Saturday, August 10, 2013

Binavi Badakhshani - I became water

Once the light came
and bathed me in Truth,
I gave up all
planning and plotting.
If you wish
to find transcendence,
leave your little self behind
and realize
that your true self
is the essence of God.

I became water
and saw myself
a mirage
became an ocean
I saw myself a fleck
of foam
gained Awareness
I saw that all is but
woke up
and found myself

Binavi Badakhshani 
Afghanistan (13th Century)

Little is known of Binavi Badakshani, including when he lived (the dates used here are a guess). An early account states that he was a Sufi, initiated by his own father. From his name, it is assumed that he was from Badakhshan in Afghanistan. 

Farid ud-Din Attar - A dervish in ecstasy

A frenzied dervish, mad with love for God,
Sought out bare hills where none had ever trod.
Wild leopards kept this madman company --
His heart was plunged in restless ecstasy;
He lived within this state for twenty days,
Dancing and singing in exultant praise:
"There's no division; we two are alone --
The world is happiness and grief has flown."
Die to yourself -- no longer stay apart,
But give to Him who asks for it your heart;
The man whose happiness derives from Him
Escapes existence, and the world grows dim;
Rejoice for ever in the Friend, rejoice
Till you are nothing, but a praising voice.

Randall Friend - Whole reality

image source

No words can approach it – no concept can grasp it.  It cannot be realized for it is the truth beyond the realiz-er.  It only IS.  What we know is the expression OF that IS-ness, right here and now.  It isn’t something other than, something different, some source which produces a result outside of itself.

This is about pure reality – not an achievement of anything but the dumbstruck realization that reality is already whole, already full, complete, perfect, not divided, not separated.

To talk about it we must talk of Consciousness, that capacity by which the world is known, a world which isn’t something other than that pure reality but is that pure reality in expression, known because of that capacity called Consciousness.

Therefore it has never been the individual who knows a world – the individual is an abstraction of that pure reality, a useful concept which, when taken literally, asserts that reality is a hodgepodge of finite existences, with the individual just one insignificant piece.  The “one who knows” the so-called “world” is not that individual for the individual is something known.  The one who knows is the One itself, the very intelligence or reality which IS that world of appearance, an appearance OF that reality, an appearance which is only available due to the unique gift we call Consciousness.

When that Consciousness ends, the world ends.  The world IS that Consciousness, the moving colors of a kaleidoscope, the kaleidoscope being both the subjective tool of measurement and the objective result of looking – this truly is the meaning of nonduality – the two aren’t brought together but the apparent two are realized to have always been one reality, one truth, one wholeness.

True spirituality is about self-knowledge.  Self-knowledge isn’t the achievement of high-flown spiritual states and experiences, but is the falling away of ignorance, the falling away of false beliefs and assumptions about what you are, the certainty that you are the whole, the pure reality itself, the Absolute.

This realization comes full circle when the Absolute and the apparent are known to be the same – the apparent isn’t rejected, it is known to be the same thing, the same reality.  The apparent or relative or “samsara” if you will – this apparent reality of things isn’t pushed away, no conditions are placed upon it.  It is simply known to be not other than that whole reality itself – it is simply allowed to be whatever it will be, naturally.  There is no effort to allow but just an ease that what IS will appear as it will appear and nothing is fundamentally  happening anyway.  It is one event-less event, one happening, one IS-ness.

You are that already.  Nothing needs to be done to make that so.  It is either realized or it is not.  Even the realization takes place in the relative and is ultimately meaningless.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Joan Tollifson - True freedom

