Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Malidoma Patrice Somé ~ The power of quiet


The power of quiet is great.
It generates the same feelings in everything one encounters.
It vibrates with the cosmic rhythm of oneness.
It is everywhere, available to anyone at any time.
It is us, the force within that makes us stable, trusting, and loving.
It is contemplation contemplating.
Peace is letting go
– returning to the silence that cannot enter the realm of words
because it is too pure to be contained in words.
This is why the tree, the stone, the river, and the mountain are quiet.~



Malidoma Patrice Some 



Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Wei Wu Wei ~ The Essential Identity


art Andrew Ostrovsky


 'POSITIVE' is not positive without 'negative', and
'negative' is not negative without 'positive'. Therefore they
can only be two halves of one whole, two conceptual aspects
of one whole that as a whole cannot be conceived
—precisely because it is this which seeks to conceive.

'Being' cannot be without 'non-being', and 'non-
being' cannot not be without 'being'. Therefore they can
only be two conceptual aspects of one whole that as such
cannot be conceived—in which there is neither being nor
non-being as objective existences.

'Appearance' (form) cannot appear without 'void'
(voidness of appearance), and 'void' cannot be voidness of
appearance without 'appearance'. Therefore they must be
two conceptual aspects of what is objectively inconceivable
—as which their identity is absolute in non-objectivity.

'Subject' has no conceptual existence apart from
'object', nor 'object' apart from 'subject'. They, too, are twin
spinning aspects of the inconceivable in which they are
inevitably reunited in mutual negation.

Where there is neither positive nor negative, being
nor non-being, appearance nor void, subject nor object,
there must be identity. But identity cannot perceive itself,
and that is what we are. That is why only he who does not
know can speak, and why he who knows cannot speak
—for what-he-is cannot be an object of what-he-is, and so cannot
be perceived or described.

Positive and negative, being and non-being, appearance
and void, subject and object, can be conceived by us
because, as 'us', mind is divided into subject-conceiving and
object-conceived but, re-identified with what they are, we
are their total objective absence—which is thought of as
pure undivided mind.




Open Secret 



Monday, April 11, 2022

Hakim Sanai ~ There is no place for place!



 There is no place for place!
How can a place
house the maker of all space,
or the vast sky enclose
     the maker of heaven?

He told me:
"I am a homeless treasure.
The world was made
to give you a place to stand
     and see me."

Tell me, if the one you seek
is placeless,
why put your shoes on?
The real road
is found by polishing, polishing
     the mirror of your heart.



Hakim Sanai ~ The Wild Rose of Praise

Those unable to grieve,
or to speak of their love,
or to be grateful, those
who can't remember God
as the source of everything,

might be described as a vacant wind,
or a cold anvil, or a group
of frightened old people.

Say the Name. Moisten your tongue
with praise, and be the spring ground,
waking. Let your mouth be given
its gold-yellow stamen like the wild rose's.

As you fill with wisdom,
and your heart with love,
there's no more thirst.

There's only unselfed patience
waiting on the doorsill, a silence
which doesn't listen to advice
from people passing in the street.



poetry chaikhana



Sunday, April 10, 2022

Shams Tabriz ~ Soul fury



  What does pre-eternity mean to you?  

What is your
The source?  What is spirit?

Spend your life finding out your own state.
Those other mysteries will come clear.

God is depth.  And you, you fool, you are also deep.
The same depth is in you.

Don't worry about terminology, pre-existence,
the original face, spirit, soul.
Search within yourself.  The great mystery is there.
Everyone talks about gnosticism and dervishes.
Those are just words.

I want someone with a pulse, a living friend,
who says directly to me, You are a part.  I am the whole.
Come into this awareness.  Get to know me.  


 Excerpts from the Sayings of Shams Tabriz
Soul Fury
Rumi and Shams Tabriz on Friendship






Soul Fury-Rumi and Shams Tabriz