Saturday, May 22, 2021

Chuck Surface ~ In temple, church, and mosque




"I profess the religion of love;
Wherever its caravan turns along the way,
That is the belief, the faith I keep."
- Ibn Arabi


I began a Christian,
And for many years dwelt,
In the village of that faith.

In time, becoming a Buddhist,
I stood with a different stance,
But remained, in the Essence, a Christian.

For I did not discard,
The treasure I had gathered there.

And when I became a Hindu,
I remained, in the Essence,
A Christian and a Buddhist.

For I did not discard,
The treasures I had gathered there.

Now, fancying myself a Sufi,
I remain, in the Essence,
A Christian, a Buddhist, a Hindu...

A Lover of The Beloved.

I wandered this life,
In search of the Divine Presence,
And drank in each faith the Wine,
That made this Presence Illumine...

The church, temple, and mosque of my Heart.

The Beloved Holy Spirit,
The Beloved Emptiness,
The Beloved Atman,
The Beloved Friend...

The Beloved, by any name.

Now that She possesses my Heart,
I find Her Dancing and Singing,
Wherever She recognizes Herself,
In the world... in others...

In temple, church, and mosque. 

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee ~ The Sacred


" The sacred is always alive, mysterious, even full of tricks as it frees us from our imprisoning thought-forms and limited sense of self.
The summer of the sacred is full of magic and possibilities.
And the summer season is also full of power and energy—the full glare of the sun, its heat sometimes overwhelming.
Or the thunderstorms of a summer afternoon, when the thunder seems so close and the downpour of rain a tumult.
This also belongs to the inner world, because although it may be more hidden, the sacred can speak to us with power and passion.
It can demand that we recognize its meaning, its purpose.
Sometimes it wants to change the direction of our life, or pull us into a relationship that speaks to our soul.
Sometimes it just wants us to be more fully alive, less trapped in our mind or personality.
There are so many ways the sacred speaks to us, sometimes softly, a whisper hardly heard, or a voice calling our name in a dream, or a demand that will not be denied.
Sometimes the sacred arrives and pulls at our hand like a lost child, needing to be taken home.
It can come like a lover wanting us, or a symbol that suddenly catches our attention. In our culture we tend to forget that the sacred is alive and does not belong to our surface self, or follow the rules that we have created.
It belongs to an inner realm more ancient and wise than our rational mind, like a tree that has grown for centuries, its roots spread out in the forest."