Shoda Koho, Moonlit Sea, c. 1920

How much freedom do we really have? Instead of immediately rushing in with our preferred answer that we are convinced is true, can we leave that question open and unanswered? For me, it is a beautiful koan that continues to unfold and open. Is it possible to wake up, right now, from all the thoughts, ideas, beliefs and habits of mind and body that recreate and reincarnate ‘the same old world’ and ‘the same old me’ moment by moment out of thin air, out of habit?
“Nonduality, Buddhism and Advaita are all in some way about cutting through the imaginary limitations and problems created by conceptual thought –SEEING how we habitually and unconsciously choose bondage over liberation, SEEING how we are doing our suffering. Waking up is discovering another possibility.
“Of course, when I say that ‘we’ do these things, I’m not talking about the phantom self, which doesn’t really exist. So it’s not about blaming ourselves or others for ‘choosing’ bondage or creating suffering. This ‘choice’ happens out of infinite causes and conditions. It happens out of ignorance. It is a kind of hypnotic entrancement, not some personal failure. But it IS possible, when it is, to SEE how this ‘choice’ gets made, to become conscious of how we do our suffering, to wake up from this entrancement. Just as delusion is not a personal failure, awakening is not a personal success. It is the dissolution of that very IDEA of separation, limitation and ownership. Waking up is the activity of the True Self – boundless awareness, the intelligence at the heart of everything.
“Here / Now is totally open and unpredictable. Awareness has no boundaries and no limits. The survival mind keeps trying to locate and solidify itself, get a grip, figure everything out…The SEEING – the awareness – is free and unbound. Here / Now, before thought, we cannot say what is possible and what isn’t. This moment is absolutely new. It has never been here before…
“The biggest miracle is Here / Now – every moment of ordinary life. When…we’re awake, EVERYTHING is extraordinary. What makes it miraculous is not the CONTENT but the AWARENESS that beholds and illuminates and breathes life into the momentary forms. Awareness is what we love in the beloved. When we dissolve into this openness that is always Here / Now, we act from a place that is unbound. When we wake up, the whole world wakes up, because we are not separate….
“By giving nonjudgmental, loving attention to what we are doing and how we are doing it, everything changes naturally. This giving of attention is like breathing – we can’t really say whether we are breathing or being breathed. The attention I’m talking about is open, spacious awareness, not thought, analysis and rumination. It is not a task or a practice. It is our true nature. It has no cause and it seeks no result.
“Is it possible in this moment to drop all of our ideas about ourselves and the world? Is it possible to fully enjoy the delightful sounds of rain or the amazing tastes and aromas of a cup of coffee? And maybe to enjoy not only the rain and the coffee, but also the wonderful and terrible messiness of human life with all its perfection and imperfection – this whole astonishing movie of waking life – without needing it to be any different from exactly how it is, and without imagining that anything has to stay the same. That is true freedom

Awake in the Heartland
The Ecstasy of What Ts

Ashtawakra Gita - When the mind

The mind desires this,
And grieves for that.
It embraces one thing,
And spurns another.
Now it feels anger,
Now happiness.

In this way you are bound.

But when the mind desires nothing
And grieves for nothing,
When it is without joy or anger
And, grasping nothing,
Turns nothing away...

Then you are free.

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wei Wu Wei - Here

painting source here

from "UNWORLDLY WISE; As The Owl Remarked To The Rabbit"

    'My absence is what I am,' said the owl, 'and it has been called "the Void".'
    'Yes?' commented the rabbit, toying with a savoury thistle.

    'When I am absent the universe is present,' continued the owl, 'and even you would be welcome.'
    'How delightful!' the rabbit replied, skipping politely. 'But where?'

    'Here,' the owl snapped conclusively, 'absolutely HERE.'
    'And where exactly is that?'

    'Where I am, which is where I was, and always have been,' snapped the owl.
    'Then where will I be?' the rabbit inquired anxiously.

    'Here, HERE, of course! Where else could you be?'
    'But where will there be room for both of us where you are?' asked the rabbit innocently.

    'You will be present in my absence,' the owl explained patiently.
    'I do not see how that can be,' replied the rabbit.

    'You will, you will!' assured the owl, preparing his absence. 'I will see to that.'

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JaLee - A Lover of What Is

Photo by Diane Yuri

JaLee - A Lover of What Is

Crowded mind delusion stories,
neither pull me in or push me away

Elixirs of emptiness, no-thing-ness peace,
neither pull me in or push me away

No space remains
as separation judgment disappears
Suddenly you
the mirror of me
is me looking back,
as me—
we are free!

Same Source,
different course

A Lover of What Is

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Tony Pitman - From The Heart Of Anthony De Mello

painting by Tadeusz Gazda

Entrepreneur Spirit.

Young fisherman sat on the beach,
Smoking his pipe in shade of boat.
Finished his work for the day,
Sold his catch, got his pay.

