Saturday, January 30, 2021

Jean Klein - You already are




 “The root of all desires is the one desire: to come home, to be at peace.
There may be a moment in life when our compensatory activities,
the accumulation of money, learning and objects, leaves us feeling deeply apathetic.
This can motivate us towards the search for our real nature beyond appearances.
We may find ourselves asking, 'Why am I here? What is life? Who am I?'
Sooner or later any intelligent person asks these questions.
What you are looking for is what you already are, not what you will become.
What you already are is the answer and the source of the question.
In this lies its power of transformation.
It is a present actual fact.
Looking to become something is completely conceptual, merely an idea.
The seeker will discover that he is what he seeks
and that what he seeks is the source of the inquiry.” 



from "Jean Klein - I Am" 





Thursday, January 28, 2021

Rumi ♡ Endless Love



 O my Beloved,
I searched both worlds
but never found joy without you.
I have seen many wonders
but never a wonder like you.

I pressed my soul’s ear
against countless doors
But never heard words as sweet as yours.

O what grace you pour upon your servants!
From our view the ocean looks so small!

O Saaqi, sweet sight of my eyes,
I’ve never seen one like you
in all of Persia or Arabia.
Pour the wine that takes me beyond myself,
for this petty existence
brings nothing but fatigue.

You are the endless Love,
You are the heavenly song,
You are the mother and father,
You are the one I will always know.

We are scraps of iron.
Your love is the magnet that draws us near.
Why should I seek?—
All I need do is love. ...

Rest now my soul,
Leave behind your religion
and your empty show of faith.

Remember when you had no religion?
Remember when all you had was Him?



Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Tenzin Palmo - Locked inside our brains


Our society is very result-oriented, that’s why we are so competitive.
That’s why we are always stressed, because we are always looking at something in the distance.
If you are always looking at the top of the mountain you are climbing,
you cannot be aware of the grass and flowers growing at your feet.
We are always looking ahead, aren’t we?
And then the actual thing, the actual living, passes us by.
We are locked inside our brains, cut off from the present moment,
always centered on something beyond our reach.
We are imagining this mirage of happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment
which will magically appear once this and this and this happens.
But what’s happening right now is “it” and it’s the only “it” we have.
The rest is just fabrication.