Saturday, March 29, 2014

Wei Wu Wei - Seeing

How CAN THERE be a 'seeing'? Surely the 'seeing' is
false: the object is not over there, it is at home 'here'. I am
it, it is I. How, then, can I 'see' it? There is no object there:
therefore there cannot be any subject here.
All my eye! My eye and whatever lies behind it.
Once More
The conclusion is simple and evident. There is no
one to 'see' and no 'thing' to be 'seen'; the 'seen' is the
'see-er' and the 'see-er' is the 'seen', and that is a definition
of noumenon. This applies to each of the senses by means
of which phenomena are cognised.
'Noumenon' has no more existence than 'phenomena'
since each is merely a concept of divided 'mind', itself the
sixth sense, interpreter of its fellows. And all that each is is
neither 'there' nor 'here' nor any 'where'.
No name, nor any description, can ever be given to
what remains, for that is by definition no object, because as
ultimate subjectivity it could not see itself which is therefore
no 'thing' other than objectified as every 'thing', i.e., all
Therefore 'it' is ultimate and absolute phenomenal
absence and the absence of that concept of 'absence', which
is absolute presence.

Note: Phenomena are noumenon objectifying itself, or Noumenon is
subject objectifying itself as phenomena.

from The Open Secret  HERE

Nobody's notes - The Truth Does Not Make Sense

The truth does not make sense. 
It cannot make sense. 
For things to make sense, they must fit together, they must work together, they must support each other.
Two ideas click together nicely, like lego. They make sense.
There is only one truth. And truth is all there is.
It cannot make sense.
And so you cannot understand it intellectually.
Philosophy, logic and rationalization won’t help you to find the truth.
It is so subtle, so simple, so obscure that the tools of the mind cannot see it.
Using the mind to find truth is like using a telescope to watch your TV.
You just don’t need the telescope.
Put it down. The truth is right in front of you.
The truth needs no support from any other ideas, notions, reasons or evidence.
It stands alone. 
It does not need to make sense. 
The truth does not make sense. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Karlfried Graf Dürckheim - awakening

“Suddenly it happened! I was listening and lightning went through me. The veil was torn asunder, I was awake! I had just experienced ‘It’. Everything existed and nothing existed. Another Reality had broken through this world. I myself existed and did not exist… I had experienced that which is spoken of in all centuries: individuals, in whatever stage of their lives, have had an experience which struck them with the force of lightning and linked them once and for all to the circuits of True Life.”

 "To what extent the habit of sitting can impress and change us becomes clear only when we have taken pains to practice it. After a short time we find ourselves asking: how is it possible that such a simple exercise can have such far-reaching effects on the body and soul? Sitting still, we begin to realize, is not what we had imagined physical or spiritual practice to be. We are faced, therefore, with the question: “What is it we are really practicing if, although both are affected it is neither body nor spirit?” The answer to this is that the person who practices is himself being practiced."

 Karl Graf Dürckheim (October 24, 1896 – December 28, 1988), German diplomat, 
psychotherapist and Zen Master

  A rare documentary on the teachings of a spiritual master, including footage filmed at his death bed.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Nagarjuna - Hymn to the Jewel of the Mind

Praise to one’s own mind, the jewel that ends the confusion of thoughts, and in its natural state, removes the net of delusion generated through mind alone.
Though beings invent, through their own inclinations, various gods, owing to the jewel of the mind, no god, other than liberation, can be established.
In attainment, the mind is luminous; only in mind are the five kinds of destiny, and neither the essence of bliss nor the root of suffering exist beyond the mind.
All that is seen by sentient beings, even while engaged in some meditative practices, are in the mind’s deceitful net, according to the words of he who taught the dharma of truth.
The mind, lacking imagination, caught in samsara, born from imagination, is nothing other than imagination – where there is no imagination, there is liberation.
Therefore, all beings should offer sincere praise to this mind of illumination, for it causes them to acquire the mind’s jewel, called “Sublime Illumination.”
Mind, the product of the elements, is bound to the body – when the mind is calmed, the elements are calmed, so become a strong custodian of your mind, for only when the mind is calm and pure does awakening arise.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