Passing man stopped for a chat,
Interested in fisherman's lot.

'Why aren't you out catching fish? '
'I've already caught all I need'.

'But if you land more you'll make more money'.
'What would I do with the extra cash? '

'Buy bigger nets and make more money'.
'What would I do with the extra cash? '

'Buy bigger boat and make more money'.
'What would I do with the extra cash? '

'Buy second boat and make more money'.
'What would I do with the extra cash? '

'Hire men to make you more money'.
'What would I do with the extra cash? '

'You could have time off to do what pleases you'.
'But I already have time to do as I please'.

The man moved on with puzzled frown,
Not understanding such lack of drive.
Young fisherman with such opportunity,
Sat, puffing his pipe, looking out to sea.

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Chuck Surface - The Ultimate Hottie

  The Ultimate Hottie

Sometimes spiritual seekers seem like alcoholics,
And gurus like bartenders,
And sanghas like nightclubs,
And “God”, the Ultimate Hottie.

Alas… when satsang ends,
And the “high” wears off after a few days,
And She stops returning our calls,
The Ultimate Hottie seems the Ultimate Tease.

Beside ourself with Grief and Longing,
We drink our way into oblivion,
And awaken, dawn after dawn,
In the arms of Maya.

Until one morning,
Turning to gaze at despair,
We find, instead,
Our long-lost Beloved.

It was Her all along.
Wearing Maya’s makeup.
We were simply too drunk,
With the bartender’s words.

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj - Do understand

Do understand that you cannot ask a valid question about yourself,
because you do not know whom you are asking about.
In the question 'Who am I?' the 'I' is not known and
the question can be worded as: 

"I do not know what I mean by I"

What you are, you must find out.
I can only tell you what you are not.

You are not of the world, you are not even in the world.
The world is not, you alone are.
You create the world in your imagination like a dream.

As you cannot separate the dream from yourself,
so you cannot have an outer world independent of yourself.
You are independent, not the world.
Don't be afraid of a world you yourself have created.
Cease from looking for happiness and reality in a dream and you will wake up.
You need not know 'why' and 'how', there is no end to questions.
Abandon all desires, keep your mind silent and you shall discover.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Rumi - Take an axe to the prison wall

Your way begins on the other side.
Become the sky.
Take an axe to the prison wall.
Walk out like someone suddenly born into color.

Mooji - Get baptised in the Heart

Sometimes I meet beings who say they have realised the Self. They believe or claim that they know and understand the Truth. They say they sense it, feel it and are convinced it is what they are and so on. However, it is often sensed here that the mind takes delivery for this understanding and finds further life as the egoic achiever of ultimate Truth. Consequently, the realisation does not get baptised in the Heart and a real chance of freedom fades away.
Therefore, such beings can retain their sense of personhood, unknowingly. Some even edit my words to fit in with their personal inclinations, projections and spiritual fantasies, but I want to burn their personalities to the ground in order that they attain true freedom.
What we speak about here is authentic transcendence, you see? One has to overcome the hypnosis of personal conditioning. They have to be free from the psychological influence of the mind. Therefore, it has to be an authentic transcendence, not a Hollywood awakening.
Sometimes I say I don’t want or feel for your company.
You indulge too much mental and psychological noise.
There is too much going on inside your being. Your representations of yourself mentally, emotionally, psychically are not authentic expressions of the Self.
Such a localised identity is not enough at this level of understanding, insight or being.

So what has to happen?
You have to be That.
How are you going to be That?
The ‘you’ who you take yourself to be cannot be That.
Being that is not a verb, an action you will take. It is an awakening, a recognition so profound that it changes your mind’s orientation immediately and irreversibly.
It is as though I am telling you to do something ‘you’, as ego, cannot do.
Your mind cannot do it, but it is required of you to recognise, acknowledge and be That which you are.
You have to be open to expose what is not in service to your true nature. It is the highest aspect of my work, guidance or teaching and it is more like an energetic correspondence, not merely a mental or verbal one.

