Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Sandy Jones - Sweet Life

Truth isn’t bound to meet human expectations. Truth is unbound and bigger than any of us – an inconceivable mystery – no human can enclose, determine, tame, confine or define what Truth is. But yet, one day, often after one is shaken to the core, one day we discover that Truth is this very experience of Life Itself. It is our very own self-knowing. In the blink of an eye, we realize we have always been living up close and touching the ineffable and sacrosanct, right here, just as we are. Here we discover that Reality is Life and Life is what Love is – Yes we know what love is. We get the joy of expressing it in so many ways, it is our pleasure to love. Love is not a mystery, love is simple, love endures, love desires, love gives, love laughs and smiles, sings, dances, love is sensuous, alive, love is resilient, good, beautiful, strong – because love is all things, love is Real. Love is the way of all things.  We are entwined in the love scenes, synchronized with the ongoing, unending, reverberating eternal song of Life itself.  Love is the essence of all things, the Life Force of our very world, our own being. Love is the very nature of all that is. Love never leaves us, it is always here, forever, lasting, abiding, unbroken, timeless, the illimitable wholeness of Life itself, it is inseparable from us – and love is undying – from the beginning.  Sweet Life – Yes, always –\