Saturday, February 1, 2020

Sukhvinder Sircar - A place beyond explanations

She's discovering the elixir of immortality through dying to her old spirituality.

She's giving up her loyalties to her long held spiritual beliefs ~ its no longer a sacrilege ~ on the contrary, it would be a sacrilege to dishonor the voice of spirit that is speaking through her.

She's able to truly die to the old that taught that she was lesser. There is a shattering, a collapse, a breakdown of old structures within her. Strangely, she's unperturbed through it all. She's sitting in the eye of the storm.

She's slipping into a relaxation about her existence and the goodness if it. She's entering a place beyond explanations, justifications & apologies. She's feeling deeply validated just by BEING. Her trust in her own voice is deepening. Its ok if the world is not agreeing with her ~ yet.

She is soothed by her spirit whispering to her that she is holy. She's moving to a space where human and divine mean the same thing.

She's simply reaching the new place before the rest. And she's leaving her footprints in the sand. ॐ


Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Sri Aurobindo - the Intermediate Zone

…These things, when they pour down or come in, present themselves with a great force, a vivid sense of inspiration or illumination, much sensation of light and joy, an impression of widening and power. The sadhak feels himself freed from the normal limits, projected into a wonderful new world of experience, filled and enlarged and exalted;what comes associates itself, besides, with his aspirations, ambitions, notions of spiritual fulfillment and yogic siddhi; it is represented even as itself that realisation and fulfillment.
Very easily he is carried away by the splendour and the rush, and thinks that he has realised more than he has truly done, something final or at least something sovereignly true. At this stage the necessary knowledge and experience are usually lacking which would tell him that this is only a very uncertain and mixed beginning; he may not realise at once that he is still in the cosmic Ignorance, not in the cosmic Truth, much less in the Transcendental Truth, and that whatever formative or dynamic idea-truths may have come down into him are partial only and yet further diminished by their presentation to him by a still mixed consciousness. He may fail to realise also that if he rushes to apply what he is realising or receiving as if it were something definitive, he may either fall into confusion and error or else get shut up in some partial formation in which there may be an element of spiritual Truth but it is likely to be outweighted by more dubious mental and vital accretions that deform it altogether.

These words by the Indian sage Sri Aurobindo, refer to what he called the Intermediate Zone, a dangerous and misleading transitional spiritual and pseudo-spiritual region between the ordinary consciousness of the outer being and True Realisation.

Although written in 1932 as cautionary words for his disciples, they are more relevant and important today than they were then.