Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Dorothy Walters - A kiss

"What you seek was seeking you."

How is it
that when I was
looking for You,
You were seeking me also?

Silently You watched and waited.
Sometimes gave me
a brief glimpse
or taste
of who You were,
like a shy deer in the forest
that vanishes when
you turn to look.

And so I roamed,
looking here and there,
gazing at the hieroglyphs on trees
or peering into the throats of flowers for secret revelations,
listening to the waves
pounding the shore for messages,
examining books and stars,
seeking essence.

Finally I gave up my searching,
surrendered my deep desire
to stillness.
And then You gave me a kiss
that lasted forever.


Kathleen Rose McTeigue - Now is the Time

 Don’t let the jewels remain buried
at the bottom of the ocean

Dive deep
Hold your breath
Let another breath breathe you

Let the breath of the universe
propel you ever deeper
into the mystery of Being

Surrendering to the unknown
as it unfolds in your life

Moment by moment
Miracle by miracle

What jewels will you bring
to the surface to share with the world?

What gold did you find hidden
in the depths of the darkness?

Wear it as a crown,
a symbol of the wisdom
and power discovered
in the depths of your Being

Let the voice of love
find its expression
through your heart
broken or unbroken

No need to wait for perfection
to let your light shine
You’re already reflecting
the perfect light

Let the heart of compassion
flow as a river of mercy
into the wounds of humanity

Now is the time
Now is the time
Now is the time


Monday, April 29, 2019

Nancy Neithercut - 'not this nor that nor both nor neither'

It seems obvious when imaginary separation is believed in that there are separate things, even before they are named. Like that hard thing on the end of your shoelace, just waiting to be named. Yet the designation 'thing' is a name.
Where does the mountain end and the valley begin?
How deep is the line between Utah and Nevada?
What time is it on the sun?
How far is up?

I have heard that Eskimos have fifty more words for precipitation than we do, so their conceptual world is different than ours.

I am not trying to convince you that there are no things, as this is not a belief or an understanding. As unicity or 'unity consciousness' is already always the case, it cannot and need not be brought about anew. It is merely recognized or not. When and if it is recognized you will say, 'oh yes! It has always been like this!'

However, no thing ness and the resulting amazement at thingness is so astounding I love to sing of it knowing full well that all words, all thoughts are razors, seemingly dividing up what has no split or division or edge anywhere... or nowhere...

The conceptualization of the physical world into things is amazing! Our objectifying brains create recognizable things like trees and rivers when all trees and rivers certainly don't look alike. Then the brains can imagine all kinds of rearrangement of these things, like building boats out of trees to cross rivers.

Yet, as thingness is learned, there seems to appear a thing that is not these things, that is in the center of the swirling world of things, called a you. So thingness can be most painful when believed. As the feeling of separation just doesn't feel right! When there is an intuition that all separation is made up, there is a dissonance with the belief in separation which, like all belief in things imaginary is accompanied by hope and fear. For some, like it was for me, it is exceedingly painful! We call these people, 'seekers'.
They are the looking for something called wholeness or oneness or love... They are the grasping and cannot let go... as all grasping seems to create a someone who is grasping and things that can be grasped.

There are no things nor non things yet everything is included... as the Dzogchen say, 'not this nor that nor both nor neither', and, 'not one nor two nor many nor none'... don't know who said that.

So it can be poetry or other ambiguous words that may catapult the mind into a feeling of lostness, which some may like and others run away from. Or perhaps there is a huge catastrophe like a death, that may turn your world upside down.

It may seem obvious that there were atoms and quarks before they were named... or sunsets and oceans and a colors and time... Yet, it is our brains using shared learned words and concepts that creates this worded conceptual world, and results in our 'known' world, a worded world of this and that and you and me and we.

Only the human brain creates things purely imaginary and a self who runs after them, like happiness and love and tomorrow, and oneness and wholeness and enlightenment.

I am not denigrating science, it is a wonderful method of describing the physical world, and explaining how these various things act and react. As the conceptual world is the only world we exist in, as conceptual beings, this is my world. I am the dream of objectified separation. There is no outside to this world as inside and outside like all this and that is made up.
This is it, coyote!


Monica Dayakar - Who Takes Credit

Who Takes Credit

For the wafting of the breeze.....
Through a hollowed reed.......
The thicket where the bamboo grows......
The woodcutter, that felled the deathly blow......
The craftsman that circled the empty space.....
The lips that caressed it with a gentle kiss.....
The bejeweled ear that heard the tune.......

An unbroken, unitary flow......

Who takes the credit.......
For this song........

Nothing arising out of nothingness.....
Nothingness collapsing back into nothing.....

Who then to take credit for this show.....


The Nothingness Of It All...


Anthony De Mello - Three Qualities Of Holiness

True happiness is uncaused. You are happy for no reason at all.  And true happiness cannot be experienced. It is not within the realm of consciousness. So it is with holiness.

Holiness is unself-consciousness. The moment you are aware of your holiness it goes sour and becomes self-righteousness. A good deed is never so good as when you have no consciousness that it is good - you are so much in love with the action that you are quite unselfconscious about your goodness and virtue. Your left hand has no idea that your right hand is doing something good or meritorious. You simply do it because it seems the natural, spontaneous thing to do. If it is real virtue, it would feel so natural that it wouldn't occur to you to think of it as a virtue.

Secondly, Holiness is effortlessness.

Effort can change behavior, it cannot change you. Think of this: Effort can put food into your mouth, it cannot produce an appetite; it can keep you in bed, it cannot produce sleep; it can make you reveal a secret to another but it cannot produce trust; it can force you to pay a compliment, it cannot produce genuine admiration.

Love and freedom and happiness are not things that you can cultivate and produce. You cannot even know what they are. All you can do is observe their opposites and, through your observation, cause these opposites to die. Understand your pride and it will drop -- what results will be humility. Understand your unhappiness, and it will disappear -- what results is the state of happiness. Understand your fears and they will melt -- the resultant state is love. Understand your attachments and they will vanish -- the consequence is freedom.

Thirdly, holiness cannot be desired.

If you desire happiness you will be anxious lest you do not attain it. You will be constantly in a state of dissatisfaction; and dissatisfaction and anxiety kill the very happiness that you set out to gain. When you desire holiness for yourself you feed the very greed and ambition that make you so selfish and vain and unholy.

There are two sources for change within you.  One is the cunningness of your ego that pushes you into making efforts to become something other than you are meant to be so that it can give itself a boost, so that it can glorify itself. The other is the wisdom of Nature. Thanks to this wisdom you become aware, you understand it. That is all you do, leaving the change -- the type, the manner, the speed, the time of change -- to Reality and to Nature. The changes that follow are not the result of your blueprints and efforts but the product of Nature that spurns your plans and will, thereby leaving no room for a sense of merit or achievement, or even any consciousness on the part of your left hand of what Reality is doing by means of your right.