Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Nisargadatta Maharaj ~ Non-distinction


art Rob Rey


 Non-distinction speaks in silence.
Words carry distinctions.
The unmanifested (nirguna) has no name,
all names refer to the manifested (saguna).
It is useless to struggle with words to express what is beyond words.
Consciousness (chidananda) is spirit (purusha), consciousness is matter (prakriti).
Imperfect spirit is matter, perfect matter is spirit.
In the beginning as in the end, all is one.
All division is in the mind (chitta); there is none in reality (chit).
Movement and rest are states of mind and cannot be without their opposites.
By itself nothing moves, nothing rests.
It is a grievous mistake to attribute to mental constructs absolute existence.
Nothing exists by itself.
Beyond the mind there is no such thing as experience.
Experience is a dual state.
You cannot talk of reality as an experience.
Once this is understood, you will no longer look
for being and becoming as separate and opposite.
In reality they are one and inseparable, like roots and branches of the same tree.
Both can exist only in the light of consciousness,
which again, arises in the wake of the sense 'I am'.
This is the primary fact.
If you miss it, you miss all.