Thursday, May 12, 2022

Jalāl al-Dīn Rūmī ~ In Silence



 Let a true guide enter your life in silence,
Because his message is only heard in silence.
Take a sip of his precious wine
And lose yourself in silence.
Do not insult the greatness of his love,
For he helps all those who suffer in silence.
Polish the mirror between the breaths,
Go with him beyond words.
He knows your every deed,
He is the one who moves the wheel
Of heaven in silence.
Every thought buried in your heart;
He will reveal them one by one, in silence.
Turn each of your thoughts into a bird,
And let them fly to the other world.
One is an owl, one is a falcon, one is a crow.
Each one is different from the others,
Yet they are all the same, in silence.
To see the moon that cannot be seen,
Turn your eyes inward and look
At yourself in silence.
In this world and the next,
Do not talk about this and that;
Let Him show you everything
Shining as one, in silence