Saturday, November 17, 2012

Huang Po - One Mind

One Mind:

Only awake to the One Mind and there is nothing whatever to be attained.

This pure Mind, the source of everything, shines forever and on all with the brilliance of its own perfection. But the people of the world do not awake to it, regarding only that which sees, hears, feels and knows as mind.... If they would only eliminate all conceptual thought in a flash, that source-substance would manifest itself like a sun....

Huang Po


Hui Hai - Non-Dwelling Mind...

Mind is the Buddha, and it is needless to use this Buddha to seek the Buddha. Mind is the Dharma, and it is needless to use this Dharma to seek the Dharma. Buddha and Dharma are not separate entities, and their togetherness forms the Sangha. Such is the meaning of the Three Jewels in One Substance.... Our Nature, which is intrinsically pure, does not rely on any practice in order to achieve its own state. Only the arrogant claim that there are practice and realization. The real world is without obstruction and its function is, under all circumstances, inexhaustible. It is without beginning or end. A man of high spirituality is capable of sudden Illumination....

Hui Hai - 8th century A.D.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Gangaji's Essential Invitation

Elisabet Sahtouris - Is consciousness evolving?

The Gurdjieff Movements (excerpts)

Chuang Tzu - How vast...

Heaven does nothing: its non-doing is its serenity.
Earth does nothing: its non-doing is its rest.
From the union of these two non-doings
All actions proceed.
All things are made.
How vast, how invisible
This coming-to-be!

All things come from nowhere!
How vast, how invisible

No way to explain it!
All beings in their perfection
Are born of non-doing.

Hence it is said:
Heaven and earth do nothing
Yet there is nothing they do not do.

Where is the man who can attain
To this non-doing?

~ Chuang Tzu


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wei Wu Wei - Doing away...

Zero Enlightenment and the Extinction of “Me”

DOING AWAY with the I-notion is the same as not desiring
the personal attainment of enlightenment.
Not desiring that (the “last desire,” the “last barrier”) is
“having it,” for “having it” is in any case merely being rid of
that which concealed what is forever that which alone we are.
Therefore not desiring personal attainment of that is at
the same time the elimination of the I-notion which constitutes its concealment.
The  idea of liberation automatically inhibits the simple realisation that we are free.

Nikos Kazantzakis - "What is love, my friends?"

"Saint Francis of Assisi" ( in Greek "Ο Φτωχούλης του Θεού") 

"What is love, my friends?" he asked, opening his arms as though he wished to embrace us. "What is love? It is not simply compassion, not simply kindness. In compassion there are two: the one who suffers and the one who feels compassion. In kindness there are two: the one who gives and the one who receives. But in love there is only one; the two join, unite, become inseparable. The I and the you vanish. To love means to lose oneself in the beloved." 

~ Nikos Kazantzakis    (St. Francis in Kazantzakis' book "Saint Francis"


Krishnamurti on Choiceless Awareness

The very awareness of what is is a liberative process. So long as we are unaware of what we are and are trying to become something else, so long will there be distortion and pain. The very awareness of what I am brings about transformation and the freedom of understanding.

— Krishnamurti, 1946

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Who are you really?

Mooji: It is Just Happening

Self Realization

There is nothing more sacred than Self-realization. When you have this conviction, you will truly be able to live alone.
There is no greater fortune than Self-knowledge. If it is not realized, there is no greater misfortune.
Compared to Self-realization, all else is meaningless. Without faith in this truth, you will wander about, going to various teachers and holy places.

Nisargadatta Maharaj

Bulleh Shah - "Enter Thine own Self"

Enter Thine own Self
And know Thou art the support of the universe;
When Thou shinest, the whole world is lit;
The phantom that causes thee to tremble is 
Thine own projection.
Says Bulleshah: Give up this illusion
And break the net of individuality.

My mind is fixed in the Indifferent One!
My eyes seek His face, my heart loves Him alone.
The ignorant deplore my conduct,
They try to draw me from Him -- I only weep.
The priests and theologians threaten me with perdition
And instruct me in rituals,
But what has my love to do with these?
My Lord lives beyond the torrent
And I must meet Him there;
Who will tell me how to cross it?
A lover follows his love whatever betide!
Says Bulleshah: I go to meet my God.

They turn their faces from all else
Who have seen the Beloved!
Once only have they seen the Adorable One
And their gaze is eternally fixed on Him.
Day and night they wander lost in wonder,
Without ever treading in the mud of 'I' and 'mine.'
Bulleshah says: They have become the Beloved Himself;
The relationship of lover and beloved is dissolved.

Having sacrificed the little self,
I have found the Friend
And lost all consciousness of the world!
My anxieties are past forever;
My mind is lost in bliss!
I am merged in happiness
And experience eternal peace;
The spiritual fire has consumed duality.
Bulleshah says: I have embraced the Friend.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Huineng - Where are we to seek the Buddha?

