Friday, February 25, 2022

Dr Christian Tal Schaller ~ The disease of happiness


Warning ! A global epidemic is spreading at breakneck speed. 

The W.W.O.. (World Welfare Organization) predicts 

that billions of people will be infected in the next ten years. 

Here are the symptoms of this disease:

Tendency to be guided by personal intuition 

rather than acting under the pressure of fears, 

received ideas and conditioning from the past.

Total lack of interest 

in judging others, 

judging oneself and 

being interested in anything 

that generates conflict.

Complete loss of ability to worry 

(this is one of the most serious symptoms).

Constant pleasure in appreciating things 

and beings as they are, 

which leads to the disappearance 

of the habit of wanting to change others. 


Intense desire to transform oneself to develop 

one's potential for health, creativity and love.

Repeated attacks of smiling, 

that smile that says "thank you" 

and gives a feeling of unity 

and harmony with all that lives. 

Ever-increasing openness to the spirit of childhood, 

simplicity, laughter and cheerfulness.

If you want to continue 

to live in fear, conflict, disease

and conformism, avoid contact 

with people showing these symptoms. 

This disease is extremely contagious. 

If you are already showing symptoms, 

know that your condition 

is probably irreversible. 

Chemical medical treatments 

can temporarily eliminate 

some symptoms, 

but cannot oppose 

the inevitable progression 

of the disease. 

No anti-happiness vaccine exists.

As this disease 

of happiness causes 

a total loss 

of the fear of dying 

which is the central pillar 

of the beliefs of 

modern materialistic society, 

serious social unrest 

is likely to occur, 

such as belligerent strikes, 

gatherings of happy people 

to sing, dance 

and celebrate life, 

sharing and healing circles, 

collective fits of laughter.