Thursday, August 18, 2016

Naomi Stone - Early morning

Good morning...
Perhaps those of you 
who read my streaming writing
are beginning to know how sacred 
this time is for me....
early morning..
my own renewal time..

The silence is truly a balm...... 
the silken touch
from spiritual hands....
that touch 
the vulnerabilities 
that come from being human....

the soft presence 
that could be described
a thousand ways...

a time for
opening the sheltering space
which is touched only by the purity 
of divine silence...
a soulful presence beyond our words..
yet...there is no mistaking
it is a living presence

the up close and personal embrace
of belovedness..

There is a way of letting the words fall 
into uncreated space
like drifting

soft silence

an anointing energy

a song 
of meaning 
for my heart alone

We spin and weave our story
from the creative spaces
within ourselves
we feel the blessing and the glory
of the Light 
illuminates the revelation
of this present moment

that touches
the secrets of a vibrant life

in the midst of all
the illusions

a song
only the Beloved
can sing

I am not seen but am the seer.
I am not heard but I am the hearer.
I am not thought of but am the thinker, never known but the knower.
I am your self, your inner director, your immortal one.
I am always and never all the time.
~ Brihadaranyaka Upanishad.


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Longchenpa on Dzogchen view

Longchenpa clarifies the Dzogchen view:

"Because Awareness (Rigpa) has no finite essence, and because suchness and deliberate activity are mutually exclusive, and because Awareness is already timelessly and spontaneously present, nothing need be done concerning levels of realization on which to train, spiritual paths to traverse, mandalas to visualize, empowerments to be bestowed, paths to cultivate in meditation, samaya to uphold, enlightened activities to accomplish, and so forth. This is because there is no need to accomplish anew what is already timelessly and spontaneously accomplished. If there were such need, it would be inappropriate to use the conventional designation "spontaneously present and uncompounded." And it would follow that dharmakaya was subject to destruction, because it would be compounded, and this because it would be created by causes and conditions." (practices etc.) Longchenpa, Choying Dzod, A Treasure Trove of Scriptural Transmission, page 120, first paragraph. Padma Publications.

Page 190: first main paragraph:

Longchenpa writes: "Since all phenomena are timelessly free, nothing need be done to free them anew through realization."

Next paragraph: "Even the thought that freedom comes about through direct introduction is deluded. One strives to free this essence from whatever binds it, but nothing need be done to free it, for unobstructed Awareness, which has never existed as anything whatsoever, does not entail any duality of something to be realized and someone to realize it. There is equalness because nothing is improved by realization or worsened by it's absence, so there is no need for any adventitious realization. And because there never has existed anything to realize- for the ultimate nature of phenomena is beyond ordinary consciousness- to speak of realization on even the relative level is nothing but deluded. What can be shown at this point is the transcendence of view and meditation, in which nothing need be done regarding realization, nothing need be directly introduced, and no state of meditation need be cultivated. So there is the expression 'it is irrelevant whether or not one has realization'."

Page 191: middle paragraph

"In this case what makes perfect sense in the Ati approach is the superior realization whereby one directly experiences the unobstructed state in it's nakedness, without relying on anything whatsoever. Since one does not experience separation from the essence of Awareness even for an instant, to say that is realized or perceived is merely to use a conventional expression."

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Chuck Surface - Understanding and Experience

Intellectual understanding, however diamond-like, will only push "you" shallowly beneath the waves. And that pushing, born of the mind having reached a “conclusion”, will need to be continued; remembering, reminding one's self, and re-concluding, again and again, of the "idea", the concept, that "All there is, is Consciousness." So many have planted a flag here, just beneath the waves, on the far frontiers of Heaven.

There "you" will drift, having seen through, intellectually, the falsity of identification with the wave you had taken yourself to be, identification, still present, now having simply shifted, in intellectual understanding alone, to the Ocean. You will have completed the “physics class” of contemporary nonduality.

You will have thought yourself, reasoned yourself, and come to a conclusion that you are free. You will know that you are not an object-perceiver-experiencer-person, but will continue to feel as if you are, in ways vast, varied, and supremely subtle.  Initially the psycho-intellectual shift will give cause for celebration, for it is not inconsequential. But in time... you will wonder why that which you had taken to be Wine, tastes like tepid water. The “thirst” of the mind will have been satisfied, but the Heart’s longing for the Drunkenness of Fullness, Completion, and Bliss will remain unsatisfied.

You will not know the Taste, the Fragrance, the Experience of Absolute Nonduality; the Embrace of The Beloved; the vanishing, in experience, not concept, of space, time, objects, and yourself. Nor will you know, in open-eyed existence in the Dream of space and time, the Experience of Dissolution and Bliss that only comes when not only the mind is Liberated, but the Heart, and the somatic aspect of the manifest Being is Illumined

The Kingdom of Heaven is Within. And you cannot read, hear, watch, or think your way to the Experience of it.  However powerfully evocative, these will only bring you to the frontiers. You cannot come to the Experience by locating it on a map, reading a description, however profound and articulate, or looking at photos, however beautiful.
You must dive deep...  behind...  before all that appears, including the felt sense of yourself as the investigator, the enquirer, the one seeking to experience Pure Awareness. For Heaven, Pure Awareness, is only experienced when all that appears ceases, including the experiencer-perceiver, leaving only That to which, from which, within which, and most confoundingly as which, all appears.

     Back... back...
     Before... before...

     Before thinking,
     And the felt sense of yourself as the thinker.

     Before language, words, and mental images,
     And the meanings and emotions they carry.

     Before perceptions and sensations,
     And the felt sense of the their perceiver-experiencer.

     Back... back...
     Before... before...

The outward wandering Wave of Attention must be fiercely committed to discovering its Source, The Ocean within, from which it arises and to which it returns; Fierce enough not to stop at intellectual understanding; Fierce enough to go beyond, behind, before knowing and understanding; Fierce enough to move in Feeling Enquiry to the point of its own Vanishing in The Great Mystery that lays  before, beyond, behind all duality, Absolutely.

     The Kingdom of Heaven is Within.
     Go there.
     And don’t stop at understanding,
     Continue on, until Experience alone exists...

     Free, at last, of the experiencer.

     Dip the salt doll self,
     Again and again and again,
     Into the Ocean of Pure Awareness,
     Until only a handful of saltwater emerges.

     Understanding will lead you to the Shore,
     Where thinking must give way to Feeling,
     Where concept must give way to Experience,
     Of Existence as Pure Awareness...