Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Mark Nepo - At the window

I was at the window
when a fly near the latch
was on its back spinning—
legs furious, going nowhere.

I thought to swat it
but something in its struggle
was too much my own.

It kept spinning and began to tire.
Without moving closer, I exhaled
steadily, my breath a sudden wind
and the fly found its legs,
rubbed its face
and flew away.

I continued to stare at the latch
hoping that someday, the breath
of something incomprehensible
would right me and
enable me to fly. 


Sunday, June 16, 2019

Jeff Foster - A sacred restlessness

“Keep questioning, my love. That is how you stay young, vibrant, alive.

Keep questioning everything you believe. Question your concepts. Question your religions. Question everything your parents taught you. Your gurus. Your leaders. Everything you learned in books and on TV. Everything the media tried to shove down your throat. Everything sacred and holy and unquestionable. Question it all. Do not be afraid to lose all your beliefs, all your prior reference points, all your unshakable certainties.

I will be here to hold you.

With enough questioning, you may begin to question yourself, the one who questions. Everything you take yourself to be.

And then you will question the act of questioning itself.

Until there are no more questions. No more answers.

Just silence. Stillness. A wide open space of Now. Full of potential.

You will be left naked, open, raw, trembling, utterly vulnerable to the sunset, penetrated by every sensation, shaken by the way the light moves over the rooftops, the way sound enters you, the colour of a friend’s eyes, the space and the contraction of things, you will be one with it all, it will be your home and your salvation, it will all break you and make you whole in every instant.

You will have questioned yourself back into wonder, found your true home in the fleeting world, followed your sacred restlessness back into the deepest kind of peace imaginable.”