Let the untrue be burned, exposed. Sometimes the way into that complete recognition is that whatever is untrue is rejected as it is recognised as false, either by you or by me.
And you may be thinking, ‘Oh my god, I really thought I was getting somewhere! This is so discouraging’… and so your world feels like it is turned upside down.
Good! I myself don’t have a world. Let yours be upside down so that what is true in you can reveal itself and begin unfolding in its authentic expression as being.
Grace is helping you in every way. Trust it. Say, “Yes, I am here, remove this sense of separation, this arrogance of separateness and merge me in you, oh God, oh Universe Being, Self, Truth, Life. Don’t give me any technique.
Absorb me. Replace me with You.”
And finally: Trust your master.

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Kevan Myers - The Freedom Of Being

The Freedom Of Being

Freedom means just what it says.
No words, no ideas, can bind it or bend it.
I wake this morning, too damned early.
My mind says try and sleep some more.
Then it decides to be quiet to let the presence of freedom rise, fill me, be all of me; for all around the
night is silent, and the silence of this “presence” may join the silence around, to drive the mind outside
and let me join the night once more in the harmony of sleep.
Then the mind asks, “What is this freedom?”
And it replies to itself, “Keep quiet. Look carefully, and listen well.”
For again and again we are told that the silencing of thought is a prerequisite for the consciousness of
our own freedom. But here I am with these thoughts, and yet it seems that freedom has not left me,
despite this mental activity.
So now I am swept with joy as I see through the joke.
For the freedom that is here, now, has no prerequisites, not even silence.
If freedom requires conditions, it cannot be called “freedom”.
For any conditions would make it limited, and the very word “freedom” means the absence of any
Here it is again, totally unlimited, now … now … now … here now, at every heartbeat, despite the
thoughts going on around it.
Every guru, every piece of writing, especially every definition, that tells you how it should be, and how
to get closer to it, is a lie, including these words that now I write, because no words can define it and
there is no path.
It is what you already are, and you cannot get any closer!
The very nature of freedom is that it contains everything, including even the bossy people who tell
others how it should be. But it is as much at home in the street, or the pub, as it is in the university or
the temple; or the bed where one mind still fights with itself over what it “ought” to feel or see.
And thus I return to my early morning state. For in it lies a real illustration of how the mind,
conditioned by instructions, attempts to put chains on itself.
Again and again, the information has been fed to those that search for the truth of themselves, in
spiritual freedom, that the noisy mind is the enemy that needs suppression; that the egoistic
identification with the body and the mind is harmful, and only leads to death and the fear of its
So we are told to escape this condition and use meditations and other practices to see through it and
beyond it. We are told that our true Self is something much more wonderful than the physical and
biological contents of these atoms that we think we occupy. We may be told that all is one, or that we
are merely a stage on an endless journey of lives, so we should not be bothered too much by our
needs of the moment or the apparent state of the World.
And, all these things we are told, are just as much a conditioning of the mind as the ideas and
identification that they condemn. These words of mine you now read may condition you too, whether
you like them or not.
It remains, as it always has been, up to you, to accept or reject such ideas , for truth and falsehood
can only be determined by the individual being who experiences them.
Any attempt to mould one’s own perception to fit the ideas that someone else has given, are a joke.
Our perception has already been moulded enough by its own conditioning, and it will not become unconditioned
by trying to squeeze it into a new strait-jacket, manufactured and distributed by another
conditioned mind, however holy or special it might seem to be.
Only you can experience the reality of your own moment, and the more it is you that sees, with all
your own clarity and beauty, (as well as your conditioning and your failings), the better it is: for it is
the best that you can do.
To buy some guru’s philosophy and try to impose it on your own perception is a voluntary resignation
of freedom: a desire to exchange fresh air for life in a sealed box.
When I lie in my bed and try to hush up a part of myself, to experience something other than life’s gift
of the moment, it is a futile exercise and a joke that denies a freedom that is always there: to simply
be myself, present, as I am, whatever any guru or book might have to say about it.
There cannot be a greater freedom.



Love is never absent from the air.
I find it there, each time
the me that blocks the view
has wandered off, somewhere;
Like many tricky friends
I knew in school,
love reaches round my back
and taps me on the shoulder
so I turn and look
away from where she stands.
But I am not so stupid
that I do not know her hands.
And when she uses them
to hide my eyes
and whispers in my ears,
guess who?
my smile grows so wide
that there is only smile
and nothing else, inside.