Thursday, December 22, 2022

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee ~ Winter


art Wendy Andrew 


 “This is a season of completion, when all that has been experienced in the abundance of form completes its journey, discovers its deeper significance. Without this space the sacred would lack a foundation. This is when we “take upon us the mystery of things.” We become the space where form and the formless meet, where the heart is empty and full and love opens the door between the worlds. Life and death belong together  in ways we rarely understand. Death is not just the end of the cycle of life, but a deepening of the journey. Completion is a realization, not just a conclusion.
And yet it needs an inner strength to fully honor this cycle of the sacred, to allow life’s book to turn to this empty page. We have to acknowledge that we are a part of a greater whole than we can imagine, a whole that includes the formless as well as the multitude of forms. Hopefully during the cycle of the seasons we have learned this strength—hopefully the sacred has taken us to this place where we are no longer frightened by the unknown.”



Seasons of the Sacred: Reconnecting to the Wisdom Within Nature and the Soul