Thursday, December 30, 2021

Muhammad Shirin Maghribi ~ Non-existent and existent


 O end of every beginning,
O beginning of every end,
O manifest of every hidden,
O hidden of all revealed!

The light of Your beauty
In every believer's eye does shine;
The sign of Your anger
In every denier's heart we find.

You thank him and he is You,
Himself giver and receiver,
Himself the gift and the thanking.

None but You, the worshipped;
None but You, the worshipper;
None but You, the witness;
None but You, the speaker.

When the Saqi gave Maghribi the wine
Of eternal life
He was annihilated and eternal.
He was non-existent and existent!



Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Fakhruddin Iraqi ~ The pot of love-madness


 Love, Love is both wine and cup,
Love is a wine that puts all rivals under the table.
That first world-displaying cup is but
a reflection of the purity of Love's glass
and the half-drunk glance of the saki also drinks
from this wine, whose ultimate end is desire.
This cup was drained, and from its outpouring
the water of life drenched the world;
from that water a bubble arose
and was called 'the 18,000 worlds'...
You who have no news of this intoxicating vintage
(never for a second having stepped outside yourself)
how long have you boiled the pot of love-madness
there in your monastery – and still the stew is raw!
Now come to the tavern, for a few days
sit from morning to night;
drink a toast to the desires of the friend of wine
till you're drunk enough to see through his eyes.
Look: the saki's face
how it swells the soul
the saki's eternal face in the
world-displaying cup.



Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Jeff Foster ~ Love song to myself


You are the one I wake with every morning.
The one I breathe with,
the one whose every heart beat I feel as my own.
You are the one I walk with,
the one I speak and sing with,
the one who stays with me
through every waking moment of every sacred day.
You are the one I get sick with,
the one I cry with,
the one whose anger and joy and doubt
surges through me like fire.
You are the one I will die with,
the one whose arms I shall return to.
You are the one I see in every face,
shining through every pair of eyes,
shimmering through the silences,
the trails of dust and the spaces in the canopy.
You are my constant companion,
my home, my reason, my joy, my life.
We cannot be divided,
we cannot be two,
and even 'One' is too far for us.
I sing this song to myself,
disappearing into the song,
and I am never alone.

Sattva Lynn ~ Loving Aliveness


art Meganne Forbes


Don’t try to control the noise;
just notice what is always Quiet -
which is the Noticing Itself.

That Noticing
is Loving Aliveness,
Pure Awareness or Light.

Only what is
total silence, stillness,
unmoving, and unchanging...
can possibly notice anything.

Or else it would be
another changing thing.
Therefore, what is unchanging
must be Eternal.

It must be Invulnerable -
meaning, without influence.
It cannot be affected
or influenced in any way,
or it would change.

Just notice what is
always unmoving -
always Here to
notice anything at all.

That is where true power lies.
BECAUSE it does not change.
It is always what It Is.

Then you don’t have to
try to control, alter
or overcome the noise
of thoughts and feelings,
and habits of identification.

You just keep noticing,
or open your heart
to the Unchanging Reality -
and ask inside how
to know it as your Self.  🌹





Sunday, December 26, 2021