Friday, May 6, 2022

Eric Baret ~ The right decision


How do we know we made the right decision?

Éric Baret: 

If you took it, it is always bad; but you will see that,
in the end, it is always good,
because it was never you who took it.
It’s after that you say to yourself  "I have
taken it”, but it was inevitable.
It’s always the good decision, but you never took it.
That’s what you have to see, you have no choice, the
problem does not arise.
In sensitivity, there is nothing to decide.
Forget the decision, it is not in your hands, for
the good reason that there are no independent entities.
That’s only later that you ask yourself the question.
If you go to an astrologer, he’ll tell you what
you are going to do, it is a waste of energy to find the
responsibility in this.
Life has already decided for you.
No chance, no idea,no choice. .