Deluded, a Buddha is a sentient being;
Awakened, a sentient being is a Buddha.

Ignorant, a Buddha is a sentient being;
With wisdom, a sentient being is a Buddha.

If the mind is warped, a Buddha is a sentient being;
If the mind is impartial, a sentient being is a Buddha.

When once a warped mind is produced,
Buddha is concealed within the sentient being.

If for one instant of thought we become impartial,
Then sentient beings are themselves Buddha.

In our mind itself a Buddha exists,
Our own Buddha is the true Buddha.

If we do not have in ourselves the Buddha mind,
Then where are we to seek the Buddha?


Jalal ad-Din Rumi - the time has come

Jiddu Krishnamurti - My purpose ...

My purpose is to make men unconditionally free, for I maintain that the only spirituality is the incorruptibility of the self which is eternal, is the harmony between reason and love. This is the absolute, unconditioned Truth which is Life itself. I want therefore to set man free, rejoicing as the bird in the clear sky, unburdened, independent, ecstatic in that freedom. ... For this you need not have an organization based on spiritual belief. ... Truth is in everyone; it is not far, it is not near; it is eternally there. ...

Jac O'Keeffe - Beyond Mind

Nothing sees that which is beyond mind. It just is. If something could see 'it', there would then still be two 'there'. Mind can't go 'there'. It's beneath mind all the time. It's underneath the stories all the time. Once the ability to believe the stories is gone, it's all that's left. It's outside of time. And you 'know' 'it', but you don't know what you know, and you don't know how you know it. You are 'it' and you can't not be 'it'. You can't add to 'it', and you can't take away from 'it'. 'It' doesn't have a colour, a smell, or a sound. 'It' is what you are outside of all ideas of what you could be. Nothing knows 'it', there's nothing and nobody to know 'it', but 'it' is known.
Jac O'Keeffe

Monday, November 12, 2012


Chan master Huang-po (d.850) said: 

“Many people are afraid to empty their own minds lest they plunge into the Void. 
Ha! What they don’t realize is that their own Mind is the Void.”

Zen story - Who are you?

Keiji, a long-time Zen student, approached his master and said: “I don’t see how there can be any enlightenment that sets you free once and for all. I think we just get ever greater glimpses of Buddha-nature, the vastness that is our true Reality. It’s an ever-expanding process.” The master, looking penetratingly at Keiji, replied. “That may be what you think. But what is your experience, your experience right now?” Keiji looked momentarily confused. “My experience right now, Master?” “Yes. Do you know yourself as Keiji, having ever-expanding experiences of Buddha-nature? Or do you know yourself as Buddha-nature, having the experience of Keiji?”

Jan Kersschot - Philosophy of Oneness

If you're looking to find the key to Oneness,
there is some bad news and some good news.
The bad news is:
there is no key to Oneness.
The good news is:
the door has been left unlocked.

Jan Kersschot

Nirmala - Gifts with No Giver: A Love Affair with the Truth

in the dream I always play the fool
in the dream
my defenses always fail
in the dream
my desires are never fully satisfied
in the dream
my heart is broken over and over

wide awake
I always play the fool
wide awake
my defenses always fail
wide awake
my desires are never fully satisfied
wide awake
my heart sings its endless joy

Free Spiritual Poetry by Nirmala - Free Poems from the Heart

Dogen - Limitless world

But do not ask me where I am going,
As I travel in this limitless world,
Where every step I take is my home.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Jeff Foster - What is illusion?

The word is so misunderstood.

'Illusion' simply means 'deceptive appearance' - not 'non-existence'. The self, the 'me' is an illusion, not because it doesn't exist, but because it doesn't exist in the way we imagine it to. Its appearance is deceptive. At first, there seems to be a solid and separate 'me' - an individual wave separate from the vast ocean of life itself. But upon investigation and inquiry and deep looking, that assumption crumbles. The 'illusion' is seen through. The wave is seen to be inseparable from the ocean. There is a self, but it is inseparable from the unstoppable flow of life. It is life, selfing, not a self experiencing life.

And so, by 'me', I don't mean the story of myself. I mean this ever-present, vast, boundless open space in which all those ever-changing thoughts, sensations, feelings, sounds, come and go - the space in which every facet of this cosmic dance is deeply welcome, not because 'I' am welcoming 'it', but because it IS. Ancient galaxies arise and dissolve in the intimacy that I Am, in this boundless love beyond all concepts of love.

And so, in the rubble of illusion, we discover a love beyond imagination.

Sufi writing

What a marvel! That a Being Colorless
Displays a hundred thousand hues, shades!
What a wonder! That a Being Void of Form
Enrobes in forms beyond all numbering!
May we behold That Being in all the hues
And in all the forms.

Thus, in the name of That Which has no name,
Yet lifts to every name an answering head,
The name of That Which is the changeless One
Amidst the changing Many,
And within Whose Oneness all this Many is confined,
May we begin our work of Peace.


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