Friday, May 4, 2018

Be As You Are - The Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharishi

Adyashanti - ' Today, I awoke '...

Today I awoke, finally I see the Self has re-turned to the Self.
The Self is none other than the Self.
I am deathless. I am endless. I am free.

The birds outside sing…
The birds outside sing and there am I.
The seeing of leaves on the trees, that seeing am I.
The body breathes, breathing am I.
I am awake and I know that I am awake.

Seen from the old eyes, everything is asleep, a game, a delusion.
But now I am awake. I am the play. I am the game. I am the delusion.
I am the enlightenment I sought, looking everywhere.
Nothing is separate, nothing is alone.

I am all that I see. All that I smell, taste, touch, feel, think and know.
I am awake and this awakeness is the same as Shyakyamuni Buddha’s.
Today the leaf has returned to the root.

I am all name and form and beyond all name and form.
I am Spirit, no longer trapped in a body.
I am free. I am free because I am awake.

So ordinary. Who would have thought ? Who could have guessed?
I am home. I am really home. Ten thousand life times.
Ten thousand life times but today I am home.
Ten thousand life times but today I am home.
This is not an experience. This is me.

I am awake. Finally, I am awake.
Nothing has changed, but I am awake.
Before I tasted the root many times and felt, how delicious.
Today I became the root. How ordinary.


Thursday, May 3, 2018

Elizabeth Lesser - ‘Broken Open’

     "The irony of hiding the dark side of our humanness is that our secret is not really a secret at all. How can it be when we’re all safeguarding the very same story? That’s why Rumi calls it an Open Secret. It’s almost a joke-a laughable admission that each one of us has a shadow self-a bumbling, bad-tempered twin. Big surprise! Just like you, I can be a jerk sometimes. I do unkind, cowardly things, harbor unmerciful thoughts, and mope around when I should be doing something constructive. Just like you, I wonder if life has meaning; I worry and fret over things I can’t control; and I often feel overcome with a longing for something that I cannot even name. For all of my strengths and gifts, I am also a vulnerable and insecure person, in need of connection and reassurance. This is the secret I try to keep from you, and you from me, and in doing so, we do each other a grave disservice.

    Rumi tells us that moment we accept what troubles we’ve been given, the door will open. Sounds easy, sounds attractive, but it is difficult, and most of us pound on the door to freedom and happiness with every manipulative ploy save the one that actually works. If you’re interested in the door to the heavens opening, start with the door to your own secret self. See what happens when you offer to another a glimpse of who you really are. Start slowly. Without getting dramatic, share the simple dignity of yourself in each moment-your triumphs and your failures, your satisfaction and your sorrow. Face your embarrassment at being human, and you’ll uncover a deep well of passion and compassion. It’s a great power, your Open Secret. When your heart is undefended you make it safe for whomever you meet to put down his burden of hiding, and then you both can walk through the open door."

- An excerpt from Elizabeth Lesser’s book, ‘Broken Open’ 


Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Paul Brunton - No single path

"There is no single path to enlightenment.
Yoga has no monopoly.
Life itself is the great enlightener.

 I met a man once who, after the shock of hearing his wife tell him that she had ceased to love him,
that she had for some time had a secret lover, and that she requested a divorce so as to be able to marry him,
felt a collapse of all his hitherto confidently held values and beliefs.
For some days he was so affected that he could not eat.
But his mind by then had become so extraordinarily lucid concerning these matters and himself,
that he experienced moments of truth.
Through them he came into a great peace and understanding, an inner change.
What was the morning sun which awakened him?
He did no yogic exercises, entered no churches, was too intent on his worldly business to read spiritual books.
This brings me back to the theme: do not submit to the pressure of those who say there is only a single way to salvation
(the way they follow or teach) do not let the mind be trammelled or narrowed.
The truth is that the ways are many, are spread out in all directions, are individual."


Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Sant Tukaram - In Me Thou Livest

Take, Lord, unto Thyself My sense of self;
and let it vanish utterly. Take,  Lord, my life,
Live Thou my life through me.  I live no longer, Lord,
 But in me now Thou livest.
 Aye, between Thee and me, my God,
There is no longer room for “I” and “mine.” 

Monday, April 30, 2018

Sri Siddharameshwar Maharaj - “I am Reality.”

    It is the hand that lifts, but you say “I lift”.
   The eyes see but you say, “I see”.
    The nose smells, but you say, “I smell”.
    All this is the power of the Self and yet you say, “I did it”.
    That power belongs to God.
    Who is this ego arrogating ‘I’?
    He has no place in the palace, but once admitted inside, 
he overrules the king and affirms his own existence.
    But after some enquiry, this ego’s existence is easily disproved.
    Then the king once again affirms, “I am Reality.”
    There is one thing about this condition – there is bliss.
    If there are two, then there is pain.
    Where there is One, there is bliss.


Jiddu Krishnamurti - No one outside

“The world is sick and there is no one outside you to help you except yourself.
We have had leaders, specialists, every kind of external agency, including god— they have had no effect.
They cannot guide you.
No statesman, no teacher, no guru, no one can make you strong inwardly, supremely healthy.
As long as you are in disorder, as long as your house is not kept in a proper condition, a proper state,
you will create the external prophet, and he will always be misleading you.
Your house is in disorder and no one on this earth or in heaven can bring about order in your house.
Unless you yourself understand the nature of disorder, the nature of conflict, the nature of division,
your house, that is you, will always remain in disorder, at war.”

Krishnamurti to Himself : His Last Journal

Read it HERE


Jean Klein - The present

“If we turn away from the present, or rather if the present is so often unable to hold our attention,
it is because we conceive of it as being a known and registered reality, therefore devoid of interest, or as a disappointing one. Just so long as we have not understood that true bliss is not in objects, but in us, we continue to place our hope in the future and keep racing ahead.
We thus live in a state of imbalance, bent upon, and striving endlessly towards, the future.
What we must come to understand is that awareness in the present is the only starting point and that this starting point is at the same time the point of arrival.”