Saturday, October 24, 2015

Rumi - You are the wide opened.

Don’t go off sightseeing.
The real journey is right here.
The great excursion starts
from exactly where you are.
You are the world.
You have everything you need.

You are the secret. You are the wide opened.

Don’t look for the remedy for your troubles outside yourself.

You are the medicine. You are the cure for your own sorrow.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Ryokan - Rabbit in the moon

art Kyoht

 It took place in a world
long long ago
they say:
a monkey, a rabbit,
and a fox
struck up a friendship,
frolicking field and hill
coming home to the forest,
living thus
while the years went by,
when Indra,
sovereign of skies,
hearing of this,
curious to know
if it was true,
turned himself into an old man,
tottering along,
made his way to where they were.
"You three,"
he said,
"are of separate species
yet I'm told play together
with a single heart.
If what I've heard
is true,
pray save an old man
who's hungry!"
then he set his staff aside,
sat down to rest.
Simple enough, they said,
and presently
the monkey appeared
from the grove behind
bearing nuts
he'd gathered there,
and the fox returned
from the rivulet in front,
clamped in his jaws
a fish he'd caught.
but the rabbit,
though he hopped and hopped
couldn't find anything at all,
while the others
cursed him because
his heart was not like theirs.
Miserable me!
he thought
and then he said,
"Monkey, go cut me
Fox, build me
a fire with it!"
and when they'd done
what he asked,
he flung himself
into the midst of the flames,
made himself an offering
for an unknown old man.
When the old man
saw this
his heart withered.
He looked up to the sky,
cried aloud,
then sank to the ground,
and in a while,
beating his breast,
you three friends
has done his best,
but what the rabbit did
touches me most!
Then he made the rabbit
whole again
and gathering the dead body
up in the arms,
took it and
laid it to rest
in the palace of the moon.
From that time till now
the story's been told.
this tale
of how the rabbit
came to be
in the moon,
and even I
when I hear it
find the tears
soaking the sleeve of my robe  


 This tale, retold by Zen monk-poet Ryokan (c. 1758-1831), draws on an old Chinese legend of a rabbit who lives in the moon. It is one of many Jataka tales, stories of Shakyamuni Buddha's previous lives that illustrate acts of selflessness.

Clare Blanchflower - This

It always falls back to
As life’s activity comes
it goes
Passing through
like drifting clouds
in clear blue eternal vastness
A silent field
never stirring
There is only ever

This that is always present
This that is the pure light of Being
This that does not come and go
This that is stillness transfixed
in divine reverence

And here
there is nothing to do
Nothing to be or achieve
No goals
there is only
This perfection
Radiant shining

This is God
This is source
This is reality
is totality
is unity
is awareness
Pure and simple
No thing

From this
everything appears
and surrenders
back into itself
Only to appear
in a perpetual flow
of knowing itself
as this

There is nothing to happen
no experience to have
just experiencing
what is
is already fulfilled
Absolute perfect Being

All that is seen in appearance
is a creation of divine mother
crafted from god’s radiance
dancing in it’s own light
emptiness swirling
in joyful knowing

Dive deep
Fly high
Stand perfectly still
We discover
at our depth
Pure purity
Clear clarity
Simple simplicity
Brilliant brilliance
Knowing that knows
All there is

You are

Sandy Jones - Sweet Abiding Song

 How can I not Live rejoicing in this Infinite Beauty of Love that Lives as all things.

So I Sing the Song of Love to my self and to Life, right Here in my world. My song, I know it by Heart.

This Child takes my hand and leads me. I write of my Love for this unbound soul of my self. The one who sits at the right hand of Something Unknowable and Real. She’s come back and I am whole and rich.

The fullness cannot be held as my Love explodes in effervescent golden bubbles of Joy, pouring out into my world like an uncorked bottle of champagne.

This holy Child holds my hand. She brings me to the depths of my heart where visions of the extraordinary keep my spirit afloat on this infinite sea of joy and laughter.

Everything is beautiful here, the commonplace becomes seen in a light of wonder and magic that dances and dazzles, shimmers and shines its mysterious ways.

This is the Light that Lives unbound, not subject to human expectations, free from fear and full of happiness. She is me and she and leads me through the maze and marvel of this world.

This is the authority of my own Heart that shines its Infinite Beauty.

This one that shines, she is the original Light from before the world was. She is fearless and laughs at the laws designed by those who believe they know.

I sing my sweet song of Love in praise of Life and all that leads me. This is the one that shows me the way. She has brought me Home. I am free.

This is my heart’s uncapped fount of joy that lives in gratitude for this Living one I am. I am alive and real, as myself, in love with my world.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Abu-Said Abil-Kheir - In longing

A pious one
with a hundred beads on your rosary,
or a drunkard in a tavern,
any gift you bring the Beloved
will be accepted
as long as you come in longing.
It is this most secret pain,
this bleeding separation,
which will guide you
to your Heart of Hearts.


Sri Anandamayi Ma - Self of my Self.

The multifarious kinds of beasts, birds, men and so forth, what are they all?
 What are these varieties of shapes, of modes of being, what is the essence within them?
What really are these everchanging forms?
 The variety of His shapes and guises is infinite, uncountable,
without end.

It is a Kingdom without end, in which even what is discerned as non-existence
is equally an expression of the One.
 In Chinmaya, the purely spiritual (and completely non-material) world,
 all forms;whatever they may be; are ever eternal.
Therefore, simultaneously and in the same place there is non-existence as well as existence,
 and also neither non-existence nor existence
and more of the kind if you can proceed further!

Just as ice is nothing but water, so the Beloved is without form, without quality,
 and the question of manifestation does not arise.
 When this is realized, one has realized one's Self.
 For, to find the Beloved is to find my Self, to discover that God is my very own,
 wholly identical with myself, my innermost Self,
the Self of my Self.

In Praise of The Thirty-Two Names of Tara

Amitabha’s jewel-like Compassion,
Though he stirs not from the brilliant non-dual sphere,
Appears to other as Woman with Marks and Signs
To benefit people of our world, great in attachment.

Sole mother producing the Buddhas of the three times!
Through samadhi applying united intuitive knowledge
Of the sphere of non-dual appearance and Void to its object,
The Mode of Existence, You generate blissful Gnosis.
Saviouress! ferrying over the river of suffering
The five lines, who wander in agony of unvirtue
In hard-to-cross floods of birth, aging, sickness and death
With Your boat of Bodhicitta and Compassion!

Sun! that shines on everyone, high or lowly!
The light of Your splendour outshines the seven planets;
The rays of Your knowledge open the lotus of mind;
Your light of Compassion dries up the stream of Becoming.

Excerpt from:  “Praise of The Thirty-Two Names of The Venerable Arya-Tara,” by Suryagupta

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Chuang Tzu - You can forget

The fish trap exist because of the fish.
Once you've gotten the fish
you can forget the trap.
The rabbit snare exist because of the rabbit.
Once you've gotten the rabbit
you can forget the snare.
Words exist because of meaning.
Once you've gotten the meaning
you can forget the words.
Where can i find a man who has forgot the words
so i can talk with him.