lies.  The  discovery  of  truth  is  in  the discernment of the false.

Wu Hsin is helpless before you in that he cannot transform you into what you already are. In this sense, Wu Hsin bestows the greatest gift to you by informing you that you are not what you seem to be.

This  is  nothing  new;  instead,  it  is  the  most  ancient,  transmitted through the  silence.  Silence  is  the  most  powerful  instruction.  It  is  the  global solvent in which all doubts and questions dissolve. It is the silence that is

Wu  Hsin's speaking  is  an  interruption to the  silence.  The  silence speaks far louder than any of his words

As such, most of our time together is spent in this silence. For those not yet able to discern from the silence, Wu Hsin will offer a few words daily.

However, be forewarned. Words consistently fail to express the ineffable. Every  word  approaches  it  and  is  then  repelled  back.  More  words  fail further. Words produce concepts; many words produce many concepts.

In that regard, Wu Hsin speaks minimally, making a point and leaving it up to the listener to allow the words to bask in silence and, in so doing, discern the deeper meaning.

Don't attempt to understand. Don't deal with my words with the intellect; do not commit them to memory. Let the words pass through you, piercing through  the  mind  and  through  the  intellect  and  returning  to  their  true source.

Wu Hsin is not speaking person to person. Personage is not welcome in this hall. There is no transmission, there is no transmitter, and there is no receiver. You  came here  as  an  individual. If  you  leave  as  an  individual, then you have gotten nothing.

There is some thing which truly is no thing from which every thing is its expression.

I am I, formless, yet appearing as me, with form.

The body, its sensing systems, and the mind are all referenced via "I", that is, I act, I see, I think. These are Its agent, Its instrument.

It  is  That  which  exists  in  and  of  itself,  dependent  on nothing,  requiring nothing.

It manifests as polarity.

It  is  Noumenon  and  phenomena,  the  One  and  the  Many,  the  eternal, unchanging,  unconditioned  juxtaposed  with  the  time  bound,  changeful, conditioned.

This is the framework which we will develop beginning tomorrow.

With that, he rose and left the Hall. 

Download the PDF   HERE

Adyashanti - Natural state

If the mind wanders just notice Now.
What is happening Now?
The presence of Now.
What does it feel like to be outside
of thought?
What does it feel like to be the space
in which thought happens?
What does it feel like to be the space
in which the body moves and breathes.

Generally we think we are our bodies,
but in actual experience our bodies
happen within the field of awareness.
What does it feel like to have a body
within the field of awareness?
Happening within openness?

Simply by relinquishing control we can
discover for ourselves what the natural
state is...the state of being which is not
We see what happens when we meditate
without the meditator, without the controller.

What happens in your own experience?
What happens when we are no longer
even trying to attain peace or stillness
or any goal or any agenda?
It is very telling that when we let go
of the controller and the manipulator
there is a total naturally occurring state
of stillness, of openness and of awareness.

You start to experience your natural state.
The art of meditation is so extraordinarily
simple. Letting go. Letting go of directing
our experience and the natural state starts
to arise.

EVERYTHING the mind is trying to
attain - the peace, the stillness,
the presence, IS naturally occurring
and obvious if we are not trying
to find it.
It needs no maintenance and it
needs no body to try to make it
Freedom from your own effort.

Fred LaMotte - Heart

 The heart has two chambers,
a banquet hall and a bridal bower.
We move gracefully from one to the other,
and never grow tired
of our everlasting wedding night.
We're like two empty cups
pouring a red blend back and forth
to bring out its bouquet,
subtle hints of musk and citrus.
Many grapes fermented in our vintage,
yet no one asks if we are one or two.
We just keep spilling and flowing,
and there's always enough
to make the world dance!
Here's my secret advice, lovers:
when you drink wine, you get tipsy,
then sleepy and sad.
But when you Are wine,
you stay sparkling and clear
until dawn.