from Divani Shamsi Tabriz

He said: 'Who is at the door?' Said I: 'Thy humble slave.'
He said: ' What business have you ? Said I: ' Lord, to greet thee.'
He said: ' How long will you push ?' Said I: ' Till thou call.'
He said: ' How long will you glow ? ' Said I: ' Till resurrection.'
I laid claim to love, I took oaths
That for love I had lost sovereignty and power.
He said: 'A judge demands witness as regards a claim.'
Said I: ' Tears are my witness, paleness of face my evidence.'
He said: ' The witness is not valid; your eye is corrupt.'
Said I: ' By the majesty of thy justice they are just and clear of sin.'
He said: ' What do you intend ? Said I. , Constancy and friendship.'
He said: ' What do you want of me ?' Said I: ' Thy universal grace.'
He said: ' Who was your companion ?' Said I: ' Thought of thee, O King.'
He said: ' Who called you here ?' Said I: ' The odour of thy cup.'
He said: 'Where is it pleasantest ?' Said I: ' The Emperor's palace.'
He said: ' What saw you there ?' Said I: ' A hundred miracles.'
He said: ' Why is it desolate ?' Said I: ' From fear of the brigand.'
He said: ' Who is the brigand ? ' Said I: ' This blame.'
He said: ' Where is it safe ?' Said I: ' In abstinence and piety.'
He said: ' What is abstinence ? ' Said I: ' The path of salvation.'
He said: ' Where is calamity ?' Said I: ' In the neighborhood of thy love.'
He said: ' How fare you there ?' Said I: ' In steadfastness.'
I gave you a long trial, but it availed me nothing ;
Repentance lights on him who tests one tested already.
Peace! if I should utter forth his mystic sayings,
You would go beside yourself, neither door nor roof would restrain you.

Selected Poems from the Divani Shamsi Tabriz
Edited and Translated by R. A. Nicholson

Nathan Gill - Hide and Seek

Consciousness, also referred to as The Absolute, The Supreme Reality, No-thing etc is appearing as everything and everyone right now. That is Your identity, Your true nature. You ARE The Supreme Reality, in and as which arises Awareness, in and as which arises form 
(the play of life).
Whenever there is simple relaxation into the Awareness aspect of Your Nature, it becomes clear that form (the play of life) is appearing completely spontaneously and that there are no individual entities doing or thinking anything. Awareness is attracted to its own appearances, and, focussed as attention, becomes mesmerised by them (particularly form as thought, and especially thought that appears to refer to “me” as an individual). In this mesmerising, and consequent forgetting of our true nature, the play of life in its myriad appearances seems to be the sole reality.
But Awareness is not confined as and to form, rather, form is appearing IN awareness! When the reminding of this happens in some way, maybe by this current article or through a “teacher”, book, Youtube etc, then identification as form may become obvious and seeking spontaneously ceases. There is no longer focussing in and as form, rather there is resting as Awareness.
The play of life continues but the suffering that arises whenever there is attachment to form (and thought particularly) is no longer there. There often ensues in the play of life remembering and forgetting (identification and dis-identification) which has become known as flip-flopping, but the seeming confinement to and as form has loosened. At times mesmerisation may occur with consequent seeking, at times there is simply resting as Awareness.
In whatever configuration form appears right now, it is just exactly how it’s “meant” to be. Form – the play of life – cannot be altered or transformed in any way by any supposed individual because there are no individuals. The play of life is like a movie already transcribed onto a DVD. It is unalterable, playing endlessly on and on in a display of endless appearances.
Whenever Awareness identifies with form it appears as though seeking through various means is the key to freedom from that identification, but seeking is merely more identification. The life of the apparent individual is an automaticity, just another part of the movie. There is no individual freedom, rather there may be recognition of our true nature when seeing as and from Awareness, and even the outshining of that as the entirety of our nature as the Supreme Reality. None of this can be “done”. All is simply a spontaneously arising modification of the One Reality, which of course is none other than This, already!
So there’s one story, and here’s another. Rarely, with some body-mind appearances in the play there’s no gradual reminding and remembering, but rather the complete and immediate falling away of any limitation to seeing and living directly as and from The Supreme Reality, from No-thing.
Seeing and living directly as and from No-thing is always already the case of course but there isn’t always the conscious recognition of that. Consciousness likes to play hide and seek with itself!


