Friday, June 22, 2018

Miriam Louisa Simons - Relax and enjoy the View

“Here’s a little heresy for the Sabbath:  Nothing you can ever do, even if you do it a hundred thousand times in the most sacred spot on Earth, can bring you closer to the brilliant Light of Being that you are.  That you are!  Already.

Practice.  Path.  Method.  Journey.  Quest.  (Usually preceded by ‘my’ and ‘spiritual’.)  All are equally guaranteed to propel you away from what you seek.

Krishnamurti used to say, “Truth is a pathless land.”  We loved his “pathless path” the way Zenners love their “gateless gate”.  But both these cultified terms still leave one with the notion of a ‘way’ and a destination, even though they strive for the very opposite.

Nowadays we hear a great deal about the “direct path” to awakening or enlightenment, but I reject this term too, on the same grounds.  Truth is indeed a pathless land – but for some reason we find it impossible to accept that this land cannot be reached by paths or practices.  We are time and motion junkies.  Until exhaustion sets in.

So here’s my memo:

Please just rest.
Rest with this, right here, now.
Relax and enjoy the View
for the View is you,
naked and sacred.”


Mooji - Your heart is the Polar Star

Don’t take the behaviour of the mind and body
to be a reading of your true Self.
Let everything happen,
but know and confirm inwardly,
you are watching everything from a very stable place
which, itself, is not happening.

There is a stillness there.
There is an untouched silence.
You must acknowledge this.
You must be like the Polar Star in the heavens.

Your heart is the Polar Star, the North Star.
Everything is revolving but it is still—unmoving.
You are the stillness,
the silence inside which all is moving.
You only have to recognise and love that,
and nothing will trouble you.

Everything is the flow of time.
Everything is coming and going,
including even this body.
It is like a burning candle.
But there is an invisible flame inside
that never goes out.

Fix your attention inside the formless
and leave the rest to God.


Monday, June 18, 2018

Taya Malakian - The Soul’s Poem

There is a secret poem
hidden in your heart.
You don’t need to write it,
It was written the moment
you were born,
and is waiting for you to discover it.
You may have uncovered a line of it
here and there.
You may have forgotten it completely
for months and years.
It may come to you all at once
as you race to write the words down
so they will last.
But they will last
because this is the poem of your soul.
These words are more infinite
than anything else you will create in this life.
The wise ones quiet themselves each day
to go within to hear the angels sing to them
the poem of their soul.
In your quest for wisdom follow that same path
back to the soul’s poem within.

-Taya from The Forgotten Love: Poems of Love and Longing

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Fred LaMotte - Wild Rose

 The wild rose springs up among the weeds.
 Does it feel guilty about its fragrance?
Please, friend, never let anyone make you feel guilty
about being happy in this troubled world.
To be troubled is the nature of the world.
To be happy is the nature of your heart.
Happiness is not a privilege, but a birthright.
Your happiness costs the world nothing, is not extravagant,
exploits no one's labor, wastes no energy.
Yet its blossoming can heal the air, the water, the soil.
Your joy does not come from the world, yet it suffuses the world
with a secret light, and touches other hearts.