Sunday, September 6, 2015

Adyashanti - Natural state

If the mind wanders just notice Now.
What is happening Now?
The presence of Now.
What does it feel like to be outside
of thought?
What does it feel like to be the space
in which thought happens?
What does it feel like to be the space
in which the body moves and breathes.

Generally we think we are our bodies,
but in actual experience our bodies
happen within the field of awareness.
What does it feel like to have a body
within the field of awareness?
Happening within openness?

Simply by relinquishing control we can
discover for ourselves what the natural
state is...the state of being which is not
We see what happens when we meditate
without the meditator, without the controller.

What happens in your own experience?
What happens when we are no longer
even trying to attain peace or stillness
or any goal or any agenda?
It is very telling that when we let go
of the controller and the manipulator
there is a total naturally occurring state
of stillness, of openness and of awareness.

You start to experience your natural state.
The art of meditation is so extraordinarily
simple. Letting go. Letting go of directing
our experience and the natural state starts
to arise.

EVERYTHING the mind is trying to
attain - the peace, the stillness,
the presence, IS naturally occurring
and obvious if we are not trying
to find it.
It needs no maintenance and it
needs no body to try to make it
Freedom from your own effort.

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