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mother Prajnaparamita - Compassionate warning

Never thematize
Or personalise What Is.

Simply because Reality remains

harmoniously functioning
At peace
And blissfully awakened.

Translated by Lex Hixon

Nisargadatta Maharaj - Because I am, all is.”

“Reality is neither subjective nor objective, neither mind nor matter, neither time nor space. These divisions need somebody to whom they happen, a conscious separate center. But reality is all and nothing, the totality and the exclusion, the fullness and the emptiness, fully consistent and absolutely paradoxical. You cannot speak about it; you can only lose yourself in it. When you deny reality to anything, you come to a residue which cannot be denied. All talk of jnana (knowing) is a sign of ignorance. It is the mind that imagines that it does not know and then comes to know. Reality knows nothing of these contortions. Even the idea of God as the creator is false. Do I owe my being to any other being? Because I am, all is.”

Monday, March 24, 2014

Jiddu Krishnamurti - On Freedom

Jiddu Krishnamurti: "On Freedom"

Without total freedom, every perception, every objective regard, is twisted.
It is only the man who is totally free who can look and understand immediately.
Freedom implies really, doesn't it, the total emptying of the mind. Completely
to empty the whole content of the mind--that is real freedom. Freedom is not
mere revolt from circumstances, which again breeds other circumstances,
other environmental influences, which enslave the mind. We are talking about
a freedom that comes naturally, easily, unasked for, when the mind is
capable of functioning at its highest level.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Rabi'a - My Love

My joy
My hunger
My shelter
My friend;
My food for the journey
My journey's End.

You are my breath,
My hope,
My companion,
My craving,
My abundant wealth.

Without You — my Life, my Love —
I would never have wandered across these endless countries.
You have poured out so much grace for me,
Done me so many favors, given me so many gifts —
I look everywhere for Your love —
Then suddenly I am filled with it.

O Captain of my Heart
Radiant Eye of Yearning in my breast,
I will never be free from You
As long as I live.

Be satisfied with me, Love,
And I am satisfied.

Mirabai - I am Married to the Eternal Husband

(Note: the interpretation below is based on a portion of Swami Radhanandaji's translation and interpretation.  Also, items in parenthesis have been added to the text.)


O my companion, saheli, I am married to the Eternal Husband (i.e. Brahman; God). I am now married to The Indivisible Husband (soul/atma is one with paramatma; I experience/live/know that my soul or atma is brahman, i.e., that I am One with the Absolute).

After having gone through eighty four lakhs (8.4 million) birth and death cycles, I have suffered a great deal in this ocean of samsar (i.e. illusion/fictitious, temporal, material, worldly or superficial life). (Such a) worldly life and the (or: its) samsari relatives are all terribly deceptive; seeing and repeatedly experiencing this, I shiver. The entire family and those associated with them are all selfish, yet now I am relieved from this deceptive world.

After taking this birth, I have suffered immeasurably having lived a married worldly life and establishing a household. Yet, I am now very joyous in the company of saints, and feel at peace having established in a single goal (i.e. to remember/celebrate One-ness or knowledge of "marriage" to the Lord, and being "unmarried" to the worldly/illusion/duality-consciousness) in this life, (hence/I therefore live) without doubts or confusion.

I have overcome the worldly thirst (a reference to duality-consciousness; illusion; sin-consciousness; materialism at the expense of spiritual/deeper pursuits; greed, etc.) due to infinite grace of Truth, Shri Krishna and the Sadguru (i.e., the great teacher) within.

Gopi Mira's Lord is Giridhar (a historical/stylistic/scriptural reference/metaphor. Also related: I know/have the Lord, who is Everything/everywhere present). He is the true civilized, dependable, pure, selfless friend and husband. I now surrender at the feet of saints.